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Balbo, bandholz, circle beard, extended goatee, friendly mutton chops, full beard, handle bar mustache, and my personal favorite, horseshoe. These are the names of some of the most notable facial hair styles. Even if the names may sound unfamiliar, I’m sure you have seen pretty much all of them. For example, Hulk Hogan rocks a killer horseshoe mustache. Horseshoe mustache history.

With all that said, facial hair is a part of every man’s life. It is an endless spectrum that ranges from peach fuzz to Ben’s seemingly flawless full beard. For me, facial hair doesn’t come easy. I am one of the many million men that struggle to grow “real” facial hair. I get what most would refer to as a patchy beard. And trust me, it’s not pleasant to look at.

Some of my friends can grow full beards, some grow half a beard, and others can grow just few hairs above their lip. While it doesn’t make you any less of a man if you can’t manage to grow an entire beard, its the effort that counts. Even if that means someone like myself decides to not shave for a week and grows a patchy looking beard. It may not look great, but at least you gave it a shot.

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Obviously the effort to do something doesn’t just apply to men. I think that everyone should give new things a shot, whether that means a new hair cut, a new life style, or a new idea. Putting effort into new things is what makes us authentic. It allows for us to stand out in our own ways, even if it may make others judge us. Standing out even when other people consider us weird or different is an important part of life.

Throughout history, some of the most notable and successful people have being written off as weird, different, and even crazy, until that “thing” that made them stand out ended up becoming their great look, style, or idea that made history. Certainly a beard won’t be considered historical, it certainly is a step in the right direction of standing out.

How to grow a pencil mustache

Every little quirk that makes us who we are, allows for all of us to stand out in our on way. If we put effort into what we do best, good fortune will come to us. Don’t let others opinion get the best of you. It’s only an opinion. So feel free to rock a new hair style or a new beard. Share your ideas with other, because there’s always the possibility that you could be starting a new trend that will end up becoming unforgettable.
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