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A mustache is a man’s pride and trademark, and there is a type of mustache for every man. However - choosing the right mustache for you isn’t easy. So if this Movember is your first time sporting a ’stache or you’re a mustache expert wanting to experiment and looking for new inspirations of styles to rock, this style guide will help you in doing so! Movember style guide 2015.

1. Imperial Mustache

2. Revolutionary Mustache

From revolutionary leaders like Pancho Villa, to the former Soviet Union’s leader Stalin, to revolutionary actors like Daniel Day-Lewis in his role Cutting Bill “The Butcher” in the movie Gangs of New York (in picture), there’s nothing more ‘revolutionary’ than the revolutionary mustache.

Bold in both appearance and volume, you can achieve this revolutionary mustache look by grooming your mustache until it slightly covers the lips and curve is upward at the ends.

6. Chevron Mustache

If waxes aren’t simply for you yet you still want a mustache that looks classy, then the Chevron is the style for you. Thick and very wide, this mustache covers you from your nose to the corners of the lips, and tapers towards the tips.

How to grow a curly mustache

7. Dalí Mustache

Extremely fine, long with its iconic upward curves; while this certainly isn’t a type of mustache one would present at the office, one simply cannot deny that Dalí and his mustache was a tribute to humanity that this article alone would’ve been a failure had we not mentioned it!

8. Walrus Mustache

9. Cantinflas Mustache

Yes, we know - only Cantinflas can sport a mustache like this and get away with it.. But hey, who knows whether you can pull it off or not if you don’t try?

Anyhow, this mustache is surprisingly easy to shape: shave all your hair except its ends, and let your hair above the corners of your mouth very thin and carve it slightly downwards.

Painter's brush moustache

10. Horseshoe Mustache

Want to give your face a tougher and more intimidating look? Try the horseshoe mustache - a mustache that covers your lips and extends to the ends of your chin.

However, we wouldn’t recommend this horseshoe mustache for very thin faces, as they strengthen your features even more than it actually should. Examples of great men with this mustache? The famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan.

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Mustache styles for your face
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