Mustache and beard styles 2016. How to Choose: Mustache Waxes Dapper Done, Business Travel Gear for Men

How to Choose: Mustache Waxes How to mustache.

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How using one can benefit you

How to go about choosing a mustache wax that’s right for you

Every wonder how some guys manage to get their mustaches and beards so attractively shaped? It’s possible that those men who give you facial hair envy have discovered the benefits of mustache wax, a styling aid that is made especially for facial hair growth.

You can reap the benefits of this men's grooming product too, and this guide to mustache waxes will help you choose one to achieve your desired styling results.

What Is Mustache Wax Anyway?

Mustache wax is a sticky substance made from waxes like paraffin and beeswax.

Side mustache

When you apply it to facial hair, the wax makes the strands cling to one another, giving you the ability to sculpt it into styles.

The stickiness also helps to keep hair in the shape that you create for hours.

An example of a mustache wax is that Tree Ranger Mustache Wax from Beardbrand:

And another one is the Mustache Wax from Brooklyn Grooming:

You can use mustache wax to achieve looks like the classic handlebar mustache or simply to keep whiskers swept away from your mouth.

How to Choose a Mustache Wax

To choose the right mustache wax for your grooming needs, consider the following:


Jars and tubs of mustache wax are usually the easiest to use, as they allow you to scoop out the exact amount that you desire.

How to have a moustache

Tubes of wax are a little less messy, and stick-based waxes keep your fingers from getting sticky.


If you only want to keep your mustache away from your mouth, choose a soft wax that will provide light hold but keep your growth soft.

For more advanced sculpting, choose a firmer wax, which providers tighter hold.


Mustache waxes come in colors to complement facial hair as well as in almost clear formulations that disappear after applications.

Unless you have light blonde hair, stay away from white waxes, which can make your growth appear greyed.

It’s likely that you’ll be smelling your mustache wax once you apply it, so you want to ensure that you choose a product with a scent that you find appealing.

If you have sensitive skin, look for unscented mustache wax or products that feature natural fragrances rather than perfumes.

What kind of mustache should i grow

Other Mustache Wax-Related Tips

Keep in mind that even if you follow the tips on how to choose a mustache wax featured in this guide to mustache wax, you may still have to experiment with different products to ultimately find the one that works best for you.

It can also take a little time to master the proper way to use the product. The most important thing is to rub the wax between your fingers to soften it before you apply it. This will help you avoid ending up with sticky globs of wax in your facial hair growth!

You'll also want to make sure that your beard or mustache is combed before you apply the wax. It can be hard to rinse out mustache wash with ordinary soap and water, so make sure you're using a beard shampoo or wash for cleansing.

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