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Now Serving Complimentary Beer & Wine with Purchase of Haircut Old mustache styles.

Regular appointments $16.50.

Appointments available every Wednesday every 30 minutes from 2-6 PM. 5-minute grace period in to book.

Specialist in beard trims - $7-10 depending on length - Mustache dressup: $2.50, Beard dressup: $6

Full Facial shave at 5 PM by appointment - Exotic Styles at 5 PM by appointment

Handlebar mustache with beard

Styles such as flattop, skin tide, Mohawk/Hohawk and others fall into a different cost category

Shop front in south wing in second tier of shopping center facing Madison Avenue

If you have never been to a real Barber, it is in a world of difference. Being a real Barber is truely a craft. One Jake has mastered. I must be honest is saying that I always get nervous getting a straight razor shave from an older gentleman as the the vision and shakes set in. No need to worry. Jake is a perfectionist. Treat yourself and get treated to this dying art form! Once you have the hot foam shave you will see what I mean!

John P - Fair Oaks (source: Yelp)

Beard and mustache styles

This is a great old school barbershop - straight razor shaves, etc. The owner - Jake - is a really nice guy and his prices are reasonable. Jake even offers discounts to regular customers. I would recommend this shop to anyone that doesn't want to deal with salon atmosphere and prices! K.D. - Fair Oaks ( Yelp)

I've wasted lots of money at salons. Never again. I'm a guy that likes a good haircut, I can wash my own hair. Jake is the real deal. Convenient location, no nonsense good work, in an environment that is just right. Jake even has fudge cycles in the summer. Chuck K - Roseville (Yelp)

My family has been going to Jake for years. He does a terrific job and offers discounts to regulars. Everyone is family to Jake and it reminds me so much of the old neighborhood barbershop. Conveniently located at Sunrise and Madison. Robert L.Fair Oaks, CA (Yelp)

I have been getting my haircut from Jake for four years and I am always satisfied with his work. If you want the "authentic Barber experience" then Jake's Barber Shop is where you neeed to go! This is a no-brainer and very reasonable priced for such an amazing hairacut and straight razor shave. Tate F Sacramento, CA (Yelp 9/2/17)

Full beard short mustache

Overall rating page: 3.4 / 5 left 768 people.

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