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A lot of men are wishing to grow a beard, but not all are successful and if you can grow any facial hair at all, then lucky for you, because you can wear a bunch of different styles, regardless of genetics and fullness. Here are some of the best facial hair styles that you can sport right now: Mustache and chin hair.

The Weighted Mustache

If you know Henry Cavill, you’d know the style we are talking about. This is the type where the mustache is accented by scruff on all sides but the upper lip is much bushier. To achieve this, just adjust your beard clipper to a lower setting so you can get a scruffy chin and cheeks, then snip the mustache on a longer setting and use a mustache scissors to keep it in check.

The Weighted Beard

This is the opposite of the weighted mustache wherein the chin and cheeks are fuller and the mustache is manicured or trimmed. Lebron James is the one who sports this look perfectly and if you are planning to get the look, you’ll need to trim the beard as it grows to keep it looking sculpted and shapely.

Different mustache names

The Dirtbag Mustache

Don on a super-short mustache to achieve this look. Use a detailing beard trimmer kit to get it done best. This style will require you to make an effort to clean up yourself because the style is visually polarizing if you don’t wear it well.

The sort-of soul patch

No one sports this look better than Zayn Malik does. The slightly weighted soul patch, which is perhaps a few days longer than the rest of his whiskers, making for the subtlest of statements, is what makes him stand out.

How to grow a pencil mustache

The Goatee Beard

Many guys have tried but not everyone was able to pull out the desired look, because goatee is one of those facial hairs that don’t go well with everyone. To execute the look best, you’ll need a full patch of hair on the lower chin and also beneath that. If you are wondering how this one look, take a look at Hugh Jackman as he wears it perfectly too often.

The Patchy Beard

If you are the type who is not genetically gifted when it comes to growing a facial hair, well feel sad yet because you can still work with whatever it is you’ve got there. Take a look at Justin Beiber for example, he doesn’t have that much but he was able to pull it off. Just follow the same rule of thumb that those guy with fuller beard follow: Keep the edges clear. You want to keep everything shaved within the typical borders of a beard, even if you can’t color in the space entirely. If your genetics fail you on growing a thicker beard, keep in mind that there are ways to plump your beard up so take it easy, with proper care and research, you’ll have it the way you want it.

Hot mustache styles

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