Fu manchu moustache pictures. Wedding Photography: Make Sure The Groom Is Photo-Ready

There’s a lot of pressure to look stunning on your wedding day. Since it’s one of the best days of any man’s life it’s important to look and feel your best to make it the memory of a lifetime. This means your wedding photos, your most valuable keepsake, will live with you forever and always be there to remind you of the spark from that day. To avoid any photo mishaps, follow our best tips to ensure you’re looking perfect for your wedding photos. Most popular beard and mustache styles.

Hairstyles for Grooms & Groomsmen

Simply put: your hair needs to be styled to perfection. You’re soon to be wife shouldn’t be the

only one who’s stressing about how she should wear her hair.

Figure out how you want your hair cut for this special day and prepare ahead of time. A week before the wedding isn’t the time to try out something new for the first time.

If you regularly visit the same barber, make an appointment and make them aware of the upcoming occasion.

If you don’t plan on getting a fresh haircut, it may be in your interest to hire someone to help style your hair on your wedding day so that not a single strand is out of place.

You put in all that time to make sure that your hair is perfect, now it’s time to do the same for your face. The hair on your face needs to be as neat as the hair on your head.

Mustache 2016

You don’t need to be clean-shaven necessarily, but you do need to make sure that your beard and mustache are well-groomed. Harry’s has plenty of options for the essential shave products for your big day.

Don’t be afraid to ask your fiancé for suggestions on how you should style your beard and ‘stache, because they may offer you some good tips.

Plus, similarly to your hair, don’t wait until the day before to shave your face or trim your beard. The last thing you want in your wedding photo is razor cuts and red, irritated skin.

In short, use the equipment and products that your skin is accustomed to. Your wedding day is not the time to suddenly switch to a double-edge safety razor or a new after-shave.

Making Sure Your Suit/Tuxedo Look Great

Now that you’ve got your outfit picked out and tailored to perfection, you need to make sure that it’s wrinkle-free. Have your suit professionally pressed or steamed so that you don’t look like you slept in the suit the night before.

You can either have this done professionally or take matters into your own hands with a personal hand-held steamer. Also, make sure your shoes and accessories are shined to complete your photo-ready look.

Petite handlebar mustache

It’s essential that your suit is the perfect color, size, and matches the occasion. You’ll know ahead of time how formal you plan on getting and this can determine how you present yourself in your photos.

Black and white tie weddings will require a little more preparation on your end, as opposed to summer or outdoor weddings, where you can be more creative and relaxed with your look. Being strategic with your outfit is arguably make or break so be mindful of the choices

You’re never fully dressed without a smile, as some would say. You can’t neglect this very important accessory on such an important occasion. Make an appointment with your dentist for an in-office whitening procedure, or use an over the counter whitening gel before the wedding to make sure that your teeth are nice and shiny.

Don’t forget to show off your pearly whites all day and in your photos. Your smile is the best way to display that raw emotion of the day that can transcend the test of time through photography, so prepping that grin is a game-changer!

Although photoshop can remove most blemishes, it’s always best if those blemishes aren’t there in the first place.

Find a skincare routine that tackles your problem areas and start incorporating it into your daily routine. Look for products that promise to gently exfoliate your skin, like this face scrub from Brickell, to get rid of all the dead skin cells that clog your pores.

Be smart about your time in the sun in the weeks leading up to your wedding. There’s not much that a makeup artist or photographer can do to fix a bad sunburn or (even worse) peeling skin. Those situations are easily avoidable by not trying to go from pasty white to deep brown in a week’s time.

Mustache and soul patch combo

A wedding day glow can take your photos from nice to stunning, so be sure to put in the effort to improve your skin.

The high-quality cameras that professional photographers use will capture every little detail. That means that if your hands aren’t properly groomed, people are going to notice. Although many men hate to admit it, going with your bride to get your nails manicured for the wedding can make sure that they’re looking clean. This way all the close-up shots of you two holding hands will be as beautiful as intended.


You want your wedding photos to capture how good you looked and felt on one of the happiest days of your life. These tips will help ensure that your photographer is capturing the best version of you.

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