Moustache fashion. Editing the Configuration Options, Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab Node comes with a configuration file ( Mustache options.

) that allows you to modify certain aspects of the system. The latest default values are included within. This file is shipped within the editions or can be supplied from core and the command line interface. Below is a description of each configuration option and how it affects Pattern Lab Node.


Instructs Pattern Lab to append a unique query string to Javascript and CSS assets throughout the frontend.


Sets whether or not to delete

upon each build of Pattern Lab. When set to false, incremental builds are also enabled.


Sets a specific pattern upon launch of the styleguide. This pattern will not be available in the navigation, or in view all pages. The only way to get to it will be via a refresh. Set it using the short-hand pattern-include syntax:

can also be supplied to display all patterns on load.


Sets whether or not you want the styleguide to load with the pattern info open or closed.


Sets whether or not to hide navigation options within the styleguide.


Sets the boundaries of each of the viewport toggles, ‘S’mall, ‘M’edium, and ‘L’arge. Clicking on one of these buttons will randomly set the ish Viewport to a value within the given range. Setting the range to the same number can effectively set an exact value. The first entry in

, which is now obsolete. The second entry in

, which is now also obsolete.


Sets the level of verbosity for Pattern Lab Node logging.

Mustache edge up

will output a message as a thrown error

will output all warnings plus above

will output all info messages, plus above (intended default)

will output all debug messages, plus above

This replaces the now obsolete


Sets the naming of output pattern files. Suffixes are defined for ‘rendered’, ‘rawTemplate’, and ‘markupOnly’ files. This configuration is needed for some PatternEngines that use the same input and output file extensions. Most users will not have to change this.

Sets the configurable source and public directories for files Pattern Lab Node operates within. Build, copy, output, and server operations rely upon these paths. Some paths are relative to the current UIKit. See UIKit configuration for more info. Note the

which help create the front end styleguide. Note also the intentional repetition of the nested structure, made this way for maximum flexibility. These are unlikely to change unless you customize your environment or write custom UIKits.


Sets the panel name and language for the code tab on the styleguide. Since this only accepts one value, this is a place where mixed pattern trees (different PatternEngines in the same instance of Pattern Lab) does not quite work.



Sets the location that any export operations should output files to. This may be a relative or absolute path.


For example, to export the navigation, header, and footer, one might do:



Starterkits by convention house their files within the

Shaping your mustache

directory. Should someone ever wish to change this, this key is available.


Sets whole pattern types to be excluded from the “All” patterns page on the styleguide. This is useful to decrease initial load of the styleguide. For example, to exlude all patterns under

These template and page patterns would still be accessible via navigation.

Sets the theme options for the styleguide. There are three options: ‘color’, ‘density’, and ‘layout’.


Introduced in Pattern Lab Node v3, UIKits are a new term in the Pattern Lab Ecosystem. They are an evolution of the original Styleguidekit pattern which separated front-end templates from front-end assets like stylesheets and code. The existing



accepts an array of UIKit objects, shipping with the one above.

where to output this UIKit relative to the current root. By leaving this empty we retain the existing Pattern Lab 2.X behavior, outputting to

. If you had multiple UIKits, however, you would provide different values, such as:

: quickly turn on or off the building of this UIKit


Goatee beard without moustache

: tell Pattern Lab not to include patterns with these states in this UIKit’s output

: tell Pattern Lab not to include patterns with these tags in this UIKit’s output

are now relative to the current UIKit’s

. Absolute paths will no longer work. Someone could test putting an absolute path in a UIKit

property and see what happens I suppose.

has moved to the project root rather than

as we should only retain one
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