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Without his signature handlebar, Mario was merely a plumber. The same is true for Salvador Dali, who, minus his signature facial hair, was simply a crazy person. A man's mustache.

Or, so says Moustaches Make a Difference, a TBWA campaign for Movember, the month in which folks grow moustaches for mens' health awareness.

By Polly Conway, Guest Blogger

I'm all for quick and easy projects, so when I visited my friend Derek in Portland last week, I couldn't help but notice some of the new art hanging in his bathroom. These framed moustaches remind me of Victorian hair art, a strange and wonderful fad during the mid-1800's when human hair was used to create jewelry and other mementos.

Derek has followed suit and used human hair moustaches for this project, which I think creates a really weird and awesome look. Often used for theatrical productions, they're not all that expensive; you can find a good selection at your local costume shop or online.

We spied these illustrations by Dale Murray this morning, and they've been making us smile all day. Perfect blend of vintage playfulness and contemporary cleverness.

The walrus mustache

Stylized moustache? Hipster.

Stylized moustache tattoo on your finger? Ironic hipster.

So what's the next step? Why removing yourself even one step more.

Unless your a complete hermit and/or man craft blogger (ahem...), you come across people you don't know everyday. And it's likely that at least half of them will be men, and half of that group will have facial hair. This, it turns out, is a good thing, as the key to judging both character and sinister lies in one's beard.

So, simply print out this handy reference chart by Matt McInerney for your easy reference.

How to get moustache

Just remember, it goes left to right.

No one, regardless of class, age, or gender, should be excluded from the opportunity or access to thick, radiant, and formidable facial hair. And with BeardMe, you can give it to them.

"Icons of wealth and class, beards and mustaches are status symbols of a bygone era. Establish yourself as your generation’s Abraham Lincoln by adding an urbane and elegant beard or mustache to your mug with BeardMe, the premier facial hair application for the iPhone and iPod Touch."

You can select from a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and orientations, then save your results, and easily publish to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or send via email.

Steve Harrington is an L.A.-based illustrator and graphic artist whose works are inspired by the shaggy late 60s, and all the moustaches and geometry of that era.

Tom selleck mustache style

In particular, I'm digging on these paper tepees, with each facade featuring a different trippy take.
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