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How to find good mustache styles for your face shape

Mustaches bring a lot of character, so they can be tougher to choose than beards. So here’s some advice on on how to choose a style that suits your features from mustache expert Dr. Allan Peterkin*: Mustache shapes.

“When choosing a facial hairstyle, consider the size of your facial features … The right style should complement your face without overpowering it or being overpowered by it.”

So when it comes to the ‘tache, finding the best facial hair for the face shape you’re working with is essentially a matter of balance. Dr. Peterkin has the following (essential) tips:

“If you’ve got large facial features (mouth, nose, eyes, and chin), go for a larger, bushier mustache or beard style. It will balance out your facial features and provide a softer look.”

How to grow a cool mustache

“If you have a prominent nose, consider a larger, thicker mustache such as a Chevron, Painter’s Brush or Handlebar, but steer clear of thinner designs.”

“A long, narrow face requires a narrow-to-medium-sized mustache that’s not too heavy in length or design. Stick to shorter styles and skinnier lines, such as the Clark Gable, Chaplin, or Military mustaches. Stay away from styles with vertical lines – such as the Horseshoe – that will only accentuate the length of your face.”

“If you’ve got an extra-large mouth, choose an angular style such as the Pyramid mustache, that’s narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The variety in length and angles will minimize the size of your mouth.”

Mens mustache care

“Don’t overpower a smallish mouth with a big, bushy mustache. Instead, go for a shorter style. Growing the ‘stache a little past the corners of your mouth will make your mouth appear a bit larger.”

If you’ve got a wide mouth with a big upper lip, consider a large, bushy mustache with a parting that divides the mustache into two sections.”

* Reprinted with permission from the book ‘The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving Face’ by Allan Peterkin and Nick Burns (Arsenal Pulp Press)

How to keep moustache
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