Paint brush mustache. 15 Short Hair Style Boys With A Cool And Unique Vibe For Every Season

Short hair style boys aren’t considered some age-old traditions. In fact, they make a perfect choice for summer months and would give a contemporary look to anyone who wears them. If you are in search of something new and different, we’re here to help you out with your choice in boys hairstyles. There can be a lot of amazing options that you can try out and we have them all right here for you. Mustache styles for round face.

Best Short Hair Style Boys In 2019

Short haircuts for boys do have something unique to offer no matter which hairstyle you choose to go with. Here we have our top 15 picks for this year and you can go with any of these to make a statement on any occasion. Let’s find out how you can rock your look this year.

Short Hairstyle With Puffy Top

This formal short hairstyle adds a unique touch of style to your look. What’s best about it is that the hair at the front is usually kept to medium or long length. This way, you get the liberty to style the bangs either to a side or upwards just as you like. You can even make it look funky for those parties and other special occasions.

The hairstyle works best for oval face shapes and just about any type of here. You’d be good to wear the look to those casual outings for enjoying a trendy appearance.

Short Wavy Hairstyle With Deep Side Part

This deep and wavy side parted look can be created without any hassles and really makes one of the best kids haircuts as well. You can make it look back cropped while keeping the top a little bushy and styling it just the way you like. It’s among the simplest of looks you can go with this year keeping a perfect balance between a neat and wavy look.

The hairstyle suits best to curly and wavy hair and you can go with this one no matter what your face shape may be. It just works fine! The hairstyle is usually preferred for the more formal settings.

Trimmed Short Haircut With Deep Part

Another hairstyle for boys with deep part, this one is just tailor made to flaunt that classic wet look. The hairstyle works both as a party and formal wear. In fact, it suits best to teenagers with a light growing mustache. The hair is primarily swept to a side and secured into place with the help of a styling product.

The hairdo suits best to boys with oval face shape and smooth hair type. And, as mentioned earlier, it will give you a smarter look for parties and those eventful nights.

Short Hair With Messy Top

You can get it trimmed short but how exactly are you going to style it? If you want to make it look flirty, your best option would be to have a messy top. The hairdo will look both classic and smart and you’re surely going to love it for what it imparts into your style. With a little mess on top, it even qualifies for being one of the best low maintenance haircuts around.

Guys with straight hair and oval face shape would look the best in this hairstyle. It makes a perfect choice for those casual outings with friends and even for your dates where you want to make a dashing impression.

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Short Side Parted Haircut

One of the simplest hairstyles for boys, this one is reminiscent of a more formal look. Short hairstyles can’t get any descent than this one and it ensures that you do not end up overdoing with the styling part either. In fact, this hairstyle has been sported by a lot of celebrities over the years as well. This really makes a perfect choice among short hairstyles that help create a more classic vibe.

The best thing is that the hairstyle works just fine with all types of hair and any face shape. Wondering when to wear it? Well, it makes a perfect choice for any formal event and won’t give you any troubles whatsoever.

Layered Undercut With Trimmed Look

There are many boys hairstyles that you can sport with a beautiful and clean undercut style. And, this one really is the best choice among them all. An undercut on the sides and layers on top, this beautiful hairdo is outright stylish. Again, the hairstyle won’t need much maintenance and it presents amazing casual vibes. The layers on top really look wonderful too.

The hairdo works best with oval face shapes and a little lifted and straight hair. You can sport this beautiful look on casual parties, DJ nights, and similar events.

Messy Frontal Bangs With Undercut

You may want to argue on the fact that how this hairstyle qualifies for being the short haircut. Well, it’s short at the back where the hair is nicely trimmed to achieve that special effect. The hair on the front is kept messy and there are running bangs that start at the center on top. The hairstyle looks flirty and it has become quite a new trend in short boys hairstyles. So, if you are looking for bit of a change to your stylish looks, this is the hairstyle that you should be looking forward to.

Your best bet would be to try this hairstyle if you have oval or diamond face shape and straight hair type. The hairstyle is just a perfect choice for both casual gatherings and formal events. In fact, it should be your go-to choice for such events.

Thick Top With Side Part

The thick hairstyle looks more like a beehive on top and it looks just awesome when worn with a deep part on the side. The hairstyle is just perfect for times when you are looking to have some volume in the frontal section. Apply some styling gel along with teasing that area for creating a little puffy top. This really makes an ideal choice among short hairstyles for boys and will give you a cool look for sure.

The hairstyle works best for boys with oval face shape and can be achieved to perfection on silky and smooth hair type. There won’t be any issues whatsoever in wearing this look to both casual and formal occasions. That’s, probably, the biggest advantage you can get with this beautiful hairstyle

Short Layered Haircut

If you’re among the kind of guys who prefer not to get into the hassle of styling their hair, this short layered haircut is just tailor made for you. You can keep it short on sides as well as the back, and it’s really going to make a cool and unique vibe. The hair on top is not given too much of length either. Being short all over, it requires least maintenance and will create a clean look which naturally attracts girls.

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The hairstyle works best on all the hair types and would look just perfect no matter what your face shape is. You can wear it to more formal events. In fact, it’s going to work on casual events too if you can do a bit of styling.

Trendy Mohawk-Like Short Hairstyle

Well, to be honest, it’s not a typical Mohawk look, but it’s nothing less either. The hairstyle is quite trendy and it is just appropriate for boys who are always conscious about their looks. For achieving this look, the sides have to be trimmed clean while putting immense focus into middle hair section. The hairstyle is reasonably short and works best for all kinds settings. There’s a cool pattern on top which is something normal in all the modern hairstyles available today. The look is pretty impressive and everyone wants to have it.

If you want to know if it will suit you or not, the hairstyle works best on round face shapes and all types of hair out there. So, you don’t really have to worry at all about that. Wondering when to sport the look? It makes a perfect choice for informal gatherings as well as casual outings.

Front Side Bang Short Haircut

This is another alluring hairstyle for boys in search of short and beautiful hair style boys. The best thing about it is that the hairstyle can be sported with a range of dyes and hair colors which makes it one of the best funky looks around. It is all about keeping the bangs long and nicely curved to a side while keeping it all tight to the head. The highlights in the middle hair section and also at the front really make it look gorgeous.

The hairstyle makes a perfect choice for guys with oval face shapes and can be achieved with straight hair type. You shouldn’t have any issues in achieving this look if you have those features. It’s not a typical formal look and you’d be better off wearing this hairstyle on a casual day at college or while hanging out with your friends.

Short And Classic Wispy Hair

This one is a cute and classic short hairstyle that would look gorgeous on boys of all ages. This one is kept really short on top and styled with a lot of texture. The short wisps on top look just awesome when swept to a side and made to shine with a quality styling product. The sides have a comfortably trimmed look, while making sure that the hair doesn’t get too narrow. It really highlights all your facial angles and creates a more than perfect vibe.

The hairstyle would make your best choice if you have a diamond or square face shapes. As far as hair types are concerned, you can wear it with all kinds of hair and it shouldn’t really be a problem as you’ll be trimming it very short anyway. The hairstyle works best for parties and special events.

Long Top With Short Sides

Now, this one is pretty much different from all the short haircuts for boys we have on the list. Despite being a bit classy to look at, the hairstyle is fancy and requires some maintenance to keep the look intact. So, if you really want a fancy look, be ready to spend a few hours on styling so that you can achieve the best look possible. The hairstyle is just perfect for medium-length hair. Hair at the front drops down nicely onto your forehead and creates an impression of a front-sided thin fringe haircut style. The entire pattern looks beautiful and gorgeous and makes it a perfect choice no matter what occasion you want to sport the look on. Nevertheless, the hairstyle will require some maintenance on your part.

The hairstyle looks awesome on oval face shapes and needs you to have straight hair to achieve the look. You’ll need a styling gel too for achieving a perfect style. As mentioned earlier, you can wear this style to any occasion as you like.

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Crew Cut Hairstyle

This one used to be the king among short boys hairstyles once and it hasn’t gone out of fashion even today. The hairstyle is achieved with a uniquely cool pattern and attracts some attention with its shiny and cool vibe. The hair is trimmed short and you can either keep it straight or give it a side-swept impression.

The hairstyle works best on all face shapes or hair types, particularly because it is trimmed very short all over. You should better sport this look on formal occasions.

Classic Combed Back

Even though you need a bit of length to achieve that combed back look, you can still keep it short on the sides and make sure that you do not go too long on top either. The hairstyle has a classic vibe to offer and it works great to cover those improper or bad face angles.

The hairstyle makes a perfect choice for boys with oval face shapes and you don’t need to have any specific hair type to sport this look. It just works fine with all types of hair. It is best to wear this look to more formal occasions than anything else.

So, how do you like these beautiful hair style boys options? How many of them do you think you’ll be sporting this year? In fact, most of these are evergreen options and they are here to stay. You’ll never go out of fashion whenever you wear these beautiful hairstyles. The key is to ensure that you make the right picks for yourself and choose an appropriate hairstyle for the occasion. You’re definitely going to rock these boys hairstyles and look more fashionable and stylish than ever before!
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