Pencil moustache styles. Harry Styles Got a Haircut and No One Is Okay

Just when Timothée Chalamet’s galling The King bowl cut has grown out, along comes new anguish. Harry Styles has apparently trimmed his hair, and no one is okay. It all started innocently enough, when a fan tweeted a photo of a newly shorn Styles gamely posing with her parents in Italy. But rabid One Direction fans quickly noticed Styles had lopped off his iconic locks in favor of a close-cropped fringe; he was also sporting what appears to be a sparse mustache. Man hair mustache style.

Fans could not fucking believe their eyes, either—though not always in a great way. In the great tradition of Chalamet’s royal crop and Charlize Theron’s ‘90s-supermodel-inspired bowl, Styles’s new look seems to have personally offended a few people. In addition to requests for pics of his full outfit and geolocation, reactions ranged from ugly-cry GIFs to appalled stans claiming heart-attack risks and comparisons to Styles’s former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson and Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton. Quoth one: “how did he jonathan byers his hair in like a week?”

A mushroom cut would seem a bit on the nose after Styles told Rolling Stone that while making his new album, “we’d do mushrooms, lie down on the grass, and listen to Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’ in the sunshine.” But an ‘80s-inspired Jonathan Byers fringe is clearly just the latest phase in Styles’s ongoing hair evolution, from those flowing Fabio locks to a Gavin Rossdale–esque greasy-yet-touchable bob and that memorable Met Gala pompadour and pearl earring. As his fierce defenders astutely pointed out online: Hairdos are fleeting, but Styles is forever.

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