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Welcome back to the Chopperhead blog! Today, we are going to take a break from our latest blog series about various motorcycle types and talk about some important history from the world of beards. Beards have been attributed to man’s physical, mental, and sexual prowess and have perpetually risen and fallen out of popularity in Western culture. Beards in today’s western culture are considered “sexy” and we at Chopperhead feel they can be a defining part of a man’s masculine beauty. Also, there are official awards and accolades available for the man that can grow an epic beard. Male mustache.

What Is the World Beard & Moustache Championship?

The World Beard & Moustache Championship is an international competition that is held every two years and awards the most outstanding and sometimes outrageous displays of facial hair. There are 3 brackets of competition and within each bracket there are 16 categories.

Imperial Partial/Kaiser beard

Partial beard Freestyle & Sideburns

Good shaving styles

Full beard styled mustache

Some categories permit styling aids to achieve outrageous styles while others must be achieved purely from natural growth and precision trimming. At such an event it isn’t uncommon to see mustaches styled to gigantic proportions, beards of extreme lengths, and beards outrageously styled.

A History of the World Beard & Moustache Championship®

According to The World Beard and Moustache Championship’s website, “the history of the sport of international bearding is shrouded in controversy.” Some believe that the first championship was held in the 1970s in Italy, while some hold that the first event happened twenty years later in 1990 in a small German town in the Black Forest. No matter what belief you hold, The World Beard And Moustache Championships is an event that the man serious about his beard doesn’t want to miss. Events are held all over the world and give men with exceptional facial hair the chance to show off and meet others in their community.

Mustache model

Can Women Compete in Beard Contests?

It isn’t just men that can grow an epic beard. The bearded lady is not a myth and some women with whiskers have chosen to fully embrace their beard-growing abilities defying traditional perceptions of beauty. Harnaam Kaur is a bearded model who according to Bustle article is the first to walk the catwalk. Women were even involved in the 2017 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Austin where they showed off beards both real and those created from unconventional materials such as LEGO® bricks and yarn.

Want to Care For Your Beard?

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