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Mustache brushes are fantastic tools for styling your mustache into tip top shape. Removing any unwanted knots and spreading naturally occurring conditioning oil evenly throughout your mustache hair to keep it healthy and manageable. A good mustache.

It’s simple really, finding the best brush for your grooming needs is a matter of finding a versatile brush that will penetrate your ‘stache without scratching the skin underneath. We have selected the Boar Bristle Beard Brush for our man tool showcase because we believe it meets that criteria and we are sure you are going to love it.

Why Use A Mustache Brush?

A Mustache brush has been an essential component of a dedicated beardsmen cabinet for centuries. The simple

reason for this is that it serves an entirely different function than the mustache comb. A brush is a much more dense grooming device made of boar bristles which give it an uncanny ability to keep the natural oils in your mustache, spreading them out nice and even. You simply cannot get the same result using just a comb for styling because the comb is made out of more polished materials which the wax molecules are unable to get a hold of and stick onto.

The next reasons is portability. Taming a wild mustache is a lot like taming a wild bronco. You will have to whip it into shape not just in the morning but all throughout the day. So having the brush on you at all times is of paramount importance. So a light and portable solution for your facial hair grooming is absolutely essential for the true beardsmen. It’s true. There’s nothing that can satisfy a mustache man like a thorough brushing through his mane.

These wild mustache tamers give your beard a more vigorous, thorough brushing experience especially when dealing

Well trimmed mustache

with a thicker, longer mustache. All in all, for tight spots like the area above your lip a very calculated and effective brush is essential to get rid of the mustache equivalent of bed head.

The Boar Bristle Beard Brush is a very versatile pieces known for it’s lightweight on-the-fly grooming. It gives you the option of soft or hard bristles for low or short or thick hair. These bristles condition the hair, add shine, clean and eliminate breakage. Clearly not just a styling piece. The brush is very durable and made of a fine wooden finish, perfectly made for any user.

So as a tried and tested method for facial hair grooming this grooming device is the perfect size for grooming at any time. A great addition to any mustache or beard ensemble.

All Natural Boar Bristles

How To Style Your Mustache:

Styling your mustache with a brush is a relatively straight forward process. First determining your desired look might be the most important part in the entire process. Once determined it’s best you take some styling solution such as bees wax or oils and apply it to your desired mustache area.

Horseshoe mustache with soul patch

Once the material has been applied to your mustache. You are going to take the brush to style and smooth the brush getting wax to lather into your beard evenly. Now, once the mustache has been thickened thanks to the formula. You can now begin brushing in a smooth directional motion. It won’t be styled in just one shot. Instead you are going to need to do many brushes to start getting a tame uniform effect. The warp-resistant mustache brush ensures you and the handle stay far away from the rows of bristles, which give you better vision of the area you wish to style. This is a particularly useful feature for the more intricate mustache styles..

Comparing Boars Hair Bristle Brush To Their Synthetic Counterparts:

For all you beard enthusiasts out there looking for a compact pocket solution to beard and mustache maintenance look no further than the Mini Club Brush. It’s multi-faceted frame sports a dual hard/soft bristles that work wonders for long or short hair. The boar bristles condition the hair, adding shine and strength during grooming. It does this by giving your mustache a little tough love. The brush serves it’s purpose well by firmly brushing your hairs into fine fashion and the brushes prevent hair breakage and frizz. Firmly taming your mane.

The all wooden construction makes the brush a secure rock-steady piece to control. A wooden handle gives it a more earthy feel that is easy to hold.

Unfortunately regular combs (like the kind your girlfriend/wife/sister uses) do a poor job of keeping the wax and essential oils in your moustache. The brush, however, does a great job at this. It also maximizes volume to fill up your facial hair in all of the spots in a not so full or perhaps face that has a few patches. Using the brush proved to be a good technique for filling in the blanks of your mustache and beard. This is why the Mini Club comes as such a strong recommendation from us.


To sum it all up. The Boar Bristle Beard Brush gets a 5 Star rating from us at Mustache Wax Reviews! This is because it shined in nearly every category. Portability, Ease of Use, Durability, Construction and Style. We consider this brush to be good for beginners as well as seasoned beardsmen or mustache enthusiast. It’s sturdy handle and classic shape. It won’t matter if you’ve used brushes for a decade or since last week. Using this brush is going to be a very intuitive experience.

70s handlebar mustache
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