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For two loving hearts, no holiday is more important than a wedding day. Someone wants violent fun from the wedding, someone with bright romance, someone with creativity and originality. But any couple dreams that this day – and not repeating it, will become special and unforgettable … Famous horseshoe mustache.

This scenario will help to make it this way, in which the whole holiday, from music, decorations and ending with dresses of guests and newlyweds, is kept in the same style, in other words, a thematic wedding. It can be held in the style of your favorite movie, tale or book. A thematic wedding can repeat the plots of famous television shows, transfer to other eras, introduce the culture of different countries and peoples. The basis can be taken joint hobbies of the newlyweds, their preferences in food or music.

Ideas for themed weddings are inexhaustible, and the most popular ones are worth telling about them.

So Popular Themed Weddings

Themed Wedding in the style of “dudes”

This is a 50s-inspired retro-style party where swing, twist and rock and roll dance. These are provocative images – catchy makeup and lush colored dresses, bright ties and tight trousers, hairstyles like Elvis Presley’s. These are velvet, serpentine, crystal and candelabra. These are old chandelier lights, an old gramophone with a copper pipe and vinyl records, clippings from old fashion magazines and a bride’s bouquet of mimosas, tulips and carnations.

Gangster wedding Themed Weddings

30s Chicago style wedding ceremony is a social party with dashing gangsters and clandestine mafiosi. These are dim lights, whiskey, roulette, cards and cigars. This is a gun (fake, of course) in the bride’s purse. These are rare open-top cars, porcelain vases with fresh flowers, feather scarves, veil hats, exquisite cigarette cases, false mustaches in the style of Vito Corleone and a white boa on the bride’s shoulders.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Themed Weddings

This is a party in the style of the 50s with retro cars in the signature turquoise color, jazz music and a sea of ​​white flowers. These are elegant delicate turquoise dresses, lace gloves, stylish tuxedos and long mouthpieces. These are black and white photographs in vintage frames painted in blue tones, delicate napkins and vintage prints with a small pattern. This is a pearl necklace and white, with a flirty blue bow, the bride’s dress.

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“Alice in Wonderland” Themed Weddings

This is an extravagant wedding, with an original cake and a crazy tea party. This is a journey into the world of magic and mysteries. This is a variety of colors: green, blue, pink, yellow. These are funny leggings, small decorative hats, beautiful puffy dresses, keys of various bizarre shapes in the decor, music familiar from childhood, playing cards, tricks, in general – a real fairy tale for brave dreamers and incorrigible romantics!

“Cherbourg umbrellas” Themed Weddings

The atmosphere of indefatigable fun is created by provocative colors, decorative clouds, playful umbrellas and pretty rubber boots by the bridesmaids. In the banquet hall – figures of the newlyweds under an umbrella on the cake, vases from children’s rubber boots and colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling – all this looks very romantic and unusual. For guests – bonbonnieres with small chocolate umbrellas.

Oscar award”

A wedding in the style of the famous film award is for those who want to feel like Hollywood stars. This is the red carpet, paparazzi, golden statuettes, spotlights, camera flashes, popular soundtracks, nominations for the title of Best Bridesmaids, Best Couples, Best Mother-in-Laws and Best Mother-In-Laws and, of course, the award ceremony. These are chic cars, luxurious outfits and photographs of celebrities who received gold figurines.

Greek Themed Wedding

These are white-blue, olive and sand tones, Greek ornaments in the decor, laurel and olive branches in bouquets of flowers, blue candles on the tables, Mediterranean cuisine and photographs with sea views of the Greek islands. These are harp melodies and boating. This is the beauty of Aphrodite: the bride’s hairstyle, decorated with fresh flowers, and a dress in the “Greek” style, with a high waistline, made of delicate, flowing fabrics with embroidery.

Refined France

This is the romance of Paris and French chic. The tenderness of the pink color scheme is emphasized by natural flowers: peonies, roses, orchids. In the banquet hall – posters depicting Parisian attractions and figures of the Eiffel Tower. For guests – live music, rooms from the Moulin Rouge, a cancan workshop, bonbonnieres with chocolate assortment, fine French cuisine and expensive wine. For young people – a ride on a carriage and the launch of luminous balls.

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Knightly Middle Ages

If on this, such an important day, two loving hearts want to fall into the days of knightly deeds and pure love, a wedding in the style of the Middle Ages is just what you need! The subject may be different: Celtic, Shakespearean, based on the film “Braveheart”, in the style of ancient India. It is better to hold a wedding ceremony in a small castle or an old manor. As a decor, candles of different diameters, metal vases, glasses made of thick glass, aged chests are used.

Village Themed wedding

This is a rustic cosiness, recreated in a deliberately simple, slightly rude interior. These are wildflowers, sofas from hay, wicker furniture, chintz ribbons on the backs of chairs, knitted napkins for decorating the table, vases from bottles decorated with lace, candlesticks from cans tied with twine, homemade fruit wine, jars with jam and horseshoe souvenirs as gifts for guests.

Cowboy Themed wedding

For those who want to have fun from the heart, the theme of the Wild West is perfect. Plaid shirts, ripped jeans, leather vests and wide-brimmed hats for guests, a short dress and cowboy boots for the bride, an American-style bar, wildflowers on tables, toy revolvers, whips and hats on the walls, horseback riding, playing the guitar and funny cowboy dances – a bit of country, a bit of western.

Nautical style Themed wedding

These are “ship” interiors, which embody the romance of sea voyages. These are telescopes, globes, old chests, glass vases with corals and shells. It is blue, white, pale green, cyan and red. These are paintings with seascapes on the walls, cards for seating guests in the form of boats, creative “messages in a bottle”, bonbonnieres-jars with sea salt. This is the untying of sea knots, tug of war and a photo shoot with lifebuoys.

Handmade or craft Themed wedding

This is an abundance of cute do-it-yourself trinkets: garlands of pompoms and felt beads, bottles of flowers, decorated with fabric. These are bright balls for decorating the table, bonbonnieres in the form of hearts made of kraft paper, cards for seating from spools of thread, a pillow for rings made of knitted fabric, beads of felt for the bride and colorful, bright colors that create a festive mood.

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Camomile Themed wedding

This is a spring festival filled with sunshine and the exquisite simplicity of delicate flowers. These are white, yellow and green colors in the decor, a wreath of daisies from the bride and a photo shoot in the daisy field. These are openwork napkins, balls from camomiles, garlands from paper pompons in white-yellow tones. This is chamomile tea and handmade soap with a decoction of fragrant flowers as a gift for guests.

A wedding is the first step in a new life that two hearts take, holding hands, and it is the best confirmation of their love and devotion to each other. A thematic wedding is a wonderful way to make this holiday the way it should be: filled with tears of joy of parents, happy smiles of friends and touching tenderness in the eyes of young people.

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