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Wear a beard and a mustache or not? Very controversial issue and matter of taste. Vegetation on the face radically changes the style and appearance of a person. No wonder spies use this accessory as a disguise. But the main thing in this question is to choose the right style, then a man will not look comical. The photos and comments presented in this article will help to understand and study the styles of beard and mustache. Mustache styles images.

All pros and cons

Grow paradise on the physiognomy easier for bachelors. They do not need anyone to consult and persuade. Indeed, often the second half, the fair sex, a negative attitude to the hair on the face. Even if you use special emollient balms and deodorants, the hair tingles when you kiss and can give off an unpleasant scent. This is especially true for smokers. And in summer the tan sticks only to the upper part of the face, and if the bearded man decides to shave in the fall, it will turn out very funny.

But after all, the facial features of facial hair are much more than negative ones:

Gives solidity in adulthood.

Yuntsam adds maturity and adulthood.

The image is stylish and unique.

Beard and mustache styles are diverse and multiple, you can try several options.

Unpleasant facts

But statistics do not spare the lovers of lovers: 87% of women vote against them, even taking into account that such an image gives brutality and mystery, it is filled with adventures and something pirated, but noble.

This man himself will decide whether to use a razor or not. The main thing - do not forget to care for the "flower bed" under the nose and on the chin. Otherwise, you can pass for sloppy and lazy. Sticking in different directions, dirty hair on the chin will not give the image anything good.

How to choose a beard style? Self experiments

Few who manage to pick the right image the first time. Deciding to get facial hair on the face, first of all, you need to take into account its structure. The second factor affecting the beauty of the beard is the density of the shoots.

For two weeks forget the shaving machine. Let everything grow and multiply. This is the only way to see where hair grows thicker, and where less often. Then it will be very easy to choose a shape and style. If possible, contact an experienced stylist. He will set the right direction, which can then be adjusted by hand, armed with a trimmer.

Most popular beard styles

A myriad of styles exist in the world. After all, men wear a beard and mustache since ancient times. Each form is thought over to trifles and approaches a certain structure of the person, type and color of skin. The most popular and favorite:

Balbo - broad, thick beard, ending under the lower lip, and short antennae. Suitable temperamental sex males who know their own worth.

Hair moustache

Suvorov - a strip of vegetation starts from the temples and a smooth line flows into the whiskers. There is no beard in this style, the chin is smoothly shaved and shiny. Suitable for more mature men, gives the image grandeur and domination.

Screen - hair from temples smoothly down to the chin. The area above the lip remains smooth. Such a beard gives an intelligent, professorial appearance. In clothes, it is better to give preference to classic shirts so that the gap between the collar and the beard is minimal.

The goatee is a smooth oval around the lips, extending down the chin. The area of ​​the temples is shaved smoothly, the whole accent is on the area around the mouth. This man's style with a beard is practically a classic of the genre, the girls are delighted with him. This beard is preferred by all age categories: from teenagers to vigorous old men.

Goat - long vegetation, starting from the middle of the chin. No mustache and temporal retreats. Just a shred of hair on the very center of the chin. This style is loved by extraordinary personalities: singers, musicians, dudes. Often they dye it in bright colors, or only select some strands. A fairly common form.

English curtains - long, curved mustache, with thin protruding tips on the sides. With such a mustache, real gentlemen usually defile. Well-groomed and needle-clad, they look like they have come down from the screen or pictures.

Skipper - is a smooth beard, repeating the shape of the face along the contour. Gives a person refinement and elegance.

Hollywood - a wide beard, ending on the half of the oval face, and a decent, thick antennae. It gives expressiveness and makes even a not very nice person stand out from the crowd.

Anchor - the hair on the chin is shaped like an anchor, the sharp end looks down. Rarely there is such a daredevil who decides to wear such a "style".

Dali - this style applies only to a mustache. Thin, curved strands sticking out from under the nose, give the image of spice.

The fork is a wide classic beard with long ends split in two. This is a style with a beard, the name of which is in itself outrageous.

Find your image

The above-mentioned styles of beard and mustache are the most popular in beauty salons. Masters have already filled their hands and perform them perfectly.

Women are more fortunate, they can hide the flaws of the face with makeup. But the male part of the population has to veil the flaws of nature with a beard and mustache. With their help, you can adjust:

Mustache mouth

skin imperfections, scars, acne effects;

Facial oval matters

Beard styles are selected based on the shape of the face:

Neat, short shoots and short mustaches are suitable for round-faced men.

Holders of a flat face is better to get a goatee beard. She visually pulls it out and adds volume.

On the elongated, narrow face harmoniously looks fluffy vegetation with curly whiskers.

The face-triangle will decorate a horseshoe-shaped beard. It will smooth sharp corners and make the face more tender, but manly.

Heart-shaped contour fit any styles of beards. Here you can enjoy the experiments and let the master's creativity roam.

Shaving - pleasure or hard labor?

To get a beard and a mustache is usually decided by either very brave personalities or very lazy ones. For most men, shaving daily is work. Teenagers are looking forward to the day when they will need to pick up the machine. For some, this is the whole event. It is associated with the transition of a youngster to adulthood. But over the years, there is no desire to spend half an hour in front of a mirror and to scrape the skin with a sharp object. Here begins the creation of a new hairy image.

Many men dare to consider beard styles simply out of interest and giving a new look to the image.

Character and way of life

For attentive women, a beard is a hint. By its form, one can calculate the character and temperament of a man. First of all, beautiful creatures pay attention to the degree of well-groomed hair. If they are smooth and silky, dazzle with gloss and gloss, then you have a narcissistic person who is not particularly considered with the opinions of others.

If the beard is long, wavy, the owner has a high mental abilities, well-read and intelligent.

Tough, coarse hair speaks about the Spartan lifestyle of a man. He is brutal and a bit rude.

A good mustache

Style with a beard "Goatee" will tell the girls that the male has a high sexuality and explosive temper. The passion of such an individual will not fade away and up to 100 years.

If a man has a thick beard and no mustache, he is a characterless and boring type, but in some cases there are exceptions.

Proper care

To beard pleased you and others, take care of her as follows:

Wash your beard with soap every 3 days.

Pamper her with hair balm once a week.

Comb it every day in a given direction.

Try and improve the forms and images. They will help you choose the appropriate beard style photos presented in this article.

Do not forget to consult with your other half before you begin to grow vegetation. After all, you can buy a beard, but lose your beloved.

Silky you beard and only successful experiments with their appearance!
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