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A decade ago and before, we have seen the Indian cricketers flaunting themselves in their respective uniforms on the field. But, times have changed and even our cricket players are willing to show their fashion sense to the whole world. In fact, Virat Kohli is the initial person to show his fashion sense and remain as a stylish iconic cricketer. Now, most of the cricketers enhanced their style sense and are becoming a major competition for Bollywood actors. In this post, we have compiled a list of few Indian cricketers and their pictures flaunting their fashion sense. Have a glimpse! Trendy moustache styles.

The Caption of the Indian cricket team is the most fashionable person off-field among the remaining cricketers. Often, he is seen donning a basic T-shirt paired with comfortable shorts or sweatshirt paired with joggers. Donning casual outfits is his major style statement. At the time of going around with his wife Anushka Sharma, he tries to look even more stylish and trendy.

One of the beloved cricketers from the Indian team often prefers a comfortable three-piece suit. He prefers wearing simple outfits. Irrespective of his outfit, he often looks cool and composed. This popular wicket-keeper enhanced his fashion game and also rocking his look with different hairstyles.

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He is another talented batsman in the team of Indian cricket. He has transformed his fashion sense to a massive extent. Even after making up himself look raw, he won millions of hearts with his appearance. To wrap up his look, he prefers a unique mustache and haircut similar to the troops.

Jadeja is another cricketer often give us major fashion statement. He rocks his looks with his exceptional accessories and stylish beard. Even on the field, he plays like a cool player and gives us major fashion goals.

Pandya is another fashionable cricketer. He has the complex of both Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar from the Bollywood film industry. Hardik's style is truly exceptional and he prefers donning funky jewelry and unusual outfits.

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Chahal is one of the most strategic players in the cricket team. He often adores to remain himself stylish and uber-cool by donning relaxed silhouettes. Even after having a skinny personality, Chahal is brilliant in donning combinations that looks perfect on him.

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