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New Mustache Model and Bearing Style

Feathers on the face or commonly called a mustache and beard for a boy would have its own essence in supporting the appearance. Just, it's not possible if you let it grow 'wild' there. As with hair, feathers in the waja also need special care and attention from you. And as quoted from AskMen, here is the style of whiskers and beards that most favorite Hollywood actors with customized face shape them. Hopefully you can make reference when taking care and give a style on the hairs of the face.

On this occasion Nuna Shop will try to share a little information to friends about the Most Wanted Male Hairstyles and Men's Wear that can be a guide for friends in caring for his beard and his mustache as a supporting appearance.

Not in the true sense. For some men, this kind of facial hair is perfect for you

How to grow a full mustache

Facial hair like this will cover some of your face. Mustache and beard will be connected to each other. But to be aware if you choose a model like this, the area around your neck should be clean.

This kind of whisker model was popularized by modern cowboys and now Terry Richardson who popularized the facial hairs of this model. This mustache has a unique shape, similar to that of a horseshoe.

Mustache and goatee similar to goat's beard is also widely used by the world's celebrities, such as

As the name implies, this model of facial hair is similar to the shape of the brush. Rarely anyone wants to use a mustache model like this, but if your face fits, this mustache looks very good on your face

The pencil's facial hair is thin and usually just a mustache. To get the pencil mustache, shave your mustache with a shaver. Gray shaved gray color is what is called the pencil facial hair

Best indian beard styles

This style is a delicate version of the brewok that grows around the face, including the beard, the mustache, and the beard. Named as it is because it looks like a shadow of sunlight at 5 o'clock which is so thin, as thin as a blend of this one beard. But, if you are not gifted have thick hairs on your face,

Actually this style of one is the original version of five o'clock shadow if you do not shave it for a week or more. The thick hairs that adorn this face can highlight the masculine side of a man several times, you know! But, you still need to tidy up so it does not grow wild spreading everywhere

9. The Caveman / Homeless Beard

Yes, this name is taken from a messy, thick, and uncluttered beard that sometimes makes you look like a caveman or a homeless

If for the Whisker itself is still the same is rich in Painter's Brush model, this cuman is smaller ajah size and certainly very rare young people who want to try this Mustache

How to shape my mustache

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