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Okay, It’s November but if you ask me all I think about is Movember. Movember styles 2015.

So, here comes my special take, also Only The Important Stuff’s take on which Movember facial hair you should rock this November. Now against what some people may think, one can rock any kinda facial hair for Movember and be considered a Mo Bro – the point though is – No, one cannot. There are so many reasons why you should not let alone grow facial hair now if you wanna grow something like Rick Ross? Unless you’re into not getting laid then don’t do it.

If you pull off a slamming hairstyle then any facial hair will look amazing.

Now, if you don’t know what Movember is, in a nutshell here goes: Annual Charity Event organized worldwide to spread awareness about male prostate cancer, testicular cancer ; basically any kind of male cancer and to raise money to help in those cases. How can you raise funds to help cure and awareness, you ask? Well A) Donate B) Grow a mustache.

And I happen to be a very big fan of our aforementioned B.

So let’s start, now I’ll say this on each of my posts, I am someone who like to stand out and do my own thing. Generally, I will posts things that may look over the top but if you’re an eye for originality and creativity then the things you’ll see below will be something you will like. Also, if you hate scouring the internet only to find bits of awesome stuff here and there, then this blog is for you. (We post Only The Important Stuff)

Before we begin there are a few things you need to know before we start talking about facial hair. Thing is, it’s pretty hard to pull off a mustache, especially when all girls hate them, okay the majority. My Tactic against that is: If you pull off a nice haircut, then almost any facial hair will do and it will look amazing. That said, let’s begin.

Petit handlebar moustache

The Pencil

Am I a fan of the Pencil? Not a big one. Is it Awesome? Yes.

Thing about the Pencil is it acceptable everywhere. If you have a job where you have to maintain a proper image but you can’t resist a little fun for Movember then try the pencil. This style is already popular recently because a lot of people have them with goatees or chin straps. However, if you rock only the pencil, I’d personally make sure I dress the part as the animation below, then you will stand out. This style gets bonus points for easy and minimal upkeep.

The Rockstar

This rockstar comes with a little unshaven beard but that kind of makes it look good. Big thing about the rockstar is you have to make sure it fits your face shape. Think Tom Selleck, for example, the moustache fits his face and that’s the reason it works so well. Generally, this style tends to go better on stranger male faces, think boxier or again Mr.Selleck but I’ve tried it and I have a skinny/longer face turns out it was fine.

Please note that I’ve included this one in an Only The Important List because if you try this right now it will have a really funky effect – even more so because of movember. So, to standing out this one will do. This one too gets bonus points for easy upkeep except for some trimming every day or so. Negative points though will have to be given because once movember is done then, mo bro, shave that stuff – it will repel girls like 30(yrs) and in the backseat of your mom’s mini-van.

The Zorro

Did I need a better picture of a Zorro? No doubt, but man! It was hard finding a really good RECENT picture of a Zorro. If you want a better picture of a Zorro think Orlando Bloom or Leonardo DiCaprio (Check out the picture of Orlando Bloom below – a better version of the Zorro). Both these guys always have Zorros, Orlando Bloom a while ago was always caught in one. The Zorro is highlighted by tin mustache, thin beard and thin soul-patch. The mustache is usually almost a pencil and the rest should match.

I suggested the Zorro because right now if you sport it you will look stylish, plus the Zorro always looks sophisticated and it will fare better with the girls. Bonus points because you can go to work, no problem, and still be able to have a little movember fun while still attracting the ones you want.

Mustache only

The Magician

Honestly speaking only Beckham could pull a magician out the movember period. Again, this is a super funky style and only pull if you can withstand crazy or even unappreciative looks from haters – exclusively haters. This one will make you stand out and it looks fabulous. This style will go on any clothing style, you can dress classy, aviator or even like a biker. Bonus points if you pull a magician with extremely stylish clothing. Plus point for this one is only the coolest of girls will get you and if you ask me that’s the best part.

The Connoisseur

If you were looking for something funky but not to the extent of a Magician, then this one is for you. This one also happens to be my favourite in this whole post even though it’s close to the magician. Don’t get me wrong though, this one is still super funky and originality and standing out top the list with this one. Bonus points for bravery and the fact that it will weed out only the coolest girls.

Slamming Hairstyle + Great Moustache = Awesomeness

Rock this with a slamming hairstyle and some glasses as per the picture and you will get girls head over heels. If you keep in mind what I said at the beginning of this post about complementing your facial hair with an awesome hairstyle then this moustache complements almost any hairstyle.

So, that’s it…Oh Wait..

So, that was Only The Important Stuff In Fashion’s post about movember. Please note that I like all styles in this post but you have to make sure you choose the right one for you as facial hair on men in general is a touchy subject.

Also look below for a little section on what I’m Doing (directly below) and a little further below for a slideshow of more styles that you csn use to inspire yourself. And happy movember (It’s a thing – the line)

Pencil stache

Slamming Hairstyle + Great Moustache = Awesomeness…Everytime

Find some more examples below and as a side-note why not add some glasses too

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