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Have you ever seen somebody clean their car with used underwear in the city of San Francisco? Or has a Texan ever attempted ato sell you his eyeball? No? That’s because it’s illegal! Mustache wear. Chin beard no moustache.

On the website you can find the biggest collection of stupid laws, primarily from the United States of America. Lize Kraan, a 24-year old recently graduated photographer, discovered this website and saw it as perfect inspirational material for her final project at the Amsterdam Fotovakschool. In a series she called The American Dream, she portrays a number of the dumb American laws, with a couple of simple but very cleverly constructed photos. A sneaker on rolls of toilet paper to portray the Oregan law which states that it is illegal to wear roller-skates in rest rooms, or an icicle with a condom around it to show a law from Wyoming which says that it is illegal to have sex in a freezer. All different photo set-ups that Lize created to showcase a specific, very unusual law found in one the fifty states of America.

Lize states that humor, surrealism and simplicity are three key elements that she puts into her work. And this collection combines these elements perfectly: the set-up is simple, the objects seem surreal and the result will definitely make you smile and possibly even chuckle a little bit. And this series is not the only work in her portfolio that walks along these lines: other work such as Toys and Women combine the mentioned elements as well, and will have the same effect on the spectators. Lize thinks these elements are important, since in her opinion photography has become a bit stiff over the past few years and she wants to fight this. According to her documentary photography should make way for more humorous and lively styles of photography. A possible revolution in which she will take a big role.

Big moustache man

Full beard short mustache

For more information visit the photographer's website.


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