How to wear a mustache. Mustache s. How to Grow a Horseshoe Mustache? (Sample Pictures)

The Horseshoe Mustache was actually a popular moustache style among the cowboys who used to work in the American West. Horseshoe mustache. Horseshoe moustache.

The name was actually derived from its appearance, which when grown looks like a horseshoe hanging in reverse manner.

It looks somewhat similar to the Fu Manchu and the Pancho Villa, but they’re actually different mustache styles.

Most Women find Men better looking with beautifully shaped mustache instead of a clean shaved look. This particular Horseshoe moustache became even more popular among the youngsters after the WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan sported it.

Moustache personality

Old english mustache

The mustache is very easy to grow and maintain, but it need to be complemented with a good hair style to get better attention.

Always remember that Horseshoe mustache should be grown individually and not with a full beard, a goatee or other types of beard.

How to Grow a Horseshoe Mustache?

In order to grow a horseshoe moustache properly, you should first allow the hair to grow fully on the lips. The hair will grow from the corners of the mouth in two lines that extend towards the jaw line.

Short beard big mustache

If it grows beyond the jaw line, then the additional hair should be cut properly. In case if the mustache hands below the chin, then the style is called ‘Pancho Villa’. Whereas the ‘Fu Manchu’ grows from the lip corners and hand loosely under the chin. These are the only differences between the Horseshoe moustache and Fu Manchu or Pancho Villa.

Apart from growing a mustache, you should also do a clean shave (beard) to get a perfect Horseshoe style. Once, you’ve perfected the style, you must trim/maintain it regularly to keep it from going wild. Failing so will spoil your look.

Horseshoe Mustache Pictures


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