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Shaving is something most men do often, and many forego the barbershop for their men’s grooming needs. However, barbershop grooming is more than just a shave. Today, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should consider visiting your barbershop the next time you’re due for that shave. Mustache face shape.

Care for your skin. Most men don’t think much about their skin, unless there is a problem. But if you want to keep it in its best shape for as long as possible, caring for your skin is important. Even if you use shaving cream, whenever you reach for that razor and start scraping your face, you may be doing some damage to your skin. Your barber takes the time to prepare your skin for a shave, and there’s good reason for this. The special hot towel and shaving cream brush lift each hair and get it ready to cut, so you get a clean cut on the first try. At home, we tend to go over the same area several times before it’s smooth, and that’s a lot of extra rough scraping for your skin to handle.

Eliminate the burn. That extra prep time also pays off in eliminating razor burn, a familiar discomfort for those who shave at home. The burn isn’t just uncomfortable. It can also cause an unsightly rash that lasts for a few hours.

Enjoy the experience. The barbershop has always been a place where men could relax and feel comfortable. There’s a special atmosphere at a barbershop that makes this happen, and making appointments for regular grooming as well as haircuts gives you that extra time to enjoy a place where you can truly be yourself.

Get it all done at once. Regular haircuts are important to keep your style looking great, and when you visit the barbershop regularly, you can get your haircuts and shaving done at the same time, all while relaxing in a comfortable environment.

Groom your beard. Men don’t always want to shave their beards. For some, a well-groomed beard is an important part of their style. Grooming services at the barbershop also include keeping your beard trimmed and styled so you always look and feel your best.

Due for a shave? Experience the difference of professional grooming for yourself at The Ultimate Barber. Make your appointment today, and our professional barbers will deliver effective, professional services in a comfortable, relaxing environment. You can find us at 2712 Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, call 571-483-0032, or book your appointment online. You can also book your appointments on our free mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

Short, long, or somewhere in between, it’s important to care for your mustache properly to keep it looking great. With fast-growing hair, keeping up with those trims is important, and with the long, handlebar styles, getting the styling perfect is a must. Here are a few tips from the pros to help you keep your mustache looking great, no matter what the style.

Cleansing . Like your beard, the hair in your mustache needs special care. You wouldn’t use a bar of soap to wash your hair on your head, so the same is true with mustaches (and beards). Use a special facial wash that cleanses gently but doesn’t over-dry – some oils are important for maintaining that healthy shine. Wash morning and night to get rid of any grime that might get clog your hair follicles.

How to grow an awesome mustache

Growth . If you’re having trouble growing a thick mustache, try massage. That’s right – massaging your upper lip can help stimulate those follicles to grow by encouraging better blood flow. Also, eat a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of sleep, since stress on your body can negatively affect all body functions, including hair growth.

Keep it trim . Regular trims will not only help shape your mustache, but it will also avoid split ends that can make your mustache look messy. Depending on your mustache style, this can be difficult to do at home, so always visit your barber for a quick mustache trim. This will keep your mustache (and beard) look neat and well-groomed.

Moisturize often . It’s important to keep your skin healthy so your mustache looks great. That means regular moisturizing with an oil-free formula to keep your skin soft, follicles healthy, and to avoid any flakes. To keep your mustache shiny and soft, you can also use a little beard oil.

Styling . If you have a thicker or longer mustache, it will need styling every day. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that can help. A water-soluble pomade is a must for handlebar or similar long styles. Comb a small amount through each side, then style with your fingers. If you’re undecided about the best style for you, ask your barber. There are things to consider, like lip size and shape, hair style, face shape, and beard style and length, before choosing a mustache style that will complement your other features.

The best advice about mustache styling and care comes from your barber, who understands your style. Caring for your mustache means much more than trimming, and getting it right means looking great at home, in the office, or out on the town. Make an appointment today at The Ultimate Barber. Our professional barbers know how to help you look your best. You can find us at 2712 Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, call 571-483-0032, or book your appointment online. To book appointments right from your mobile device, download our free Ultimate Barber mobile app on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

No matter your facial hair preference, most men aren’t the solo mustache-type. A lone mustache is a pretty strong statement so typically, a mustache is seen with a beard or goatee.

However, now that we’re into No Shave November, a lone ‘stache takes on a new meaning. For Movember, the mustache represents advocacy and contributing to the benefit of your fellow man. In fact, The Movember Foundation is a champion for men’s health everywhere. They help fight against causes such as testicular cancer, depression, and suicide. By 2030, the goal of the foundation is to reduce the number of premature deaths in men by 25 percent.

If you want to be a part of the movement, here’s easy Movember rules to follow:

Moustache cut

Start Fresh: Start with a clean, fresh slate – a bald face, including your upper lip. Do some research on the mustache you want to accomplish as a goal. Also, part of the goal is signing up on to learn about their causes and to become part of the solution.

Pick Shaving Products: If you’re going to grow a new mustache, you’re going to need some products like a razor to shape the mustache, post-shave tonic or gel to soothe any irritation, and beard oil to massage in to condition and soften follicles.

Keep to the ‘Stache: The whole point of Movember is to use your mustache as a symbol or advocacy and discussion, so stick to a mustache and fight the urge to grow a beard with it.

Become an Advocate: When asked why you are suddenly sporting a mustache, use that as a chance to advocate why Movember is an important initiative. Let your mustache give you a platform to give people the facts behind testicular cancer, depression, and suicide.

Resist the Urge: We’ve been there … you get to a point where you are tempted to shave. Fight the urge, you’re almost there! Instead of shaving, focus on shaping your mustache the way you envision, go for a run, hike, or do something to take your mind off your face.

The Time has Come: Once Movember is over, decide to shave, not to shave, or add a goatee or beard to that ‘stache. The choice is yours – you may even decide the look works for you and continue to be an advocate year-round.

If you’re ready to join the movement, let our barbers at The Ultimate Barber help you start with a clean face. We can also help with shaping and trimming your mustache all month long. You can find us at 2712 Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria or give us a call at 571-483-0032. Download our free mobile app available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

Styling your mustache is just as important as styling the hair on your head. It will complete your overall look, and if you’re mustache is not trimmed well, others will notice quickly.

Cool facial hair styles

Yep, just like we can artistically design your hairstyle, we can give an artistic look to your mustache too. Or, if you prefer to keep it traditional, we can trim your mustache to keep it looking groomed and healthy. It’s best to leave trimming up to the professionals, and we’ll let you know why.

Your facial shape should be considered when choosing the shape of your mustache. If you have an oval face, a mustache with a slightly triangle shape and medium width is best. However, if you have a square face, go for a wide mustache with it extending past the corners of your mouth.

It’s also important to consider your lip size when shaping your mustache. If you have thin lips a large mustache will over-power them, so it’s best to trim your mustache smaller. Large mustaches are best for men with larger lips.

If you’re thinking of growing a mustache, but just not sure if you can get past that part of awkwardness, there’s a trick to help you get through it. Allow your other facial hair to grow in during this period. You can even grow out your beard prior to attempting the mustache. This will offset the awkward period of growing in a mustache.

Don’t forget the product to hold the shape of your mustache through the day. We’ve got a line that will perfect the look of your beard and mustache, to keep it looking its best throughout the day.

Let our barbers at The Ultimate Barber help you with your hair styling needs. We stay on top of trending styles, so you can look your best. You can find us at 2712 Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, or give us a call at 571-483-0032. Download our free mobile app available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.
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