How to thin a moustache. Chapter 10: Mercenaries at the banquet - The Star and the Darkness, Royal Road

Meantime in the glamours city of Nebula. Capital of the kingdom and home of the seventh king, Tolstoj Kilken. A great festival was being held in celebration to the kings first son’s marriage. The whole city was filled up with music and cheers, the smell of food could be sensed from outside of the town. The taste of the wine that was being served was so good, you’d remember it for the rest of your life. The whole city was bursting with life as people from many places came for this great day, either for the food or the simple fact of being present at such an event. Trimming mustache above lip.

At the palace another type of party was being thrown. One more suited for the upper class and befitting for that of a king. A splendid banquet, where all of the nobles have gathered. Each dressed even more elegant than the other. The finest of foods were served to the nobles, the best of the musicians would performe for them. The girls were dancing and entrancing the men around with their charming moves and voluptous bodies that were being exposed in certain places just so they can be even more seductive.

Between the well dressed nobles, on the side of the whole party you could see seven figures, waiting there not as entertained as the rest. Nor in the mood of the shows they were being displayed, they were the Beasts of Grendel. Although some of them enjoyed the food and drinks, one remainds particulary indiferent almost as if he wanted to leave in any second. It was Archeon, he didn’t seemto be fond of anything that he saw around him, you could see his expression filled with disgust when he looked around the room. Reason why he kept his eyes away from all of that and on the window, checking the outsides.

And what kind of banquet would it be where humans wouldn’t get into a conflict and start fighting. Be it for good reason or no reason at all, they always seeked that kind of thrill, be it them or others fighting it would be the same. Some nobles started dueling in the middle of the room. Fencing against others to prove their skills and what better reason than that to impress the girls around with their strength.

Of course the fights would be just friendly, and the swords used would be some unsharpened rapiers. Multiple nobles took up the swords and fought against others, that seemed to cheer up the spirits around. Even the mercenaries seemed to enjoy the fights in a different kind of way then the rest. They were actually laughing at how pathetic and useless their sword play was and how much they looked like buffons swinging their fancy swords around.

The laughing didn’t last for long as the nobles around them, didn’t take lightly as they were made fun of and instantly started making remarks about them and their rude behaviour until they spread through out the room. Reaching the ears of those more hot blooded which went at them starting to threaten and inslut their barberic looks and fighting styles, without knowing anything about them, until the point that Archeon had reached his limit.

He moved away from the wall on which he was resting his back while looking outside. He walked passed by his friends that were in front of him around a table, eating. He was just a few steps ahead of them “I just wanted some peace while i was waiting here, but it seems you fools always pick on those that make a joke or two about you, although you do the same to others.”

The nobles around all felt insluted about his remark, some of the males even threw their gloves on the floor in front of Archeon challenging him to a duel “If you got such a big mouth peasent why don’t you put it on the line and come fight me?” a baron would say to him in a loud and angry tone. Getting quite some attention as he did so, making more and more people do the same.

Archeon waited there patiently, taking all of their insults without saying a word and waiting for the best moment to get back at them. As the last gloves was thrown he’d hit the floor with his leg right really hard. leaving cracks on it and making the whole room echo with a metallic sound from his greaves “What’s with the gloves? Is this some kind of laundry room? I though you nobles were a bit more mannered and well educated, but it seems you throw your clothes around more than children.”

That made all those men grew angrier but at the same time it made some of the girls around laugh at all of them for doing this kind of gesture. His companions would laugh outloud without a bother and that just added to the amount of humiliation they received.

“Oh, you think yourself smart you damn peasent? How about we make that big mouth of yours even bigger! Don’t worry i’ll persoanlly do the same to your friends especially that elf bitch over there!” one of the nobles addressed him, licking his lips while giving looks towards Elion. He drew his sword and started swinging it towards Archeon’s head.

Kuang’s face turned red from anger when he heard him and was almost about to jump on him and rip him to shredds if not for Varris and Elion stopping him. “Calm down, let Archeon handle this.” Elion tried to calm him down a little.

Archeon caught the swords thin blade with his hands. Squeezing it firmly unabling the noble from pulling it. The swords blade being unsharp it was all the more easier. He bent the swords blade until it looked like an “L” with one hand before letting it go “Seems like you are so eager to get beaten up that you can’t hold your tongue. How about i have it cut?” Archeon said while walking towards the middle of the room where the fights were being held. All the nobles stepped away from him, clearing a small path, his companions followed him as well.

There he picked up one of the swords from a table on which they were being displayed. Swinging it a bit before walking to the middle of the room. Seeing him do that Varris couldn’t help but make a comment “What are you planning on using that for Archeon? If you needed that much a toothpick we got plenty at camp.” before bursting into a laughter along with Nikas and Kuang. He completely ignored there dumb remarks and headed in the center of the circle.

His opponent was already there, standing in a fencing stance with his sword up and his left hand behind his back “I bet you never seen sword as fine as this. They might be unsharpen but they are still high quality.” the man started to praise the swords “Compared to the sticks you are using this aren’t something a parasite like you can afford.” the noble was taunting Archeon.

At the same time Archeon’s companions were betting “I think he won’t even use the sword and beat him up with his fists.” Nikas said while placing a small pouch on the table next to them.

“Nah, he’s too pissed for that, he will knock him out with one hit.” Varris added, placing a pouch on the table as well.

“Considering how his mood is i think he will humiliate and torment him a little before finishing him off.” Kuang said taking a sit on the table, placing a small pouch by the rest.

“How about you Lao, Elion, Raiden? Not placing a bet?” Nikas addressed the rest. None of them replied back to him though. They were watching their captain getting ready for the fight, except for Raiden which was heading a little to the side.

Kuang went towards Elion and Lao, just as he opened his mouth. Archeon closed distanced between him and the nobles kicking him in the stomach before dealing a hit with his elbow on his spine making him lay flat on the ground only seconds after the start.

The shocked could be seen on everyone’s faces at how easily Archeon won the match without even using the sword. The whole hall was completely silent until Varris bursted into a loud laugh hitting Nikas on this back a few times “I told you that’s gonna happen.” he couldn’t help himself at all. Kuang was just pissed that he lost the bet, while Nikas was trying to sooth the pain from his back after Varri’s hit.

Archeon was still serious despite the good mood his comrades were in. He looked around at the nobles as if he was searching for pray. A noble shouted at him “This should be a sword fight yet you fight your with bare hands? Just how much of a barberian can you be? You disgrace every swordsman.”

The whole place got all lit up as nobles agreed on the mans remark, quickly picking on Archeon for not respecting his opponent. Archeon’s comraed got a bit overwhelmed by the situation as everyone got angry. They didn’t laugh anymore, but sat on their guards just in case some of the nobles would get any ideas.

Varris came a bit closer to the rest as he was a bit distant, he turned his head to look at his mates when he saw something that got him all angry. He clenched his fist so hard that his knuckles would crack aloud, those around him look at his expression and saw how angry he was.

When they turned into the direction he was looking at only to see Raiden flirting around with a bunch of girls “RAIDEN!” Varris couldn’t hold it in anymore and shouted at him, Nikas jumped in as well “That’s not fair man, leave some for us as well.” he went over to him as he said it, Kuang couldn’t help himself and make a comment “How about we share...” just about half way through and he received a slap from Elion, making his left cheek burn bright red from it “Pervert.” she’d say with a straight face and a pissed tone after which she moved a little to the side and looked at Archeon.

“Hey, no touching. You guys get your own girls!” he quickly push them aside and moved along with the girls, telling them all kinds of stories about himself.

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At that moment Archeon stomped again “Are you done with your stupid arguments? If you can’t even react to someone that’s coming at you without a sword. You are just that useless. But if you want that badly to get beaten up with a sword then come over!” he started yelling at the nobles.

For a moment it seemed that almost nobody dared take up the challenge. Someone finally stepped up in the circle. It was a young man with a massive body, compared to the rest of those around he did seem like someone who was training. “Would you fucking quit talking? All you do is bark around like a damn dog.” the man moved to the table, grabbing a sword before stepping in the circle. “Time to push you properly. I’ll beat you so hard that even that whore of the mother that gave birth to you will fell sorry!” he charged at Archeon after ending his taunting.

Each of Archeon’s commrades face expressions changed upon hearing the nobels words. They were scared Archeon might actually snap and level this place. Despite their worries, Archeon was standing still, his face was calm, looking straight at his opponent. He left him approach and when he was close enough, he pierced his right hand, from the palm up to the elbow.

The man dropped his sword and almost fell down, but instead backed away from him “You bastard, you think you’ll get away with injuring me? I’ll make everyone around you regret for even knowing you!” he started to shout at Archeon while holding his wounded arm.

Archeon didn’t stop he followed him. Piercing his other hand in the same manner. That man’s screams were echoing around the hall, but Archeon showed no sign of stopping. He pierced his legs until he couldn’t stand.

“You fucking insect. You dare do this to me? I’m gonna make you watch as i torture everyone you know before killing you!” the nobles eyes were almost bursting out from the pain and rage.

“I’ve had enough of this rotten mouth of yours!” Archeon said as he pressed his knee on the man’s chest, pulling a knife out from behind him. He punched his face until he couldn’t resist anymore before finally cutting his tongue. “I’ve already had enough of your bullshits. You damn insects should learn how to crawl on the ground when you met someone that is above you!” Archeon’s voice rang in the hall.

All of the nobles present showed such disrespectful looks as they watched him. To them he was nothing more than a peasent who gained some power and now was just showing off in front of them. Many were thinking how to cut him off already.

“You humans are nothing more than parasites in my eyes. Always looking for something to infect and destroy. You are nothing more than a cancer!” Archeon continued, his words getting harsher each time he opened his mouth.

Some of the nobles didn’t let him bad mouth them like that “A peasent like you dares address us, nobles like that? You should watch your tongue or you might not live to see tomorrow!” they threaten him to mind his place.

“You humans really think you are that high and mighty? Bullshit, you are nothing in my eyes. I will call all of you as i please, i will treat it you as i want and you won’t do a thing, because i’m a High-Human, not some lowly scumbags like you. So unless you want me to cut each one of you down, you better bind your mouths shut.” Archeon’s seemed to have calmed down a little after all that.

No one dared to make anymore comments towards him after hearing him out. They couldn’t do so even if they wanted. A high-humanw as a race that was above them, someone that had reach another plain of existance. Although some were still schemeing around they wouldn’t dare make a commotion anymore.

Anoter one of them decided to step up and challenge him to a duel again. It was someone well build, like tha man before. You could see on his body that he practised swordsmanship as well as fought in some battles and although his worked up body his face was rather gentle with a well trimmed mustache. He was shaved on the sides of his head with his hair leaned backwards, he got in the same stance as the one before. But unlike him he was holding the sword much firmer and his posture solid although he was completely relaxed “How about for a duel sir?” he addressed Archeon in unexpected way, which didn’t seem to mind his request.

They both stood in the middle of the circle of people, a few meters away from each other “I’m baron Greenwatch Floyd.” he made a salute gesture as he said his name, then going back to his stance.

Archeon looked at his opponent with a blunt face, a bit calmer than earlier “I’m Archeon Kerames, Captain of the Beasts of Grendel.” his name was enough to make the whole place silent, the only people still talking were his comrads. Mostly Raiden as he was boosting around and showing off to the girls, outside of them everyone kept their mouths shut as they knew how strong he actually was as well as his feats. They knew he wasn’t someone to mess around with.

The baron didn’t ponder around on the matter and charged straight ahead at his opponent which simply stepped to the side of his attack. Hitting the man’s sword away with his palm as he pointed his at the opponents neck “Guess its my win.” Archeon said with a dull voice as he took a few steps back.

The man falling slightly back in surprise “That everything you got? Come at me if you think you can touch me!” he shouted at the Floyd which regained his posture but just as he got back in the stance Archeon rushed at him grabbing his opponents sword with his hand so hard that he pulled it out of his grip at the same time pointing his at his neck “That is the difference between a real fight and a charade. You use everything you know to survive. Only thing you entertain there is your life as death laughs at us all no matter what we do.”

The baron with which he fought took a step back from his, letting Archeon lower his sword. Floyd took a bow towards Archeon “It was an interesting match, short, but interesting.” he’d address him while starting to clap. Some of the other nobles started clapping as well, but not everyone felt the same.

“It was a nice lesson, i hope to get the chance to duel you again in the future.” the baron continued, extending his hand towards Archeon for a handshake, at which he didn’t quite reply as he was looking at it oddly almost as if he was sceptical.

Just as he was about to reach out to the baron’s handshake and in the whole room the groom and bride made their way. The groom was dressed up in such an elegant and glamerous manner that all of the girls in the room had their eyes glewed on him, but his bride was beyond that, although her dress was quite exquisite with a very elegant and slik design. Her beauty was what was captivating all the attention as no one knew anything about her.

Archeon threw the sword back on the table as he went back to his comrades. He had no interest in the prince or his little bride. He already had his fill of nobles for one day and was in no mood of dealing with an even more arogant one.

“Hey, Archeon.” Zhan Lao would address him in a low voice “Isn’t that the star we escorted to Hazefol? What is she doing here?” he pointed towards the bride in a very subtile manner. He shifted his eyes towards where Lao was pointing in a moment, noticing the unique radiance she was giving. It was indeed the one that had captured and escorted to Hazefol.

He pondered for a moment. Thinking what could have happened and how did she reach this place he was sure that she couldn’t get away from Shade plus Helena wasn’t someone to let things slip through her fingers or did something else happen that prevented them from reaching her. He shook off his thoughts as he got up from his chair and went towards the bride, his comrads looked at him a bit shocked as they didn’t saw the star, but Lao made sure to let each one of them know and get on guard just in case.

Both the prince and the star were completely surrounded by guests who were wishing them all sorts of things. Almost all the girls gathered around the prince while the men went towards the star, of course they were both close to one another, only a meter or two between them.

Archeon made his way between the men in a rude manor, pushing them aside as he went towards her. They would step aside as they saw a fully armed man walk forward, they wouldn’t dare say something to him considering the power display form earlier. He stopped behind a few nobles for he did not want to atract to much attention from the prince as he was just about the next one to greet her.

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The noble ahead of him made a deep bow and expressed his gratitude for the invitation as well as his good wishes towards her and her future husband. It seemed that none of them were allowed to touch her in any way.

As Archeon’s turn came he stepped forwards doing the same bow gesture as the noble before him but unlike him, he took her hand giving it a kiss. Everyone was shocked by his gesture as the prince had instructed everyone to not even dare touch her. Archeon had no way of knowing that, or maybe didn’t care about it, as such he continued to hold her hand as he stood back up. The star showed no sign of being bothered by it or try to remove her hand from his “Its a pleasure to meet you milady. You may not know but this is our second time meeting.” he’d say to her with a smile on his face. At this time some of the nobles got the prince’s attention to look at his birde as he was too caught up with the nobles to notice what happened.

“I see you aren’t enjoy this party either. How about i make you smile for the night?” Archeon continued to talk to her, but the prince came over in that instant. He placed his hand on her hips, pulling her closer to him, making her slightly lose balance as he did it so suddenly.

“And how might you make me bride happy you clown? I though i made sure that all guests are too dress up as elegant as possible yet someone had the gals of dressing up as if going to a circus?” the prince’s tone raised as he continued talking, his voice reaching its peak as he reached the end, everyone’s attention was focused on them.

But Archeon completely ignored his remark about the way he was dressed “That is none of your buisness. And if i were you. I would be showing some gratitude for i am the one who rescued this star from the place she had fallen in!” Archeon raised his tone as well, matching that of the prince.

The prince didn’t like that at all, not only did someone dared confront him but he did so in front of so many people and in front of his bride. It was almost as if his mind went blank for a moment.

Archeon turned back to the star “He looking for you restlessly even as we speak and i’m sure he will soon find his way to you.” he told the star while smiling at her.

At this point the prince was boiling with rage as someone dared not only touch his bride but also talk about other men in his presence. In his rage he punched Archeon with all he got “Know you place scum, i am the prince while you are nothing but some pleb in this palace.” the prince started to yell “Guards take this man away and have him whipped” he yelled for the guards to come.

Some of the guards headed over as most of the guests started to whisper between themslves mockeries and such. Their smiles growing wide as someone was about to get beaten up, such a sick and disguting form of entertainment they had.

Archeon turned his head back towards the prince. The punch he received did no damage at all, he looked straight into his eyes as he talked to him “You think yourself to high and mighty little prince. You are the one who should know his place.” in that instant Archeon grabbed his neck and lifted him up, holding him in air “How is it? To be truly held high?” he’d ask him. All of his men rushed over to his side through the crowd, forming a circle around him with their weapons drawn, blocking anyone who might try to come to the prince’s aid.

The prince tried to set himself free from his grip. He struggled but to no avail. He smirked as he looked down at Archeon “You think you’ll get away with this? I know exactly who you are Archeon, you can’t do anything to me and you will get punished for this as well. You have no power what so ever.” he struggled to breath as he reached the end. Archeon’s grip tightening around his neck. He gave him a defying smile and threw him on the floor away from where he was. People got out of the way, letting the prince slide on the floor, stopping in one of the tables that were around, making all the food and drinks spill over him.

The prince got up like a raging bull, drawing his sword as well as yelling at everyone around “Everyone, grab your weapons this will be a public execution!” making all sorts of aggressive gestures with his hands. But nobody did anything as the king entered the room along with his personal guards and the chanceller.

Everyone bowed their heads as the king made his way over. When the prince noticed the king a large and wicked smile grew on his face “YOU ARE DEAD!” he yelled to Archeon “Father i have a request. I want the public execution of all memebers of The Beasts of Grendel!” with an aggressive tone he’d address his father as he pointed towards Archeon which was sitting close to the star and surrounded by his men with their weapons drawn.

The king was about to talk to his son just as the chanceller interrupted him, his voice ragging at Archeon which did no bowed before the king and even treated the prince poorly in front of his bride and his loyal subjects “You lowly insect, you step into this palace with the kings invitation and dare cause problems in a place in which you normally had no hopes of reaching in a million years? You commoners should learn your place and keep your faces in the dirt all the time since that’s the only place that welcomes you!”

With each word he’d step towards Archeon, drawing his sword “You should pay for this kind of insolence, i shall personally cut off one of your hands...” and with those words he ended his fate as multiple slashes and arrows cutted and impaled him to the ground, Archeon’s comrades chopped him to pieces.

Archeon stood there smiling, he started to walk towards where the channceller’s pieces laid and stepped over his head, crushing it under his foot “Anyone else got a word to say?” Archeon said with a loud voice so everyone could hear.

All those present were shocked by such an event. The star stood there traumatized as she was surrounded by his men, although none of them were looking at her. Not even the prince dared to open his mouth anymore as he did not think that he had the guts to actually attack someone of high nobility and in a place such as this. All the soldiers that stood with their spears lowered, bows charged ready to attack were trembling, but one person stood forward and shouted back at him “ARCHEON!!! I called you here for a reason! Or have you already forgotten? Or maybe its simply you don’t care about the thing we talked and i can simply dispose of it.” the king’s tone going form a very loud one to a more mild, smiling at the end.

The king’s words made Archeon order his friends to stand down and go back to where they were. Leaving him alone in front of the king with all of the soldiers behind him. The star quickly rushed over to where the prince was, hiding behind him as the king walked closer to Archeon, standing right in front of him.

As the king was about to say something the prince rushed over. His fear all gone as he seen his chance he got all ralied up. He started punching Archeon in the stomach as strong as he could, but he just made a slight bow with his head from all that, his face turned red seeing how little his punch did. He continued to punch him a few more times before the king stopped him “That’s enough my son, i have important matters to discuss with him, you go and tend to your wife, she must be scared by all of this.” he said with a gentle tone towards his son. That gave Archeon time to recover and straighten his posture as he looked with defying eyes at both the king and the prince which was leaving.

They both went to the side of the room, a few of the guards followed them over. The king sat down on a chair making a sign for Archeon to sit down as well “Take a sit so we may begin.” but he stood there in front of him, refusing to sit down. The king left out a sigh before continuing “Stubborn as always, as you wish.” he took out a scroll from his pocket and placed it on the table “You are to escort my other son, the first prince to the city of the third king, Venersis Canduceus. Venersis has asigned the captain of his guards to wait for you at the castle gates, you are to hand him over this letter.”

After the king finished talking Archeon asked him back “And why is it that you asked me to do this task, are the imperial guards so incompetent?” he asked with a smile on his face “Or is it that you trust a mercenary more than your own men.” he chuckled as he finished.

The king got up from his chair, moving closer to Archeon and placing a hand on his shoulder “I need good men who can move in small numbers and what other could i hire but the great Archeon.” he squeezed his shoulder, which made Archeon twitch slightly “And remember about your payment, make sure the prince reaches his destination without harm or who knows what might happen.” he removed his hand as he walekd away. After a few steps he turned his head back to Archeon “You will be departing tomorrow at sun rise. Ah, and make a small party for this as i don’t wish for people to find out about it.” with that the king took his leave.

Archeon looked at him go with a grim face before turning his attention to the table. He grabbed the letter and rushed towards the door to leave. He made a gesture with his hand in the direction of his companions to move out. They caught up with him as he approached the door, leaving the palace.

While walking away from the palace Kuang asked Archeon “Why did you order us to leave? We could have beat the crap out of those guys and leave without a problem.” he seemed angry for leaving things like that and by the fact that the prince started punching Archeon.

“You know all too well, we couldn’t have done that. We would have had a huge bounty on our heads and everyone in this kingdom would hunt for us. Plus that would make things a bit harder for us as the Guilds wouldn’t accept wanted people for tasks.” Elion responded back to him.

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“Archeon, if i may. What is the reward the king mentioned that you were willing to take such a humiliation as getting beaten up in public as well as dismiss us.” Nikas was curious on the matter, the same thing could be said about everyone around him.

“He has a friend of mine kept prisoner, she is one of my people with which i fought alongside for a long time. But as he found out about our race he locked up everyone that was still alive in different places. I only found out about her and it was lucky she is still alive.” Archeon’s tone was down as he talked about it.

“Why do that bastards mission? We could hang the prince somewhere as we leave tomorrow and head over to save this girl.” Varris said in an aggressive manner, hitting his fists against each other as he was eager to assault a prison.

But Archeon shook his head “If only i knew where she was. Not even Lao was able to find anything out about her or in which prison he keep her locked up. We can’t afford to do so until we know where.”

Everyone was a bit surprised as they heard that not even Lao was able to find anything about it. They started to understand that it wasn’t that simple as to rush over and resuce her. “Let’s head back and rest for the night, we shall see to our mission tomorrow.” Archeon broke the silence “And don’t linger on such things, that is my problem not yours.”. They headed back to where the inn they were staying at was to get some rest.

Meanwhile at the party the prince took his leave a bit early after the incidents with Archeon, of course he took his bride along with him. They were heading towarsd their chambers, which were specially prepaird for such a day. Neither of them knew what to expect as they have not seen it yet.

As they were walking through the halls towards their chambers, she would gradually start shinning. Emitting a warm light as he was holding her hand and leading the way. The prince would notice the bright light coming from behind him, but at this point he was already used to it since he had spent the past three months in her company and knows her habbits all to well.

After a walk through the halls they reached their chambers, a large room, well decorated with various pantings and elegant furniture, a huge bed with lots of pillows, the whole place had lots of flowers placed everywhere. The floor and bed were covered in red petals. That made the star shine even more as her cheeks slightly turned red from the view as the whole room was lighten up by the moon’s light.

On the side of the room and a large balcony with a clear opening over a garden filled with flowers, a river was passing by that garden which made the place all the more charming. The girl rushed over to the balcony as soon as they entered the room, she seemed to really enjoyed looking up a the clear night sky. She looked at them with a large and radiant smile and just like them she would start to shine.

But her radiance was cut short as the prince was in a bad mood from earlier. He placed his hands on her shoulders, turning her around so she would look at him “What was it that that man earlier was talking about? You know that i will not allow anyone, no matter who they are, to take you away from me!” he whispered to her while running his fingers through her hair. His other hands sliding down on her arm and finding its resting place on her hips, pulling her closer so he could kiss her.

She placed a finger on his lips, denying his kiss as she responded back “I’m afraid there is nothing you can do.” she said while lowering her head. A trace a sadness could be found in her voice “If what that man said is true, there isn’t anyone that can do something. For what comes to get me is not man nor beast, but something above all else.” she turned around, placin both of her hands on the blacony looking down at the flowers.

The prince came behind her, wrapping his hands around her, holding her tight without saying anything for a while “Be it god or a demon i won’t let them have you and will do everything in my power to protect you.” he said with a loud tone. Almost as if he wanted to show his determination.

He lifted her up in his arms and carried her inside, laying her down on the bed. He went on the other side of the bed and sat down beside her, she would turn towards him, resting her head on his wide chest with one hand across him. “Seems like you know the one that’s going to come for you, tell me how is he?”

She was surprised by his question, she giggled a bit before moving her head to look at his face “Someone is jealous.” she told him with a sweet smirk on her face and just as he was about to say something she pressed her finger against his lips again, stopping him as she continued “He is terryfing, someone that would stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. He’s like fire and ice and wrath. His rage is like a calm sea, ready to swallow everything in one wave. He is gentle and calm like the night but at the same time merciless like a hurricane. He is ancient and forever. He burns at the center of everything and can see the turn of the universe. And he is wonderful.” while she was talking, her left hand would move gently across his chest. When she finished she gave him a kiss on his cheek and looked at him with a smile on her face.

The prince, rolled over the girl, pinning her under him. Restricting her movements while moving his head closer to hers and kissing her forehead, her nose and finally her lips, after a while he’d break the kiss “From what you’ve said it sounded like you loved this god.” the prince said to her as his face got slightly darker.

She didn’t fight back or try to free herself at all, she let things be as they were “At first i fought him in order to live until a point where i couldn’t fight anymore, then something happened. Something strange... and finally i ended up in this place.” her voice was slowly cracking up as she was continuing, a few tears ran down on her cheeks.

As he was listening to her, he couldn’t help but feel bad for even asking about it in the first place. He gently moved his hand across her cheeks, wipping her tears away “So he is the one to blame for this? I can say i’m glad to get to meet you”.

But the girl was already too sad to even open her mouth without releasing a wave of tears, but instead she just noded her head and wrapped her hands around him, pulling him down, holding him close to her as she tried to comfort herself in his warmth.

He wrapped one hand around her while with the other he gently patted her head, trying to calm her down as well as giving her kisses on her forehead “Its alright, i’ll make sure he will never find you and i will make you forget all about him.” he whispered in her ear with a soft voice.

His hands moved slowly down on her dress, slowly pulling it down until it was completely off. She sat there before him wearing only a black corset and underwear which made her skin seem even whiter than it should be. He kiss her lips again while moving the tips of his fingers over her skins towards her bust. Undoing her corset and revealing her beautiful bossom at the same time breaking from the kiss and wrapping his hands around her breasts. Fondling them while he’d move his mouth from one to the other, teasing them equally while pressing his knee between her legs.

The star would release soft moans of pleasure, enough make any man lose his calm if they heard her. But the prince kept his concentration and focused on doing things in a slow pace. After a short tease of her breasts, his hands moved over her skin down towards her panties. Removing them slowly while keeping his eyes locked onto the expression she was making as he was sucking onto her breast.

He got up as soon as he removed her underwear, he looked down on her as she layed there completely exposed before him, her chest going up and down at a fast pace as she was breathing heavily from all the stimulation he gave her. He undressed himself quickly before going back down. His hands grabbed her inner thighs, spreading her legs open while lowered himself onto her, kissing and softly bitting her neck as he gently made love with her.

She’d bite onto her lower lip, silent moans slipping through, until she’d finally open her mouth completely to grasp for air. She was enjoy it more and more to the point that she couldn’t close her mouth anymore. Loud moans of pleasure could be heard even from outside of the room. Despite her efforts to keep them in, it was too much for her as she gave in to the feelings of pleasure.

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