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Styling your hair can be difficult but beards are even more challenging especially if you only have short hair. Men's goatee styles.

Now beards can be paired well with a short hairstyle but it might take some extra creativity and courage to try something a little more unorthodox.

You don’t need a full head of hair to rock a beard they can be paired well with shorter hairstyles as well. And while it’s always open to debate it could be argued that some beard styles look even better when paired with shorter hair.

So, to help you ensure you always look and feel your best when it comes to both your beard and the hair on the top of your head,

I’ve compiled some of the best beard styles for men with short hair to try below as well as some advice to help you maintain and style your beard.

The First Steps

Whether you have a beard already or are planning on growing one you will have a few decisions to make when it comes to deciding how best to pair it with your hair. Work out your face shape first as this is going to be one of the deciding factors when it comes to deciding which beard style works best.

” You will find a guide regarding your face shape in this article: What Sunglasses Suit My Face? ” Or you can also find it at the end of the article.

You’ll also need to decide what style of beard you want, something full and thick or something more subtle like stubble?

Or do you want something that is a little more in-between the two styles? There is a lot to think about when it comes to the style of your beard but you’ll need to ensure you get into a regular grooming routine.

Make sure you have a grooming kit at the ready as well and if this is your first time growing a beard then don’t be surprised if it takes a little getting used to. So, now we’ve covered the basics let’s look at some beard styles that work well with shorter hair, shall we?

A Short Natural Beard

The term natural is a little deceptive but for all intents and purposes, this beard style is really summed up in its name. A natural beard is a beard that isn’t really styled in any way to get a certain look you just let it grow and do a little minor grooming now and again.

You should keep the beard relatively short but make sure the hair isn’t too thin. One clever tip some people use is to apply some gel to the beard to make it appear lusher.

This style of beard works best with very short hairstyles like buzzcuts and is one of the more adaptive beard styles.

A Neat Stubble Beard

A stubble beard is a highly contentious issue amongst people some will think it’s lazy and not a true beard but I strongly disagree. When you groom it right a neat stubbly beard can be very stylish and they go brilliantly with short hairstyles.

Short side partings and neat short formal styles can go well with a thin stubble beard and when done right it can look very fashionable and professional. The issue with this style beard though is that it takes regular upkeep to maintain.

If you don’t regularly groom the stubble then it can grow patchy and look quite messy and lazy. Which isn’t a look you will want, is it?

However, you could try growing it out a little if you wanted a more rugged style to pair with your hair.

Different shapes of mustaches

A Medium to Long Viking Beard

The Viking beard style can look quite intimidating but that is part of its charm and why many men want to try it. However, the Vikings weren’t exactly known for having short hair, were they?

But men with short hair can still rock a Viking beard if they plan it right. In fact, this style of a beard really showcases how a long beard and a short haircut can complement each other.

A medium to long traditional Viking beard works brilliantly with short slicked-back hair. It might seem like an odd pairing but it works very well and the contrast is incredibly effective.

It’s a masculine pairing that many men will adore but you need to be brave to try it and growing even a medium length Viking beard will take some time.

The Traditional Long Beard

Let’s stick with short slicked back hair for a moment, shall we? While there are a lot of short hairstyles for men the classic slicked backed look is very popular. And for good reasons, it can be casual, formal and the perfect middle ground between the two.

There is a lot of variety to how slicked back short hair can be styled and it goes great with a traditional long beard as well. A traditional-style long beard won’t require any special techniques you can just let your beard grow and give it a trim and brush every so often.

This isn’t a pairing that works for everyone but older men after a more rugged look can really pull this style of well. If you don’t want a long beard then you could cut it a little to opt for something a little smaller like a medium beard which will make maintaining it easier.

A Short Prickly Beard

This beard doesn’t have the most appealing or attractive name but it is a beard style that can work quite well with short hair. And don’t let the name deceive you this beard is quite stylish and not something you see as often which makes it a little more unique these days.

So, what is a short prickly beard then? It’s what you get when you leave your stubble for a few extra days without shaving and it gives you a more stylish short look. Yes, the hair might feel a little prickly but with a little grooming, it can be a very fashionable beard.

You can even thin the hair at the ends to give the beard a more faded look. This style beard works very well with multiple different short hairstyles like short taper cuts, slicked-back hair, and even crew and buzzcuts.

This a great first choice if you want an easier to maintain a beard and something a little thicker than a stubble-style beard.

Medium-Squared Beard

Well, this is a beard style that is more of an acquired taste but it can work very well especially when paired with short hair. So, how does the square-shaped beard work? A square-shaped beard is a thick medium-style beard with straight edges and angles.

This beard can take some time to grow and will take some more time to groom properly. But when paired with a short hairstyle it makes an effective box style look that can work very well. Squared shaped faces in particular work very well with this beard as the name might imply.

The box style looks best with a medium-sized beard however you could opt for a longer beard for a more rectangular look or even a short more squat shaped beard for a more artistic hipster style. It’s a very adaptive beard style that many men can utilize.

The Traditional Full Beard

With all the beards we’ve talked about it seems odd that the traditional full beard hasn’t really been looked at yet. But a full beard can be hard to pull off with short hair unless you get a little more creative.

Different ways to shave your mustache

So, let’s look at how men with short hair can still pull off this classic beard style.

A full beard doesn’t have to be big and bushy it can actually be a relatively small beard. And when it comes to pairing a full beard with shorter hair you are best opting for a smaller full beard.

A full beard will surround the lower half of your face and will usually have a significant volume to it.

It’s a thick beard that looks quite striking and pairs well with short hairstyles. Buzzcuts and slicked back hair work particularly well although hairstyles like stylized peaks and more sweeping short hairstyles also pair well with a shorter traditional full beard.

The Goatee

The goatee is probably one of the most commonly known types of beard however it’s not a beard you see very often, is it?

The goatee is quite old-fashioned in some respects but it is actually becoming the beard of choice for people into more unorthodox styles.

The goatee also works quite well with shorter hairstyles as well and it is more versatile than many people realize. Crewcuts, side partings, and fade styles all work quite well with a goatee.

Goatee beards are usually quite small but you can try longer styles and they can create an effective contrast with shorter hairstyles.

The Extended Goatee

Let’s look at another style of goatee that works very well short hairstyles. An extended goatee is a slightly larger goatee that connects with a traditional mustache but usually with no sideburns. It’s a rugged and sporty look that can work brilliantly on men of all ages.

If you want a more minimalist beard but also something sure to highlight your masculine features then opting for the extended goatee is a great option.

This beard is actually quite the favorite of a number of football players so if you are a sporty individual it is worth trying. It works well with all manner of short hairstyles especially more untidy relaxed looks and is considered one of the Best Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

The Natural and Scruffy Style

We’ve talked a little about natural beards but what is a natural, scruffy style beard? Well, there is actually quite a lot of different approaches to what a natural beard can look like but this particular variant is ideal for men who want something a bit more low maintenance and relaxed.

This style of the beard also works well with short hair, but how exactly do you style one?

With this type of beard, you just let it grow naturally but keep it reasonably short. It will often be a little patchy especially at the sides but you should just let things grow naturally as the name implies.

Don’t shave your neckline as much and after a short time, you’ll get a natural scruffy style short beard. This isn’t a beard that will look luxurious or full but it will give you a relaxed and unkempt look that many men can rock.

Trimming mustache above lip

I mean even Keanu Reeves had a beard like this for a while and everyone one the internet loves him! This beard can be hard to get quite right though and if you don’t pair it well it can come off as looking a little lazy. Short hairstyles of all kinds do pair well with this beard though and it is becoming a more popular choice.

A Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is likely a style of beard you have seen before although you might not know it by name. This type of beard features a floating (non-connected) mustache and you’ll need to shave your sideburns as well. It’s a little similar to the box-style beard in shape but it’s overall smaller and little neater.

The Balbo beard works very well with short hairstyles and can look quite trendy as well. Almost all kinds of short hairstyles from buzzcuts to pompadours can work this type of beard which makes it a very versatile choice. The Balbo beard might look quite simple but it does require routine grooming to properly maintain so make sure you have the time to do it.

So, that is 11 very different types of beard that men with short hair can proudly display. A beard can be styled to fit all kinds of looks from professional to formal and much more. There is also a lot of variety to how you can style them and short hair does actually fit well with all different sizes of beard.

Large, medium and even smaller beards can pair well with short hairstyles although it might take some time for you to get the size and style you want. But if you are struggling to decide on which beard style is best for your face then you should start by thinking about your face’s shape.

The Face Shapes

I’ve talked already about how important your face shape is when it comes to growing a beard. Certain styles of beard will work better with certain face shapes and some are much easier to grow and style as well. Below, I’ve detailed the main seven face shapes for men and listed some of the best beard styles to try with them.


The diamond face shape features a narrower forehead and chin and strongly emphasizes your cheekbones. If you have this face style consider yourself lucky because it is very versatile and works with almost any beard style.

The heart face shape features a broad forehead with rounder cheeks that have a curve that slopes down to a small chin. Longer beards work best with this face as they can make your chin appear more pronounced and bigger. A stubble beard can also be pulled off as well if you style it right.


An oblong face is taller and more rectangular your forehead will typically also be quite broad but will match your cheekbones and jawline. A longer and more fuller style beard will usually work best with this face shape.

Similar to the oblong an oval face will have a broad forehead but the cheekbones will be more narrow and you will usually have a tapered jawline. Longer beards again work best but so do styles that help highlight your neckline.

Round/ Circular

The circular or round face shape has wider cheekbones, a more pronounced forehead, and a tapered jawline. This face shape is actually more versatile than people think and can work well with a variety of different beard styles. Pointed and box-style beards in particular work very well.


The square face shape is quite wide with a broader forehead and an angular jawline. This is another versatile face shape that works well with a variety of beard styles especially medium to large beards like box-styles and the extended goatee.


A smaller yet still broad forehead along with a strong jawline and pointed chin are the most notable characteristics of this face shape. Generally, you will want to stick to larger fuller long beards or shorter stubble beards. It’s best to stick to either long or short styles and to avoid medium length beards with the triangle face shape.
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