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Take Note From These Bodacious Beards

If you have an Instagram account there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across your fair share of style inspiration there. We’ve all done it, and who can blame us? Instagram is home to thousands upon thousands (upon thousands) of photos of well-dressed men and most guys would be well-served to take a few sartorial notes from them. Classic mustache styles.

The social media network also happens to be home to some of the best beards on the planet. Seriously, the network of great Instagram beards is practically a subculture at this point. As such, there’s no reason you can’t take inspiration from them as you’d do with any great outfit.

If you’re considering growing a beard or just need some inspiration as to a new way to style your current one, you’d do well to take notes from these guys, who rock some of the best beards on Instagram.

Ryan Pires

Ryan is Instagram’s king of the “Oh, This Ol’ Thing?” beard. He’s mastered how to grow and maintain a beard that looks like a week of lazy facial hair growth without any of the flyaway hairs or unevenness that can come with an actual week of lazy beard growth. Notice that he keeps the hair longer as it grows closer to his chin and upper lip. It’s the facial hair equivalent of bedhead in the best possible way.

Luke Ditella

Ditella’s subtle variations of texture are really well done. All of his lines and points of growth are evenly aligned but the real beauty of it comes in the slight fading between the sideburns and chin. It draws attention to his well-groomed chin and mustache growth without being too flashy about it.

Josh Mario John

Perhaps the quintessential bearded dude of Instagram, Josh Mario John has one of the best full beards you’re likely to see. A beard like that takes time to grow to the right length and plenty of shaping and tweaking as well as a whole bunch of hair and skin care. If you’re going to take note from him, keep in mind that you’ll need to do some manual trimming with scissors once a week or so. It’s worth the effort though, especially if you’ve got a head of hair that can complement it.

Chris John Millington

Now here’s a well-groomed beard. Chris John Millington rocks an impeccably manicured beard. The first notable thing here is the well-defined beard line across his cheekbones, which look to be carved out with laserlike precision. He’s also got the fade locked down, the hair growing thicker as it moves down his cheek and under his chin. Those sideburns are also impeccably defined — the whole ensemble is a great example of a guy using a beard to accentuate his best features, in this case bone structure and jawline. That’s very much the note to take from Millington here — once you figure out what beard style works best for your face, it’s worth whatever effort you have to put into maintaining it.

Thick mustache

Mac Joseph

There are few hair/beard pairings as reliable as a shaved head and a well-maintained full beard. Brooklyn-based DJ Mac Joseph wears the look as well as just about anyone you’re likely to see. His beard and neck lines are well-kept without appearing to be drawn with a razor, making for a clean, classic, and confident look.

Yoshi Sudarso

It’s very easy for goatees to go wrong. The line between “suave and mysterious” and “high school gym teacher” can be a thin one. If you’ve got the face for it, take some notes from Yoshi Sudarso. He knows that a goatee looks best when it looks like it might be there by accident. It’s not overly manicured but also clearly intentional (notice he keeps his cheeks and the rest of his jaw bare). He also keeps it small and doesn’t do the aforementioned gym teacher squared-off look where the mustache and beard connect into a perfect rectangle. All in all, it’s the rare perfect goatee.

Tyron Woodley

You may find yourself coming to Tyron Woodley’s Instagram page for a look at the life of a former UFC Champion outside of the Octagon but staying for one of the best beards in the world. Woodley has long been a stellar example of a guy with a well-manicured beard that avoids looking too manicured. His lines are sharp and well-defined and never seem to lose that tightness but also never look like they’ve been drawn with a protractor. The length of his growth is consistent and measured but doesn’t end up looking like his beard has been glued on. It’s another example of consistent facial hair work paying off in spades.

Marshall Roach

When considering a beard it’s always important to take into account not only your facial shape and bone structure but also your haircut. It’s a bit more nebulous a thing to define but some hairstyles are going to look better with some beard styles over others. Marshall Roach has really keyed into that balance, finding the perfect beard to complement his dreads. It’s a lengthy style that doesn’t veer away from the rugged side but still maintains consistency and shape. It’s a bit lower-maintenance than other looks may be but don’t mistake it for a casual look — there’s clearly a lot of thought in the fade on the sideburns and the maintaining of his lines.

Zach Iddings

Zach Iddings is a testament to the power of great stubble. His beard probably doesn’t look like much but it’s by design. He maintains a steady and consistent stubble that’s well groomed without ever looking over or under grown. Admittedly part of the fun of growing a beard is not having to shave but wearing this look requires trimming every day or two. If you can pull off the fullness of it and not skip trimming for too long it’s very much worth trying out. Idding’s look is a testament to that in a big way.

Eliezer Infante

Eliezer Infante’s beard is a great example of just-grew-it beard style. It doesn’t look like he’s done anything special to it, making for a natural look that feels highly imitable. It’s clear, however, that he takes great care of his facial hair. It’s grown in fully and evenly and looks well-conditioned and groomed. Guys looking to rock the big-beard look should take detailed notes here.

How to draw a mustache on your face

Jonathan Van Ness

Need we say more? The “ Queer Eye ” grooming master and “ Over The Top ” author has worn a number of beard and mustache combinations since the show premiered and just about every single one of them has looked incredible. When in doubt, look to the masters for guidance. If there’s one thing to take away from Van Ness’s beard styles it’s to not be afraid to try new, daring looks. It’s just hair, after all. It will always grow back.

Trig Perez

One of the cool things a beard can do is contour your face or even reshape it. Trig Perez is a really great point of reference if you’re looking to give it a try. His extra-long beard is subtly trimmed to come to a narrow point at the chin, lengthening his face and drawing attention to the beard impeccably well.

Billy Huxley

We can’t say for sure what Billy Huxley does to maintain his beard’s color but whatever he’s doing, it’s working. It’s something that gets overlooked in beard care conversation, the preservation of color as we age. Don’t get us wrong — graying beards are a great look. But if you’re looking to preserve your beard’s natural color you’d do well to look into products that may help with that. Huxley is a great example of someone with a natural color that complements their hair too well to risk losing.


Look, all things considered, a braid is probably one of the tamest looks Instagram beard legend Incredibeard has pulled off. It’s probably the most approachable, though. If you’ve grown your beard extra long (and maybe have the lengthy haircut to match) there’s no reason you can’t draw a little bit of inspiration from Viking movies and go for the full-length beard braid. It’s a hard look to pull off but if you can manage to do it it can be pretty badass. The key here: healthy hair.

Mo Dutch

The fade from the sides of your scalp into your sideburns and beard is an easy thing to botch. If you need a look at someone who’s got it locked down check out Mo Dutch. The fade on his sides is immensely well-groomed and transitions so sharply into his beard and sideburns without looking too sudden (you run the risk of looking like your clippers ran out of batteries halfway through if the transition is too sharp). It blends into a full, luscious beard with a lot of shape but not so much definition it looks overly-groomed.

The Gay Beards

Beard ornamentation may seem intimidating but look to The Gay Beards for pointers on how to make it work. From acorns to feathers, they’ve tried it all and mostly managed to make it work. These guys clearly take care of that hair in order to nest so much in there.

How to make mustache look good

There are countless approaches to the perfect beard. From small, subtle goatees to whacky ornaments and full-length braids, it’s a great form of self-expression and the key to unlocking your personal style. Once you’ve got a good feel for how your hair grows naturally, look to some of these great Instagram beards for inspiration on where to take it. There’s almost nothing stopping your beard from becoming its best self under their guidance.

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