Mustache lips. The Beardstache style: How to Create, Guide, Examples, and More!

No guide to facial hair styles would be complete without the beardstache. Yes, it’s just what it says it is – a combination beard and mustache, and it’s gained popularity over the past couple of years. Drooping moustache.

While the beardstache has its critics – including one who said it was the facial hair version of the mullet – it’s not a bad look. It offers a full mustache and a beard that’s more closely resembles heavy stubble than anything else.

For some men, the beardstache is a way to keep from being “trapped” by a particular beard or mustache style in that it offers a best-of-both-worlds solution. It’s also a good option for the summer months, when a heavy beard may become a bit warm.

What the Beardstache Says About You

Sporting a beardstache says that you’re a bit tired of convention and all the recent trends. You don’t hate the trends, by any means, but you want to step away from them a bit and try something new that’s not overly radical. You’re confident and have a good sense of style and taste.

Another name for mustache

What Face Shape Best Suits the Beardstache?

You can round off the edges of your square or rectangular face with a beardstache.

How to Create the Beardstache

There’s some effort involved when creating the beardstache because you’ll be striving to keep a good contrast between the length of your beard and mustache (which will be thick and full ).

In the classic beardstache look, you’ll want to keep your cheeks covered in a heavy stubble while letting your mustache droop down along the corners of your mouth in the style of a horseshoe mustache (but with the thickness of a walrus mustache ). Do not let the ends of your mustache extend beyond your jawline, however.

How to mustache

To keep the stubble looking its best, we strongly advise getting a quality stubble trimmer and using it on a regular basis.

What Famous People Wear the Beardstache?

Actor Jamie Dornan (“The Fall”) is a beardstache wearer. So are models Chris Millington and Jeff Buoncristiano.

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