Curly moustache. 45 Side Part Hairstyles for Classically Handsome Men OBSiGeN

Side part hairstyles are some of the very few masculine haircuts that have actually stood the harsh test of time. They go back all the way to the 1910s and maybe even before that. We just don’t have any photographic evidence. That’s almost 110 years ago. Still, you can see them on men’s heads all over the world, from your next door neighbor to your British Lit teacher to your favorite Hollywood actor. What is it that’s so attractive about classically handsome side part hairstyles? That’s what we’re here to find out. Old fashioned mustache styles.

1. Trendy Mens Hairstyles with Side Parting

We begin with a blonde sweep over in the most stylish and classical of ways. It’s an amazing style that will highlight your eyes as well as your cheekbones and jawline and will have all the ladies swoon around you.

2. The Brad Pitt

As far as side part hairstyles go, few are more famous than Brad Pitt’s in Fury. The minute the movie hit the big screen, everyone wanted that slicked pompadour with taper fade and a hard part. Maybe not the mustache, though?

3. Retro Side Part Hairstyles

You can achieve the retro look by dabbing loads of hair product on your locks. Try some hair wax or even some old-fashioned hair gel. Then use a comb to spread the product evenly on every strand.

4. How to Style a Side Part

Don’t know how to style a side part? Nothing easier. If you don’t want to take any chances, a simple shirt will always do the trick. Your hairstyle is a very classically handsome one. Therefore, a buttoned-up shirt is a perfect match.

5. Side Part Pompadour

The pompadour has been very much back in style in the past few years. Therefore, you need to jump on this wagon as well. Moreover, we suggest you take it one step further and combine it with a side part.

6. Men’s Hard Part Haircut

At first, there was the side part. Then came the hard part. This is a sort of an upgrade to the original, where the parting line is created using a razor blade so that it is much more defined. We suggest you go see your stylist if you want to try out this trend.

7. Straight Hair with Side Part

Once you get the hang of just how easy side part hairstyles really are, you won’t get enough of them. All you need is a bit of high-quality hair wax and a comb. You can also grow out your beard and trim it very well for a complete look.

8. The Beautiful Hipster

The hipster subculture was created by borrowing styling and fashion elements from the 50s and layering modern touches on top of them. Then, as people got more creative, it expanded to other time periods as well.

9. Wavy Hair Side Part

If you have naturally wavy hair, you’re in luck. If you go for side part hairstyles, you won’t have to do a lot of styling. Apart from that, you won’t have to do a lot of maintenance as the day goes by either. Just run your fingers through your hair a couple of times, and you’re done.

10. Heavy Side Part

A heavy side part, a taper fade, and well-trimmed beard go a long way. The fun thing about this combination is just how well it transitions from casual to party. You can wear it to the office and then to your favorite concert at Coachella.

11. The Justin Timberlake

Celebrities have been quite taken by the side part hairstyles as well. Here’s singer Justin Timberlake sporting one. We’re very glad to see he has left his boy band years behind when he used to wear those bleach blonde curls that really did look like ramen noodles.

12. Cool Ways to Gel Your Hair

Side part hairstyles are an amazing canvas for getting creative with your hair gel. You can add a generous amount on your comb and use the hairdressing tool to create this awesome retro military look that will surely get you noticed.

13. Messy Side Part Hairstyles

You can also use a side part if you want to go for that fantastic I woke up like this look. Pair it with some distressed jeans and a white T-shirt and you can be out of the house in under five minutes.

How mustache grow

14. The Clark Kent

Is there any guy out there who didn’t want to be Superman when he was little? Sure. The ones who wanted to be Batman. Anyway, for the ones who did, we found this one of a kind Clark Kent inspired haircut, rooted in side part hairstyles.

15. Medium Side Part Hairstyles

Here’s the fatal combination that ladies simply cannot resist. Medium wavy hair, a scruffy, few days old beard, hipster glasses, and distressed T-shirt. You cannot go wrong with it. Oh, and when we say ladies, we mean millennials.

16. Receding Hairline

Side part hairstyles are also a great idea if you are having a bit of trouble with a receding hairline. Slicking your hair to one side will fix this issue, as well as the problem of your hair growing thin.

17. Elegant Side Part Hairstyles

If there is one word that comes to mind when you say side part hairstyles, that’s ‘elegance.’ The hairdo is so classic and dapper that it just makes you look involuntarily elegant. And you do want that, don’t you? Yes, I’m elegant by nature.

18. Sunkisses

Here’s a clever way to spruce things up a little if you’re tired of your natural color but not as much as to change it altogether. Ask your stylist to add some sunkisses to it. They are a form of very subtle highlights which look as if you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun.

19. The Small Pompadour

Part your hair sideways, grab a comb and some hair wax and create that cool pompadour you’ve always been dreaming about. It will add a few inches of height to your figure if you need them. Plus, it will make you look really cool.

20. Tousled Side Part Hairstyles

This choppy, layered haircut is simply perfect for when she wants to run her small fingers through your hair. Here’s some advice. Don’t let your beard grow out too much. You want to be a rugged gent, not a beast.

21. The Oxford

Meet the Oxford haircut. As you might have guessed, it was inspired by the haircut the students reading there used to wear. It’s not mandatory or even a style anymore, but you can still sport it because it’s incredibly beautiful and youthful with that classic British charm hanging about it.

22. The Romeo Beckham

Speaking of British charm, how cute is little Romeo Beckham in his black bowtie and small Burberry scarf? Evidently, he has a side part and some tousled spikes created with the help of some hair wax, which give him a boyish air.

23. Hipster Side Part Hairstyles

We’ve already seen the beautiful hipster, now let’s take a look at the classic one. Here’s the epitome of the hipster style, the mold after which all hipsters were created. Traditional 50s side part haircut, white T-shirt, retro glasses, beard, face piercings, and sleeve tattoos.

24. The Gelled Spikes

Now here’s a blast from the past that you can combine with your side part hairstyles. And when we say past, we mean the 2000s, of course. Remember when we were all crazy about gelled spikes and couldn’t get enough of them?

25. The Zac Efron

Speaking about blasts from the past, here’s former Disney star Zac Efron all grown up and looking mighty dapper in his gray suit. His side part hairstyle highlights his beautifully sculpted face and piercing blue eyes.

26. The David Beckham

We saw one of his sons, Romeo, now it’s time to see the daddy of haircuts himself. David Beckham can, probably, say that he tried every fad and style known to man as far as hair is concerned. Naturally, side part hairstyles are no news to him.

Western style mustaches

27. Side Part Curly Hairstyles

When you have curls and cut them short, they tend to arrange themselves in a mess of tangled goodness that lays reckless on the crown of your head. Add a side part to that to give it all a classic and elegant spin.

28. The Unicorn Quiff

There’s the simple quiff and there’s the unicorn quiff. You can choose to make yours as high and voluminous as you want it to be. Go ahead, be a unicorn. The side part will add a touch of structure to the whole thing.

29. The Ricky Martin

Latino lover Ricky Martin has developed into a more mature and serious performer as well. As the years passed, he adopted a slicked back style with a hard part and we cannot say we’re not loving the change. He looks great.

30. The Wet Look

We can also call this The Godfather when he was young if you want to play dress up one night or if you’re stumped about your next Halloween costume. All in all, it’s a gorgeous hairstyle that deserves to be revived pronto.

31. The Gatsby

Not just any Gatsby, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of one of the most famous characters in American literature. It’s a typical 1920s hairstyle with a side part, slicked temples, and a beautiful long curl right at the front.

32. Lumberjack Side Part Hairstyles

Yes, lumberjacks can wear side part hairstyles as well. In fact, it’s one of our favorite looks because it combines two styles into one. The lumberjack and the classic gentleman. How can you not like this mix?

33. Salt and Pepper Side Part Hairstyles

The symmetry of this haircut is absolutely stunning. And we’re not just talking about its horizontal lines, going from one side of the head to the other, but about its vertical lines as well, going from the top of the quiff down to the edge of the beard.

34. Short Side Hairstyles for Men

Sometimes, less is more and short is, indeed, better. You might think that hair this short in combination with a side part can lead to a very obtrusive or even military look. You would be wrong. It’s a clean and fresh look.

35. Modern Punk Side Part Hairstyles

Punk was born quite a few decades ago and the mohawk was one of its staple hairstyles. Evidently, as time went by, things changed. Meet the modern hawk, light tangerine in color and incredibly architectural.

36. The Movie Star

How many times have you watched the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston or Dan Stevens on the big screen and thought to yourself – that is what I want to look like. Well, now you know the secret. Slim ties and side part hairstyles.

37. The Gentleman’s Part

Avenue side part and we believe the reasons are pretty obvious. However, in this case, the haircut alone is not enough if you like this look and want to copy it. You also need to replicate the clothing and accessory style.

38. Ocean Waves

Here’s a truly creative haircut that we believe a gifted hairstylist could pull off if you asked him nicely. It’s called the ocean waves. What you need to do is curl each strand of hair individually and secure it in place with lots of hairspray until they resemble a restless ocean.

39. The Daniel Craig

There is no way James Bond himself could have had any other haircuts than side part hairstyles. Moreover, actor Daniel Craig looks so good in them, that he actually wears them in real life as well. Hotness level – secret agent.

Hipster moustache styles

40. The Modern 50s

You can also find your source of inspiration in the marvelous hairstyles our grandfathers used to wear in the 50s. Evidently, you will have to modernize them a bit. Add some gel, a hard part, and some tattoos, and you’re there.

41. The Logan Marshall Green

No, this is not Tom Hardy. As hard as it is for you to believe, it is, in fact, another actor, considered to be Tom Hardy’s doppelganger. His name is Logan Marshall Green and his resemblance to Hardy is quite astonishing.

42. The Connor McGregor

MMA fighter to the stars Connor McGregor is famous for a lot of things, his haircut included. The sportsman is a proud supporter of side part hairstyles and we do agree with him. He looks outstandingly handsome, especially in combination with that beard.

43. The Cristiano Ronaldo

Another famous sportsman who loves his hair a great deal is none other than soccer god Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 looks dapper with a hard part and his naturally curly hair all gelled up. He also has perfectly shaped eyebrows and a clean shaved face, making a great case for manscaping.

44. Side Part Hairstyles with Designs

This idea is more for little boys but you can try it as well if you have some more in mind. Otherwise, your son can get an airplane, a stylized car, the Batman or Superman logo, his favorite cartoon or anything his heart desires.

45. Long Side Part Hairstyles

This is one of the most coveted hairstyle of the past few years and now you can get it as well. It really shows how much the side part has evolved, from the short and slick do of the 20s to the rebel half shaved style of our day.


What about you? Which one of these classically handsome side part hairstyles did you like? Were your intrigued by the modern take or are you a more traditional kind of guy? Write to us in the comment section below to let us know.

August 2019: We updated the styles in this article.

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