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Top 5 Ways to Turn Heads at a Holiday Party Sideburn styles.

We’re all coming off the strict traditions of Thanksgiving – where relationships were strained over matters of global importance such as whether to cook the stuffing inside or outside the turkey. And while Thanksgiving was all about conforming, the December holidays are about conspicuous individual displays of holiday spirit. It’s basically a competition to see who will make the biggest impact. And the arena for this competition is the holiday party.

Office parties, family parties, parties at the homes of friends and neighbors… Holiday party season is in full swing. And the revelry doesn’t let up until the last cork is popped on New Year’s Eve. This means you have multiple opportunities to make a bold statement. And in the contrived world of ugly Christmas sweaters and funny holiday neckties, why not let your hair do the talking? It’s a perfect time to pull a 180 and show up to the party with a brand-new haircut. Not just a trim or a little off the top, but a game-changing, eye-popping, compliment-collecting new ‘do.

You don’t even have to be someone who’s normally trendy or fashionable. In fact, the more conservative you usually are, the greater the impact you and your new haircut will have.

Every guy has his own length, and thickness, and quantity of hair. So here are 5 different ways to get your hairstyle on-point.

Small mustache

This is the easiest one to pull-off, but also requires the largest commitment. Guys with long hair tend to be proud of it. They’ve spent their lives dealing with comments from co-workers, while resisting the pressure to fall in line and conform. But this isn’t about giving up the fight, it’s about taking control of the situation. You grew it long because you felt like it. Now you’re cutting it off because you feel like it. You’ll blow everyone away, guaranteed. For bonus points, donate the hair to Locks of Love. You’ll have the best story at the party – and Dave from Marketing will look like a selfish idiot standing there in his ugly Santa sweater.

A lot of Gen-X guys went through high school without hair product. Their Baby Boomer fathers kept things in line with pomade, while their kids were all about mousse, styling gel, and wax. Growing up in the 70s and early 80s meant you were stuck in the middle, when it was all about long hair and rebelling. The only hair product you needed was that comb in your back pocket (and maybe a secret spray of your sister’s Aqua Net on prom night). If this is you, then the thought of electric clippers might be a little scary. But you’re not in high school anymore. No one’s here to make fun of you. In fact, you’ll probably find that a fresh haircut brings you just the opposite – lots of compliments. Try a side part fade, which allows you to hang on to your trusty comb-inspired coif while adding just the right amount of Ryan Gosling-inspired style. If you don’t know who Ryan Gosling is, just Google his name and then show the picture to your barber.

If you’ve got lots of hair to work with and can’t bear to cut it off, get yourself a Pompadour cut. It’s the haircut musicians had when you were back in high school. Think young Elvis or the Stray Cats or Bruno Mars. It will require work. It will require hair product. But it’s worth it. Dark suit, bright shirt, no tie…you’ll look like a million bucks.

You’ve got nice, long hair but never knew what to do with it aside from putting it in a pony tail. Think Jeff Bridges. Better yet, look up pictures of Jeff Bridges. His hair is longer than most, but it’s got style that holds its own on the red carpet. It’s the perfect compromise between hippie and sell-out.

Different types of moustache styles

If you’ve got limited hair to work with, or you’ve already cut it short, you still have options. Chances are, the Lord blessed you with great facial hair. That’s your zone. A quick search online reveals dozens of beard, mustache, and sideburn styles. Just a week or two of beard growth should give your barber enough to work with. Pair it with a full head shave for a Heisenberg look that will make you seem just a little dangerous.

Now that you’re ready to take the leap, book your appointment for your cut & shave. Optimally, you’ll want to schedule it just before the big reveal. And when you arrive at the party, walk in with total confidence. If you keep hearing the phrase OMG, you’ve done something right. Happy holidays!

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