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Modern guys with pleasure decorate their appearance with different haircuts on the face: beards and mustaches. This is a great way to refresh the image and diversify everyday life. Today, there are many types of mustaches, so everyone can find something cool and stylish for themselves, and experienced barbers who work at Rafael’s Barbershop will help you make your idea a reality. Not sure which mustache is in fashion now? Then, especially for you, we collected 7 of the most popular mustache styles of this season, among which there is definitely something that suits you. Types of mustaches.

Types of modern mustaches

Talented stylists recommend not afraid of experiments and open to meet innovations. Various types of mustaches will help you become bolder and gain self-confidence. Here are the most fashionable and sought-after types of mustaches of this season:

Walrus. Such mustache are distinguished by increased fluffiness and are characterized by the fact that they hang over the lower lip. To care for them is quite simple: monthly trim and wash every day.

Brush. The most famous admirers of these whiskers are Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin, therefore, the presented whiskers do not need unnecessary descriptions.

French cut moustache

Horseshoe. This type of mustaches got its name because of its curved shape. They stretch down to the chin, reminding a horseshoe. Are characteristic of bikers. Requires daily maintenance with a razor with special narrow nozzles.

Handlebar. Mustache shaped like a bicycle handlebar. A characteristic sign of such a mustache: curls up. The length can be any. To maintain this shape perfectly helps the wax.

Pyramid. This is an immortal classic in the mustache world. You could certainly meet them in many of your relatives in family photos. This type of mustaches are wide at the nose and taper to the ends.

Moustache style for round face

Pencil. This is a thin mustache, located above the upper lip, and a thickness of 2-3 mm. They are quite difficult to care for, because they require daily trimming. Were incredibly popular in America from the 30s to the 50s, but today they still remain the favorite type of mustaches of many men.

Brush artist. Short, neat, small mustache. Despite the fact that nothing special is expressed – they look very well-groomed and elegant.

After reading this list, you will now accurately choose for yourself something suitable, because the mustache styles presented above are the most fashionable and hit in our time.

How to grow a good mustache

Rafael’s Barbershop de luxe mustache

Are you dreaming about cool mustache, but do not know how to grow them and care for them? Then you came to the right place! We will not only help you choose among different types of mustaches, but also create your ideal mustache. And high-quality products will be excellent assistants in the care of a new, cool mustache.

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