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As we approach the last week of Movember some Gentlemen are contemplating growing a Mustache after watching their friends mold one for the last three weeks. Or maybe you want a new look. Either way a Mustache is revealing more about your personality and style than you can imagine because it is a visual statement. Moustache personality. How to make a moustache look thicker.

As a young boy I dreamed of the day when the peach fuzz that was gathering above my upper lip would fill with a strong and masculine Mustache. A Mustache is a declaration, it can be revolutionary and fierce like Pancho Villa or elegant and sophisticated like the King of Hollywood Clark Gable, it is the ultimate symbol of manliness. Each Mustache type reflects a distinct personality and style.

Not every style will work for you. Some men have rebellious and wayward facial hair that will never settle to the desired style no matter how many ounces of wax is applied. Also, some men lack facial hair and will not be able to grow a substantial and moldable Mustache. Take a look at the Movember and Sons Mustache Style Guide and read about what each styles typifies (click on the picture in the left handcorner). The guide Movember and Sons created is not the Mustache Bible but it is informative and knowledge should never be rejected.

How to style a handlebar mustache

How to groom your moustache

In my experience of growing a Mustache there is 5 phases of Mustache-Molding. Keep in mind that not every man will experience all or some of the phases. The initial phase, stubs of facial hair will be noticeable and the five o’ clock shadow may appear. Phase 2, the facial hair makes its presence known and is sticking out above the skin. Phase 3 is the untamable facial hair that is turning in different angles. At this point you may be discouraged but stick with it because your effort and perseverance will pay off. Phase 4, you can begin to shave and trim as you Mold your Mustache to the desired style. This phase may be repeated until the Mustache hair lays down and fills in. Lastly, phase 5 requires maintenance of your new Mustache to sustain the desired style. A good razor and trimming scissors will be required and make sure there is good lighting in the bathroom with a clean mirror.

Gentlemen, choose wisely and be realistic about your desired Mustache style and like all things it takes patience and a solid will to accomplish. Some styles will look ridiculous on me but for others it suits them perfectly. No man can have the desired Mustache style at the moment they decide to stop shaving. Mustache-Molding has a long tradition and will help define your personality and can be an advertisement to the world of who and what you are without speaking a single word.

How to grow a cool mustache

Be a Gentleman of tradition and distinction and let the Mustache-Molding begin.


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There are no comments for this post "How to make moustache look thicker. Mustache: Style and Personality - GENTLEMEN S AVENUE". Be the first to comment...

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