Moustache shape up. How to Grow Maintain Walrus Mustache + 11 Hottest Looks

While the walrus mustache look is likely to be popular, it’s not for the faint of heart. The walrus inspired mustache takes time and commitment, but the result is well worth it. A mustache says a lot about a man. The way you wear your facial hair can determine the impression you give to those around you. The walrus moustache.

Mustaches can be very different. The mustache as a trend first became popular in England during the Elizabethan era. King James, I wore an impressive mustache, along with other popular figureheads of the time. Since then, the mustache trend has changed many times. From impressive handlebar mustaches to thin pencil mustaches, above the lip facial hair has gone through many variations.

Today no style is out. Men around the world wear their facial hair in any style they choose. However, some styles are more popular than others. If you’re considering growing a walrus mustache, here are a few things to consider, and some tips for growing and maintaining your ‘stache.

What is the Walrus Mustache?

Before anything, it’s important to understand what exactly the walrus mustache style should look like. The walrus ‘stache is bushy, rugged, and a little bit wild. It’s named for its similarity to the actual walrus whiskers, which are thick whiskers that hang over the walrus’s mouth and drape lower on the sides. The element that sets a walrus style apart from the others is that it hangs lower than your top lip, sometimes even covering the mouth entirely.

It’s different than a handlebar mustache which tends to curl up on either side of the mouth. The walrus mustache, in contrast, should hang lower on the side. It can be worn alone or with a circle beard, and you can choose to emphasize the mustache or to leave some hair connecting the mustache with your sideburns, as many famous wearers of the walrus have done.

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As I mentioned already, the process of growing out a walrus mustache is a long one. In order to achieve the look, you’ll need at least three months of uninhibited growth. During these first three to five months you’ll want to let your hair grow naturally, without even trimming the hair above your lip. This can be a long commitment, so it might help to focus on some famous wearers of the walrus ‘stache for inspiration.

Today one of the most well-known walrus mustaches belongs to actor, comedian, and carpenter Nick Offerman. His mustache is manly and powerful, just like him. Jamie Hyneman of the show Mythbusters also proudly wears a walrus whiskers and pairs it well with his signature hat and glasses. The walrus style has appeared throughout history as well. It was worn by President Theodore Roosevelt, certainly a man to be emulated. Author Mark Twain also sported the ‘stache. With role models like these, what are you waiting for?

How to Grow a Walrus Mustache

While you wait for the first three months to pass, you’ll want to invest in a good mustache and beard grooming kit. It’s important to purchase a good, strong brush and comb. While your mustache is growing, comb through the hair with gentle, downward strokes. This will help your mustache grow in the right direction and will help you train it without having to spend hours styling.

Once your mustache is well past your upper lip it’s time to start trimming. Use scissors designed for facial hair. You need to have sharp, small scissors that will allow you ultimate control over your cut. Trim the hair to just below your upper lip for a true walrus mustache.

Goatee no mustache look

If your hair is long enough, consider trimming it lower down, so that it brushes your lower lip or even covers your mouth entirely. If you need to uncover your mouth later, you can use mustache wax to curl your mustache slightly upward and give yourself more freedom of mobility.

As you trim, you’ll also decide how much other facial hair you want. You may consider starting with just the mustache and can decide how thick you want it. Generally, the walrus mustache should at least be wide enough to cover your upper lip from end to end. You could also let it grow wider and grow the edges even longer, for a droopy, more walrus-like effect.

Walrus Mustache Upkeep

Growing the beard is the hard part, but the attention doesn’t stop there. A walrus mustache is easier than many kinds of facial hair, but it still needs continual care and grooming. You should comb your mustache in a downward motion every morning and as needed throughout the day. A messy walrus mustache will make you look unkempt instead of manly.

On that note, you will also want to invest in some essential mustache supplies. A beard and mustache oil will soften your hair and give you a smoother, more manageable ‘stache. Massage the oil lightly into your hair for a healthier and better-looking mustache. If you have especially dry or raspy hair, you can invest in a good mustache moisturizer. This will hydrate your hair and skin, giving you more control of your mustache with the assurance that your facial hair is as healthy as can be.

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Finally, you’ll want to consider a strong mustache and beard wax to aid in styling. As I said, styling a walrus mustache is easier than some, but you’ll still want to keep some wax on hand for a bad hair day. Use wax to flatten any flyaway hairs and brush your mustache down toward your lips. Or use the mustache wax to add an element of flair by curling the edges of your mustache or pushing the hair up slightly to give you full access to your mouth.

Best Walrus Mustache Styles for Men

Growing a walrus mustache takes time and patience, but the outcome is a thick, full-bodied mustache that will turn heads and make all the neighbors jealous. It’s a look associated with strong, rugged men who aren’t afraid to be themselves. With these tips and a little bit of luck of the gene pool, you could be the next Theodore Roosevelt or Nick Offerman.
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