Moustache type. Out Of Control Facial Hair Fails We Can't Believe Actually Exist

Facial hair—some men have it, others don’t. For those who have it, it’s not always enough to just let it hang as it was intended. They have to get a little creative with it. Because, well, we’re not sure why, exactly. Just because they can, we guess. But it’s one thing to give the beard and mustache a trim and another to do something completely out there. What does a handlebar mustache look like.

We hope they like attention because they have to get stares for these interesting facial-hairdos. We have to wonder if they wear looks like these on a daily basis, or only for special occasions. Some of the styles have to be redone every time they shower while others are more permanent and are only removed by shaving more off.

15 For that black tie event

There are certain men who loath black tie events. Who wants to get all dressed up in that penguin costume and prance around uncomfortably all night? Well, this guy doesn’t have to worry about his tie being too tight. In fact, he’s not going to wear one at all. It wouldn’t show anyway underneath his beard tie. Yes, that’s right, his beard is a tie. How long did it take to tie the beard in this manner? And will it chafe his date when they dance? Hopefully it wasn’t supposed to match her gown because we’re pretty certain she’s not wearing a beard-colored dress. If he doesn’t already have a date, chances are he won’t pick up anyone new at the event. Who wants to try and untie this thing?

14 Princess Leia buns—on the cheeks

Plenty of women want to look like Princess Leia because there are plenty of men who are obsessed with her. Especially when it comes to bathing suit season and there are ample gold bathing suit options on the racks. But there aren’t many men who try to look like Princess Leia. And even if they did make an attempt, they would grow their hair long or get a wig. They certainly wouldn’t make buns out of their beards and place them on their cheeks, now, would they? Well, this man did! Maybe it’s hot and he wanted to keep the hair off his neck or something. It just looks like an awful lot of trouble for a man to go to when it comes to a beard design.

13 The spikes of death

Not all men like people being close to them, but this man keeps his distance from others and even allows them a warning signal to stay away. Don’t hug this man—you might lose an eye. Don’t get too close in the line at the store—you might pop your child’s balloon. Does he perfect this look daily in order to scare people off or is this only when he’s going to be in large crowds and wants his space? He certainly can’t sleep this way, unless he always lies on his back, or he would have feathers flying all around his room in no time. Hopefully if this is his normal look, he has stock in wax or mousse or whatever he uses to create the spikes in the first place.

12 The hypnotizing swirl

You might think that this guy has trouble getting dates, but in reality, he can get any woman to date him. All he has to do is raise his head this way and spin really fast and he hypnotizes her into thinking his beard design is really awesome and she must date him immediately. Keeping up with this design isn’t easy. It’s not like he just carved it in there and can leave it alone. This is the type of guy that gets a serious 5 o’clock shadow. This design has to be redone on a daily basis in order to get the full effect. And if you’re going to have this design on your face, you likely want the full effect, for whatever reason.

11 For the true Batman fan

There are plenty of people out there who like their superheroes. And whichever one you prefer, you might buy on t-shirts or in collectible figurine form. But would you really put your favorite on your face for all to see? Well, this guy did! He doesn’t need a light in order to call Batman to save the day. All he needs is his face. We’re hoping this was a good idea he had for Halloween, not for daily life. Because it’s a bit strange for an everyday office job. Unless he’s a telemarketer that customers never have to see. Otherwise, he’d have a lot of explaining to do and not much time for actual work. At least he can get rid of the bat with ease. A few more swipes with the razor and he’s gone.

10 What happens when there's a huge updraft

Some men spend a lot of time on their hair. And some even spend time on their facial hair. They want to look good! What’s wrong with that? Well, this guy has been growing his facial hair for a while and he even takes the time to shave his chin daily so he has the look he wants. But surely he didn’t curl the thing up like that on purpose, did he? There must have been a serious updraft when he was walking down the street that caught him off guard. Of course, then his hat would have blown off so perhaps he really did do this on purpose. But why would anyone want facial hair that covers the ears in a roundabout manner? It’s got to block his peripheral vision, too.

9 Flowers in the beard hair are the new thing

Women use all sorts of things to decorate their hair. You’ll see headbands, barrettes, rubber bands and even flowers on the right occasions. When a girl gets married, she often decorates her hair with flowers to accentuate her overall look and blend in with the flowers that are decorating the venue. But why would a man need to decorate his beard? Especially with flowers? It doesn't appear as if he’s waiting for a bride. Because he would likely have a shirt on for that occasion, right? So why the flowers? Was he rolling around in the brush and they just got stuck? If he’s making some kind of statement, we’d love to know what it is. It took time to stick those in there and it’ll take time to remove them.

8 It's easy to follow this beard

Some men like having facial hair so much that they rarely trim, or at least cut, their beards. They let it grow and grow. Now, most men just let the beard hang out and don’t do much to it other than remove food when it gets trapped in the beard during a meal. But this man will have none of that. He uses his beard like a compass or perhaps a multi-chain leash. All you have to do is grab one of the handles and you can lead him anywhere you need him to go. Or he can choose a spindle himself and go in that direction. This has to take some serious time in the morning. And they say women take forever to get ready!

7 The ringlets made of facial hair

Adding curled ringlets to a woman’s hair can be a very romantic look. It’s not something most guys would do to their own hair, but we’re not talking about most guys, here. We’re talking about guys with long and oddly shaped facial hair. This man probably looks quite normal with his beard on an average day. But for some reason, he feels the need to part his beard and give it some curl. If it’s a special occasion, okay then! Who wouldn’t want to curl their beard for a fancy event. Okay, so most guys wouldn't for any occasion, but it makes this man feel good so who are we to say it’s not the right choice for him. As odd as it may be for us to look at.

6 The ultimate handlebar mustache

There aren’t many villains in the old west movies that don’t have handlebar mustaches. And they are fitting for their crimes. But it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a handlebar mustache this long and thin. What does this thing look like before it’s all curled up like this? It just hangs down to his belly button on a normal day? Or does he really style it like this on a daily basis? What kind of comments does he endure? He’s always getting called out at the bank for trying to rob the train, even if there aren’t any trains in sight. Poor guy might be better off with a trim and a new style. At least he know he’ll always get the part when he’s up for the bad guy in any old west role.

5 The handlebar nest look

There are handlebar mustaches, as we’ve already seen, and then there are handlebar nests. This man doesn’t have anything skinny of any sort. He has full, bushy nest-like facial hair. He had better be careful where he goes because if he’s not paying attention, it’s all too easy for a bird to plop an egg or two down on one side and start a family. The bird wouldn’t even have to bring any sticks or bedding because the mustache is already a nest in place. At least he’s always have pretty songs in his ears and breakfast opportunities nearby. He certainly has no shortage of facial hair. Perhaps he should share the wealth and cut it off for wigs so children without hair can enjoy a nest too.

4 Anna with facial hair

We all know and adore the characters from the Frozen movie and we’re pretty sure this is what Anna would look like if she were a boy and grew facial hair as long as she possibly could. Having facial hair this long would be a real pain. We get why he might want to control it at times and keep it a bit more out of the way. Perhaps sometimes he pins the braids behind him so it doesn’t get stuck in certain things. When you think of double braids like these, they normally go on a little girl, not a grown man with a beard this long. But who are we to judge? This is his beard and he can braid it if he wants to!

3 The Cousin It of beards

Long hair can be fun to play with. There are so many things you can do with it! Both men and women with long hair can drape it over their faces and instantly become Cousin It from The Adams Family. But there aren’t that many people in the world who can do the same with their beard. Just fold it up over your face and there you go! We’re just hoping this was for picture purposes only. Because this guy surely can’t see anything at all through this massive mess. He better not try to drive, or even walk, anywhere. At least his eyes are doubly protected from the dangerous UV rays the sun puts out. If it’s really that cold, we recommend a face mask, not a long beard.

2 The ugly Christmas beard winner

It’s become a big thing to host or attend an ugly Christmas sweater party. There are such sweaters in every store, waiting for people to choose them and enjoy their ugliness. Some people even make their own or pull old ones from their closets to enter into such contests. We’re guessing this guy doesn’t like sweaters much so instead, he just decorated his beard. Or maybe he’s really into the Christmas spirit and does this on a daily basis throughout the holiday season. Whatever the case may be, if your facial hair is so thick that you can string lights this large through it and have them stick, it’s probably time for a trim. We want to see it light up first, but then definitely a trim.

1 The curliest of all facial hair designs

It’s kind of neat when a man has a handlebar mustache that can be curled for certain occasions. It can come off well around Halloween or for fun events. But when a man also has a long beard and continues the handlebar look, it can get to be a bit too much. What did he curl all this hair around to get each curl a bit larger than the last one? And how much time did it take? And why did he do this in the first place? There are men out there with way too much time on their hands when they are working on things like this instead of being productive individuals in society. Surely there’s a better way to spend time than playing with facial hair.

Great mustaches

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