Most popular beard and mustache styles. The fight can translate into a political plane, – the Manager Povetkin wants the fight against whiskers, The Koz Telegram

Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin may be one of the contenders of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik in the heavyweight division. But the Manager of Russian Dmitry Ivanov said that doesn’t want this fight. All because of politics. Cool mustache.

While Ivanov himself uses traditional Russian propaganda about the “common people”, who shared. And about the so-called “great Patriotic war” and not world war II

“Now I wouldn’t want this fight, because really this confrontation can be transferred to the political plane. For me Russian and Ukrainians are one people with common values and the same Outlook on life. We are together side by side, fought in the “great Patriotic war”, but now we are trying to divide. For this reason I’m against this fight,” said Dmitry Ivanov.

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Though he believes that this fight would bring considerable revenue to the organizers. But the team Moustache chose a different path.

“From a sporting point of view it would be a cool box and an interesting confrontation of styles. In Mustache very fluid style and great footwork. Povetkin wants to be in the center of the ring, to press, so they would have made a good fight, interesting to all. This fight could be held at any venue with good financial success for the promoter. Team Alexander Usik chose another way, we are also looking for your path and are treated with great respect for this boxer and his coaching staff”, – summed Dmitry Ivanov.

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Recall that Povetkin will make his fight on the undercard of the battle Lomachenko – Campbell.
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