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Handlebar Mustache: Gone are the days when the mustaches were supposed to be business of older men; now they are back in fashion with a number of variations. One of the variant is a handle bar mustache that looks very manly and can be worn in many different ways. For those who are wondering that what is a handlebar mustache – then as the name suggests, the mustache that is grown resembles the handle of the bicycle and hence the name ‘handlebar’. A handle bar mustache is a typical one, so here is how to grow a handlebar mustache: Handlebar mustache. Handlebar mustache styles.

The very first rule is not to trim your mustache, at all.

When it is grown enough, comb it once daily by creating a middle parting.

Apply wax on damp mustache and comb it.

Twist it and shape it by curling it up and in. You can even use a pen to wind against it.

Give your handlebar mustache grooming sessions on a regular basis and talk to your stylist to learn about how to groom a handlebar mustache.

Horseshoe mustache with soul patch

If you are looking for tips on how to grow a handlebar mustache fast, then you must know until you are lucky enough that growth of your facial hair is fast, you may not do anything much about skipping on the time. You ought to keep patience and follow the above steps with a wholehearted commitment.

Old school mustache

A glance on how to trim a handlebar mustache –

#1: Simple Handlebar Mustache with Thin and Rolling Ends:

Rollie Fingers is the famous American baseball player who is not just popular because of his game but also due to his thin handlebar mustache with rolling ends.

#2: Sleek and Light Handlebar Mustache:

Dude, growing a handlebar mustache demands a little patience, but if you are keen to have it sooner, then you can wear a sleek and light handlebar big enough to curl slightly at the ends.

#3: A Real Nice Handlebar Mustache:

You must be thinking how long does it take to grow a handlebar mustache this big? Simple answer is, it depends on the growth of your hair plus the efforts you put in maintaining and grooming your mustache. On an average, you need at least 6 months to reach this length. But once you achieve it patiently, you will have a handlebar mustache famous all around the town.

#4: Distinguished Handlebar Mustache and Beard:

A beard with handlebar mustache will give you a whole unique look. To get a distinguished look, grow a heavy beard with thick chinstrap and let your mustache grow to a length big enough to be coiled from the ends. A beard and handlebar mustache style is at fire these days.

#5: Hercule Poirot’s Petite Handle Bar Mustache:

Do you remember Hercule Poirot’s, a fictional character from Agatha Christie’s stories. The point of recalling him here was his petite handlebar mustache. A mustache is said to be a petite handlebar when the length of the mustache equals the width of the nose. However this mustache is generally wore by aged men and seems to be characteristically funny.

Handlebar mustache and beard

#6: The ‘Hulk’s’ Handle Bar:

This professional wrestler from America has made so many other wrestlers to lick the dust. Hulk Hogan wears an iconic bent down handle bar mustache that suits his personality down to the ground. Probably if you are a Hulkamaniac too then you can grow similar mustache as a tribute to your favorite wrestler.

#7: Retro Style Handlebar Mustache:

When you come across an old movie from 1930-40s, then you may find such handle bar mustache were pretty common those days. However, fashion for a handlebar mustache never dies, so anytime you want to bring this style on, just do it and give yourself a new look. You can also pair your retro handlebar mustache with beard.

#8: Matching Handlebar and Mustache:

When creativity is at its best, growing handlebar mustache exactly the same shape as the handle of your bicycle is how you can stand out in the crowd from others.

#9: King Size Handle Bar Mustache:

A mustache longer than your face is what you called it as – king size! This may take a year’s or more time so you need to be extremely patient and uncomplaining. Regular trimming a handlebar mustache is a ‘must’ to prevent this style from ruining. If you are planning to wear this style anytime soon – Best of Luck!

#10: Handlebar Mustache with Double Curls:

Out of the many designer handlebar mustache styles, a handlebar mustache with double curls at the ends is not as easy as it looks. You need to grow your mustache to a good length and while you make the curls you must apply a good amount of handlebar mustache wax to keep the curls in their place for a longer time.

You may be surprised to know that there is even a handlebar mustache club in London that welcomes all the men with handlebar mustache. So choose your favorite handlebar mustache and work on it seriously, who knows, even you can be the member of the club in next few months!

Singham style moustache


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