How to make your mustache grow longer. Men's beard stylish: types, especially care

Men's Beard - a symbol of brutality. More recently, a sign of a successful and stylish men were clean-shaven face. Today, more and more representatives of the stronger sex prefer to grow luxurious thick beard. Those who think that this is a manifestation of laziness (supposedly not to shave every day), are deeply mistaken, because for a beard requires careful maintenance. Modern goatee styles.

Why are women attracted beard?

Beards - it is not just a fad and principles. For many it is a way to attract the opposite sex. Men's beards, stylish and brutal, always attracted women. Anthropologists have conducted some research on the matter. It turns out that the beard is a powerful tool not only for humans, but also for many wildlife species.

The scientists who conducted the study in primates showed that some males have features that make them more attractive to females and provide competitiveness in front of other individuals. So, depending on the species of monkeys might be large cheeks, elongated nose or buildup on the lip. Scientists came to the conclusion that the human beard performs a similar function.

Support for this conjecture can search in Britain 1800-1900 years. Then the number of young women were significantly less than the male population. That's when the British began to wear elaborate mustaches and beards to attract the attention of girls.

The main types of

Speaking about his beard, many do not even realize how many types and forms of such "decorations" known today. Everyone can choose the option that is suitable to a particular appearance. Here are the most popular types of men's beards:

Full beard - occupies the space from temple to temple, and also implies a mustache, which smoothly into the main mass of hair.

"goatee" - a small rim around the chin with an island in the middle.

"Island" - a small amount of hair under his lower lip.

"Van Dyck" - a goatee in conjunction with a mustache.

"Suvorov" - small mustache combined with curly whiskers.

"Anchor" - a goatee, long and pointed downward. It implies the presence of a mustache.

"Chin" - a continuous rim that from one temple passes through the chin to another temple.

"duck tail" - extended full beard with a pointed end.

"Insect" - two tail hanging down on either side of the chin.

"Franz Joseph" - mustache drooping and turning into sideburns. Chin free.

Moustache growing tips

"The French plug" - a full beard, long a part of which is divided into two parts.

"Garibaldi" - full beard, a square shape.

"Sail" - long sideburns with a mustache.

Select the shape of the face beard type

Men's beard - is not just an element of style. With this detail can be beneficial to emphasize the facial features or to hide the flaws. So, depending on the shape of your head, the beard can be issued as follows:

Holders of a square face will go a little beard under his lower lip. Well, if it is triangular in shape (this will make more correct oval).

The triangular face may be somewhat correct rounded broad beard, that goes from the temples to the chin.

The task of chubby men - lengthen the oval here to help showy mustache, turning into his beard. It should have a square shape.

If the shape of the face like a pear (the person with the extended chin), wearing a beard is not desirable. However, if you want to join the general trend that emphasizes long sideburns.

The classic oval face gives unlimited possibilities for experiments with a beard. Even ordinary stubble will look spectacular.

Men's hairstyles with a beard

Beard - this is not a separate element, and the only part of the ensemble, which also includes a haircut. They should be in harmony with each other. Thus, men's hairstyle with a beard meant following basic options:

If you have a beautiful shape of the skull, the best option would be shaved head (or a small "hedgehog"). Such images are suitable for both young and self-confident boys and men over 30.

Long hair looks great like with a beard and a mustache. Especially stylish your hair will look, if you collect the hair at the crown using the gum.

Good combination of masculine mustache, beard with hairstyles that involve extended top. It can be put back or leave strands carelessly falling down over his forehead.

Some rules

Many people mistakenly believe that men's beard is good in itself and does not require any special care. Please note the following rules:

Goatee no mustache look

If you are planning to wear a beard, you have to buy a special machine. Of course, you can use shaving machine tool, but it is less effective.

Beard requires daily care. Therefore, every morning you need to adjust the length of the hair, preventing overgrowth.

If you are not satisfied with the color of his beard, or it appeared gray, do not try to paint her women's hair dye. For men's beards are special dyes that provide rich color and security.

If you combine the beard with sideburns, you have to carefully take care of the ears. From the shells need to remove all the hairs with tweezers or a special machine.

How to treat beard

Fashionable men's beards require regular and careful maintenance. You must be guided by these basic rules:

each day and adjust the length of the beard border with the help of machines, razor or scissors;

after each meal you need to carefully inspect the vegetation on the face on the subject of whether it food particles left (ideally it would wash it with shampoo, especially if you eat something greasy);

use special gels, varnishes and waxes, which will help to give your beard right shape and fix it for the whole day;

to wash your hair, choose funds on a natural basis, which will not cause skin irritation;

If you have a long beard, it is necessary to regularly comb (to facilitate this process, use special conditioners);

Do not use for drying hair dryer, because it will negatively affect the skin condition (sufficient to use a towel);

to beard was beautiful and healthy, occasionally handle it with natural oils (burdock, castor or coconut);

if your beard is too sparse or growing fast enough, get a Dermaroller ™ and a special serum for home mesotherapy.

Advantages beard

Men mustache, beard have many advantages. Reviews allow highlight such positive aspects:

Indian beard and mustache styles

there is no need to shave daily regrown stubble, which saves a lot of time and nerves;

Bearing in mind that we should not use the machine significantly improves the skin condition;

beard to hide flaws appearance or correct the shape of the face;

If you have a youthful face type, beautifully decorated "vegetation" add him courage;

Beautiful and well-groomed beard creates around its owner an aura of success and high social status;

is a decoration attracts the opposite sex;

beard grows quickly, so you can constantly experimenting with its forms;

If you are tired of the vegetation on the face, it can be shaved in a few minutes.

Men's beard is hazardous to health?

Relatively recently, US scientists conducted the study, the results of which shocked the stronger sex. It turns out that men's beards, stylish and brutal, are breeding grounds for bacteria. microflora analysis allows us to compare it to what is found (sorry!) under the rim of the toilet bowl. Scientists have concluded that most of the microorganisms are concentrated around the mouth and on the whiskers. Ie holders of lush vegetation are most vulnerable to skin diseases, intestinal bacteria and catarrhal infections. Thus, beard holders have several times a day to handle its antibacterial soap (especially after meals).


Men's short beard, long sideburns or decorative and antennae - all this is now at the peak of popularity. However, to look spectacular, will have to work hard. Do not think that the beard - a way to get rid of daily shaving and other related problems. Concerns only increase, because you need to keep in shape, good texture, but also closely monitor the hygiene. But correctly chosen beard helps you hide flaws appearance and adjust the shape of the face.
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