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Are you tired of always your growing your beard in the same way? Facial hair styles.

Then style it. Whether you are in a corporate world who prefers a clean look, a rocker, an artist, or anybody, check out these trending hot new beard styles. Get a new look with 2017 facial hair styles.

Here Are Six of the Trending 2017 Facial Hair Styles

1. Balbo

Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect model for the Balbo. The Iron Man actor has been maintaining this look for years. Now it’s a hot new beard style among men. The Balbo look is perfect for men with a narrow chin.

To achieve the Balbo look, you first have to grow a full beard and mustache. This means that you should not shave your facial-hair for about a month. Then get good razors and start carefully sculpting your facial hair.

2. Clean Shaven

The classic clean look will never fade out. Some men prefer to give a clean and tidy look by completely shaving their facial-hair. This look is more common for those who are in the corporate world. At work, you need to maintain a clean look.

3. Circle Beard

This is also called the standard beard. This combination of mustache and rounded goatee suits oval or round shape faced men. The circle beard still looks tidy so you can still look presentable while not needing to shave off all your facial hair.

To achieve this, you must grow just enough facial-hair. You can start to shave the beard on the sides of your cheeks and start shaping it. It also helps to go to a salon and have it shaped for you. Once you do this, you can then maintain it by yourself.

4. Extended Goatee

This is what we call the Hollywoodian look, and also known as the tailback. This is also a combination of mustache and goatee without the sideburns. It is a facial-hair style perfect for those with square and oval face shape.

To achieve the extended goatee, grow an average volume of facial hair. Shave the sideburns, and just leave the mustache.

5. Friendly Mutton Chops

Commonly known as the sideburn or side whiskers, it is derived from the American Civil War general, Ambrose Burnside.

To grow sideburns, first grow your mustache and sideburns until they are joined. Then, shave the area on your lower lip to the chin. The sideburn matches both the square and circular shaped faces.

6. Full Beard

Another classic and the manliest look, the full beard is the most preferred of the hot new beard styles among men. It is great for a triangle, inverted triangle, and diamond shaped faces on men.

To get the full beard look, simply grow a full beard by not shaving for about six weeks. Then shape it with a razor to even out your beard.


Try to give yourself a new look this 2017 by styling your beard. Know your face shape and with this shortlist of hot new facial hair styles, find the perfect beard type for you.

Do You Have Trouble with Growing Your Beard?

Beards are associated with masculinity amongst males. Men with thicker, fuller beards tend to look more manly than those with less. Even boys in their adolescent stage would already start shaving their thin, prickly hair when they can. They do this in attempts to grow their beards thicker.

Unfortunately, not all men are showered with enough genes where thick hair will naturally grow on their faces. No matter how much they shave regularly, they still cannot make the thickness of the facial hair as thick and scruffy as they would like.

That is why facial hair growth supplements were developed and now distributed in the market. These hair supplements are the solution to men having slow growth of hair on their face.

There are many hair supplements available in stores now. Two of the most famous and effective hair growth tools are Biotin supplements and the Beard Czar. Though both promote facial hair growth, what is the difference between the two? Let’s compare Beard Czar vs. Biotin.

Biotin Hair Growth

Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The reaction between cell enzymes and biotin form into amino acids, which is the building blocks of protein. By adding biotin to your hair, naturally, growth increases.

There are many negative comments regarding overdosage on biotin hair growth. Overdosage, not only in biotin but also in others things, is generally harmful. So be sure, take biotin with an allowance that is at or less than the recommended daily dosage. To achieve a faster growth and stronger hair, it is recommended to take 5,000 mcg of biotin supplements daily.

What kind of mustache are you

Some foods also contain biotin. Avocados, salmon, eggs, and almonds are some of the food which contains biotin. These examples all contain different amounts. However, the required daily dosage may not be enough when only consuming these biotin-rich foods. That is why Biotin hair growth supplements are taken.

Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex

This is another supplement for facial hair growth. It contains vitamins, minerals, and oils for growing the hair on your face faster and stronger. The main ingredients in Beard Czar Hair Complex are:

Biotin helps in the production of keratin and gives strength to each every hair strand.

Also known as Retinol, it helps produce Sebum, an oily substance that nourishes hair. It helps your hair grow smooth and prevents breakage.

Vitamin E gives volume to the hair on your face. Niacin stimulates the growing of your hair follicles. These components result in a thicker and stronger hair.

Vitamin C helps maintain the smooth texture of hair on your face.


Beards are not the only measurement of a man’s masculinity. However, we cannot deny that men tend to look more manly when they are bearded. It also adds confidence to men who have them. Again, not everyone has the genes necessary to grow thick facial hair. One can still grow thick facial hair using hair growth supplements.

When comparing Beard Czar vs. Biotin hands down the Beard Czar wins. Although the Biotin supplement can already make this happen, Beard Czar is rich in biotin plus other vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t just grow thick facial hair but helps make a beard healthy, smooth, and free from breakage.

After being out of the scene for decades, wearing beards is again back in the fashion inventory of men. With so many beards supplement products crowding the market, men are in no shortage of finding the adequate support to grow a healthy and thick beard of different styles much faster than their granddads at their time.

While there are many companies selling beards supplement products, the leaders of the game are Beard Czar, Vitabeard, and Beardilizer. If you are confused about which one is the best or which one would give you the fastest beard growth, this post on Beard Czar vs. Vitabeard and Beardilizer will do an apple to apple comparison and help you get a clear picture about these products in details.

By the end of this post, you would get an idea about the ingredients of the products, price variations, and whether there are any side effects or not. Clearer idea on these vital aspects will let you decide on your own that which beard growth supplement product is the one best for you.

While comparing the three beard growth products, the first thing that needs to be reviewed is the list of ingredients in the products. Let us quickly go through the ingredients and see which one has the most potent set of ingredients in it.

Wheat germ powder which serves as a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, folate, thiamin, and phosphorus

Green coffee bean extracts which contains chlorogenic acid

Multiple vitamins that include Vitamin A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B6 and B12

It also contains Biotin which is better known as Vitamin B7

Multiple vitamins that include Vitamin A, C, D, E

Aminobenzoic Acid aka PABA

As clearly seen, there is a huge difference in the ingredients that are used in Beard Czar, Vitabeard, and Beardilizer. While all three have the required vitamins that stimulate hair growth, Vitabeard is out of the contest as it does not contain Horsetail extract, which helps in strengthening the hair follicles.

Asian moustache style

In addition to the other ingredients that stimulate healthy growth of long, thick and shiny beard, Beard Czar includes Garcinia

Cambogia, Caralluma Powder, Green coffee bean, Forskohilii extract which are well-known weight loss supplements. This means that in addition to giving thick hair, Beard Czar would also give you a slender appearance as well. It’s all about getting the right appearance after all, and thus in terms of ingredients, Beard Czar has an upper hand over the other two products. You would certainly not like the idea of wearing a beard on a round and flabby face. Instead, a beard on a chiseled-cut face is what will increase your appeal and that is exactly what Beard Czar has to offer you.

While buying any product what runs in the back of the mind is whether you are getting the best value for your money or not. There is no exception to this while buying beard supplements as well. Let us go through the prices of the three products and see which one offers more value.

A bottle of Beardilizer contains 90 pills and costs $29.99. Likewise, a bottle of VitaBeard also contains 90 pills and costs $29.95. This means that the average cost per capsule of VitaBeard and Beardilizer comes to $0.32 only. While the price per capsule is similar for both the products, as VitaBeard requires its user to take less number of pills as compared to Beardilizer, VitaBeard seems to have an upper hand over Beardilizer in terms of value for money.

Now let’s compare this with Beard Czar. The beard Czar facial hair complex costs $89.99 per bottle. While it may sound quite high as compared to its counterparts, there is a free trial offer with this product. This free trail gives the product an upper hand over them. By paying just $4.95 for the shipping and handling, you get 14 days free trial of the product. Once the trial period is over, the customer needs to pay the full charge of the product. It also comes with a 30-day refund policy for unopened packs of Beard Czar.

Price wise it is certainly higher than VitaBeard and Beardilizer but looking at the added benefits that Beard Czar has to offer, the price seems justified as well. However, if all you are interested in is growing a healthy beard, then price wise VitaBeard and Beardilizer are better options for you.

Another important thing to ponder about while buying supplement products is side effects. If taken as per prescribed dosage, none of these three beard growth products have any apparent side effects. Like every other supplement capsule, overconsumption may lead to conditions like nausea, headaches and other physical discomforts. However, on the whole, as these products do not have any side effects, they all stand on the same platform without having any winning edge over others.

It is definitely true that all the three products are free of chemical drugs and toxins, which makes them safe for human consumption. However, what gives Beard Czar and VitaBeard an advantage over Beardilizer is that these products are made of organic ingredients that are free of GMOs or genetically modified ingredients.

In terms of hair growth and quality of the beard, Beard Czar will be the winner over the other two as the contents of the essential ingredients of hair growth are in a higher percentage in Beard Czar. In addition to that, Beard Czar has other ingredients that improve the general well-being, as well as caters to weight loss, needs as well. If you want to opt for a beard growth product that only focuses on promoting healthy beard growth, VitaBeard and Beardilizer should be your choice. However, as Beard Czar provides overall health (which is required to sustain the shine and health of the beard) improvement in addition to healthy beard growth, it can be considered as the winner in the battle of beard growth supplements.

Are you afraid that you will be teased on the fact that you hit puberty too late? Have you realized that women like men with facial hair, because they find it appealing and masculine? Ask the woman in your life, if she likes facial hair on you. The chances are that she will because facial hair makes men look mature and respectable. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to make the hair on your face grow faster, then follow the tips and suggestions listed below.

Growing facial hair is not an easy task for lots of men in all over the world. If you are ok about to make your dream come true, then you will appreciate all those tips you will come across in this article. What you should know is that you will not find any magical remedies that will work for you right from the start. The problem is more complicated since experts ability of any man to grow thick facial hair is mostly based on his genetic predisposition. In other words, if your father and grandfather could boast thick beards, then you are more likely to have it as well. However, this does not mean that you cannot affect the way your beard grows. Luckily, several useful tips may come in handy to you if you wish to learn how to make facial hair grow faster.

Grow your facial hair for at least four weeks, and just let it grow as much as they can. Do not trim it at all in between. After four weeks, use a single blade razor, or even an electric trimmer to define the lines of your beard and mustache. From that point on, there are high chances that your facial hair will be limited to that particular area. Additionally, letting facial hair grow for a given period will ensure that you know the areas, where there is no current facial hair growth. However, there is not much that can be done about it, because this occurs due to hormonal imbalances. Nevertheless, you can keep a style, which will suit your pattern of growth.

It is critical that people consider the impact of diet on their facial hair. If you consume a diet, which has more nutrients, which are favorable for hair growth, then you will not face any problems of slow hair growth on the face. You need to include more iron, Vitamin B, zinc and silica in your diet to make sure that your facial hair grows faster. You may also take some nutritional supplements to correct the deficiency that may occur in your system. You may also employ the use of biotin pills, which are extremely helpful in this regard since they supply the proper nutrients that are required. T A well-balanced lifestyle is also very necessary. This means that you just do not need to have a good diet plan, but you need to exercise regularly and sleep well so that you are rested and energized at the same time. This will stimulate hair growth on the face.

Dealing with slow and patchy hair growth can become a source of embarrassment for many young people. Do not stress yourself out to the point that you are thinking of using some facial products, which will help you in this process. Remember that those products will have some chemicals in them, which will not be good for you in the long-run. Therefore, changing your lifestyle is essential if you want to grow facial hair fast. One of the healthy ways that can speed up the process of hair growth includes the consumption of low-fat proteins. This means that you need to adjust your diet so that the facial hair growth will be stimulated. Try consuming chicken and fish, which tend to increase the production of keratin in your body, which increases the rate of hair growth. Make sure that you get supplements, which are rich in biotin, because biotin helps in hair growth, as well. However, consult your doctor, before you use any types of supplements.

Many young men also feel that once they shave, their hair growth will become faster. That is an entirely wrong concept, because shaving from an early age actually leads to a retardation in hair growth, and can be damaging for your skin, as it can also encourage under-hair growth. This can look quite ugly on your face. If you want your hair to grow fast, make sure that you do not shave, and just let it grow. It may itch for those, who have been regularly shaving, but the only way to deal with that is to make sure that you apply lotion to soothe the itching.

Make sure that you clean your hair follicles so that faster hair growth can be encouraged. You may get a facial done, or massage your face with oil. You may also clean your facial hair with very mild shampoo, to encourage faster hair growth on the face. Keep your face moisturized and clean, and do not let it become flaky.

Puberty is probably the most challenging part of a young adult’s life. This is probably the reason why many people say that growing up is not an easy thing. They probably mean that stage. All of us went through puberty but not all at the same time.

Lucky are those folks who got through the puberty stage faster for the rest of them; they have to struggle the difficulty a lot longer. Most of these guys felt insecure about themselves longer and suffered the hardship part of being a teenager longer too.

This is the stage in their lives where they wish they already have facial hair and only then they will be considered a man.

How to get big mustache

To have a facial age at the age of puberty is rare but having one at that age is holy! Not all are blessed with such feature. Like mentioned, this is the real song that a boy is no longer a boy but a full grown man! Well, at least basing on the amount of facial hair he has. This is why, if a ‘boy’ noticed that his facial hair grows too slowly, he starts to panic.

Studies show that having facial hair is more of genetics; there are many ways to grow that hair faster than normal. To do this,one must be aware of proper and healthy diet. Lack of nutrients and vitamins do not only cause a weak body but also affects some other aspects of the human body, which is including facial hair. For a teenage guy who takes a proper and balanced intake of vitamins can and will help grow his facial hair faster.

If you are looking for some herbal remedies, then you should understand that if you massage your face with eucalyptus oil, it will be extremely favorable for hair growth. Sometimes, your pores may be clogged with dirt, which take the form of black and white heads, which need to be removed, so that facial hair growth can be stimulated by itself. Hence, go for regular massages.

Beard Czar is the amazing supplement that will turn any boy into a man in no time at all. What defying manliness? Manywomen see that a man has a full beard and can grow amazing facial hair., today it is not uncommon to have patches of hair all over the face which but there are some that can grow that full beard but it can take some time to grow a full beard, se that’s where we come to help you get the full growth you desire. Our formula was made with 100% all natural ingredients to help you become the man you desire to be along with many other amazing benefits.

Would you like to grow a bead that is worth of the Vikings worrier tribe? If you have said yes, you have come to the right place, we created this formula for all those men who want to be men. Beard Czar is effective in all men of all ages and has been proven to help create stronger longer and more firm facial hair that would normally take more than 5 months to grow and you can get it in just 2 months.Increase Your Beard Size Today!

Beard Czar, a new facial hair supplement, can help you grow a healthy, full beard. Tired of not being able to sprout a dense forest out of your chin? Do you want to fill in those patchy spots so you can have an actual beard, not just one that looks try-hard? We’ve all seen them: gross, thin mustaches that look greasy to the touch. Thinned out, patchy neck beards that never connect where they should. STOP the madness! Fill in those spots that just WON’T grow. Use the Beard Czar pills to stimulate growth and have that bushy, full-grown beard that will impress pretty much anyone. Don’t be surprised if a bird flies into your beard and mistakes it for their nest, because once you’ve used the Beard Czar facial hair supplement, you’ll be on your way to having that perfect beard. Maybe you could call your new bird friend Chirpens. Or Squawk. Maybe Dave? (bird friends aren’t guaranteed). If you’re ready to get started, then click the image nearby to begin your trial.

Beard Czar can assist you with achieving that go-to look that women crave. The beard is often seen as a symbol of manhood, but not everyone is able to grow a full, luscious face forest. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with not having a beard, but if you have the option to get one…then why wouldn’t you capitalize on it? Ever notice the increase in attractive men walking around with full beards? Well it’s the new trend. A well-groomed beard that is lush and thick can significantly increase your attractiveness.

You are not alone when it comes creating this huge and giant beard, but when you are getting older, by then your beard begins to become discolored and in many cases some men have been found to see grey in their bead. There are many men out there that can’t even grow that beard the desire to grow, the problem many have is that their bead won’t grow in full. All these problems however are going to change are you are using Beard Czar to help you do so.

This Beard Czar product is rooted in hard science to help you increase the firmness of this amazing bread you are going to see, we firmly believe that our formula will help provide the right results in making you more of a man. What makes our formula so amazing are the high quality ingredients that goes in it. These ingredients include:

Vitamin A – This has been proven to help prevent the clogging of facial oil glands and buildup of beard dandruff.

Biotin – This is perfect for hair growth and quality with the addition of vitamins B which help in the vital energy production.

Vitamin E and Niacin – This helps slow down the aging process and reverses greying.

Thicker beard Reduces graying Prevent beard itching Increases beard shine Made with natural ingredients

Your beard is a symbol of manliness and throughout so many people’s life, having a beard was a source of power. You are not the only one that struggles with the effects of aging, and today we are going to help you change these problems to get more youthful skin that you have seen before. Below you can learn more how Beard Czar will work for you and see what you can do today to get started.

Beard Czar helps you perfect your beard-craft by boosting you with a healthy selection of Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Niacin. These ingredients blend together and increase your hair-growing powers so you can fill in those thin spots, reduce graying, prevent itches, and nourish your overall beard quality. BeardTASTIC! Wanna hear something cool? You can get this wonderful face blanket without having to use special shampoos or engaging in risky, unnecessary surgeries. Yup, all you have to do is make the Beard Czar facial hair growth formula a part of your daily routine. Do NOT underestimate the potential of your beard. It might seem weak now, but you can give it that jump-start it needs to grow into an attractive, thick cheek warmer (your face cheeks).

The vitamin A in Beard Czar helps prevent the clogging of facial oil glands and it also helps prevent the buildup of dandruff. The last thing you want is for someone to run their hand through your beard, only for a snowstorm of dandruff to spill out and form a pile on the floor. GROSS. The biotin is essential for hair quality, as well as hair growth. This is necessary if you want to make your beard as magnificent as it can be. In addition to those ingredients, niacin helps slow down the signs of aging and reduces the look of graying. Sure, if all your hair is gray you could potentially pull off the AWESOME wizard look. Unfortunately, not many people can pull that off, and the wrong ratio of gray to natural hair color can be off-putting. Put a stop to it!
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