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Mustache Types. Some of the most popular types of mustaches are discussed below. Keep reading and find the classic and suitable one for yourself. Happy staching! 1. Classic Handlebar Mustache. This mustache type can both be long and short. It should be thick and the ends must be curled upward with the use of special mustache the name suggests, it was named the handlebar mustache because it kind of resembles a bicycle's handlebars. A lot of people also refer to the handlebar mustache as a spaghetti mustache. Horseshoe. The horseshoe mustache kind of resembles the handlebar mustache, but they are different. different kinds of mustache names Moustache names and pictures.

29 rows A moustache is defined as any facial hair grown specifically on the upper lip. There are many

How can the answer be improved? # 20: The Bandholz. The Bandholz beard is a type which has a mustache which is not connected but has a full beard along with it. This style gives more of a rugged yet very handsome look and is highly preferable for men with oval face shape. This style is distinct and looks great if maintained well.different kinds of mustache names Moustache in general has various lengths and thickness. For easy example, take a look at Charlie Chaplin moustache and compare the stache with John Waters or Frank Zappas. Even though the basic follicular formation on every moustache name and style remains the same, you can see how different types of moustache have different impression.

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A List of Different Mustache Types With Pictures This is for all you guys! If you want to know the different mustache types that you can sport, this is the article for you! different kinds of mustache names Mustache Styles: 6 Types of Mustaches You Should Consider The Walrus. The Walrus is a mustache that can only be pulled off by men in cowboy hats or dads who whittle on the porch. The Walrus completely covers the upper lip and is usually discolored by tobacco smoke or years of stroking it pensively. Other types of moustache include: Chevron covering the area between the nose and the upper lip, out to the edges of the upper lip but no further. Popular in 1970s and 1980s American and British culture (Ron Jeremy, Richard Petty, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Forsyth and Tom Selleck are The Different Types Of Mustaches. Type Lister Types of Facial Hair 0. Pyramidal Mustache this is a common name for mustaches that are narrow at the top and wide towards the bottom, making them look like a pyramid. The density and width of the mustache varies from person to person. There are various ways you can shape the pyramidal

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