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In fact, a number of researchers were conducted about men with beards and men without beards and the results were all in the favor of men with beard because facial hair are known to be a signature of men and the more facial hair a man has the more manly he is considered.

12 Great French Beard Style For Round Faces

Now, I am sure you all agree with the fact that beards are the winners but now let’s come to the another fact and that is that growing beard is not as easy as it seems to be and it requires quite a lot of struggle. In fact there is a huge population of men in the world who are unable to grow a good beard, they’ve got unequal patches of facial hair coming out and that is the saddest part of their lives. Now if you are lucky enough to grow a good and fuller beard then you should definitely take advantage of it and style your beard different in order to pull out the best and the most handsome look on your face.

Also, people have different face shapes, some have a triangular face, some have a heart shaped face and there are people with a square shaped face too but the most common face shape is a round one. Today in this article we are going to jot down some of the best and the most popular french beard styles for round faces.

The reason why we thought to bring you some french beards is because beard trends and styles change with the passage of time but the french beards are never out of trend and they require low maintenance as compared to the other beard styles. Furthermore, these beards look amazing if you properly take care of them and by taking care, we mean that you should trim it properly every now and then and above everything you should use beard products that can help you with all the grooming and maintenance.

Now, if you are someone who wants to know about the french beards styles then you are at the right place, reading the right article because we are now going to get started with our article. So, make sure you take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article is going to pull out the handsome and classy look that you’ve always wanted. Here are the 12 best french beards for those who have a round shaped face:

1. The Cool Beard Look

Want to look all cool and strong? Try the cool beard style where you can have a mustache connected to your beard. You can shave off your sideburns or keep them as per your requirement but the original style demands your sideburns and have some facial hair on your chin. This look is perfect for someone who has to go to a night club or a dance party with friends because this style can make you look super duper cool.

You can add some more spice to this beard style by wearing a black leather jacket just as the above picture. Furthermore,this beard style is very easy to groom and maintain as you don’t have to trim it more often, grow your beard to a heavy stubble and style this cool beard to look handsome.

2. The Gentlemen’s Beard Style

This style is seriously made for people who want to pull a handsome gentlemen type look. Also, you can style your beard this way if you have a business meeting coming up or even if you are going for a job interview, you can use this beard style to impress your the interviewer.

This beard style can be worn if you are looking for a more casual look too and you can use it as a professional look too by wearing a black suit. As french beards are easy to maintain, this one is also very easy and you won’t have to put a lot of struggles to make it look good. You simply have to trim it every now and then and keep it all combed. You can even grow some stubble on your neck too connecting it to your beard and your mustache.

3. W Shaped Beard

In order to get this look you first need to grow a soul patch that should be connected to your facial hair on the chin. Also, to get this style you need to grow a mustache too which is slightly connecting with your beard from the sides of both your cheeks. This beard style will give you a very classy look and you will definitely look charming by styling your beard in a W shaped patch.

Kinds of mustaches

Specially the soul patch is best for people who have round faces as it makes your chin part more prominent than the rest of the face so yes, it is one amazing beard style that you should try for sure. Also, you don’t need any struggles with the maintenance with this style. You just need to give it a good trim every now and then and make sure that no stray hair are coming out of the beard otherwise it can give destroy the style of your beard.

4. Thick and Wide French Bead

Are you looking forward to have an intense and more manly look? Try then thick and wide french beard. The thickness of this beard will enhance the color of your facial hair and hence you will appear more manly and masculine too. This beard is one of the best french beard that is quite famous among men who have strong bodies and big muscles.

Furthermore, in order to get this style you simply have to grow a soul patch along with a mustachio that goes all round in shape. The hair on your chin should be thick enough to make your beard look more prominent. This beard style needs a little maintenance and grooming to,first you need some great skills to style this beard and secondly you need to make sure that all your facial hair are equal and combed. In order to make it more and more enhancing you can apply beard oil too.

5. The Stubble French Beard

Stubble can never go out of style and let’s face it,these actually do help in giving you a handsome guy look. Just look at the picture of the celebrity above, how intense and hot he looks with that beard style. If you want to get a very impressive professional and serious look then the stubble french beard is the best option for you and it will surely help you in passing any job interview of you have one.

Not only for interviewees in fact you can rock this look if you are a CEO or a manager of any company too because it is one classy beard style and it win the hearts of many. Stubbles always require good care and maintenance so if you are looking forward to this style then get ready to maintain it too. You need to make sure that your stubble is soft and that is only possible if you use beard oils and conditioners etc. Also, another way to keep your stubble soft is by increasing the length of your stubble.

Don’t worry because it won’t destroy your overall look but it is a matter of fact that you need to look for comfort too along with style so a little sacrifice of increasing the length of your stubble needs to be made.

6. Rounded Chin With A Patchy Disconnect

Want to have an open and friendly look? Try rounding your chin beard and style it with a mustache too. You can connect the mustache with your beard in to get this style. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to look all cool and young.

The best part about this french beard style is that it needs very little grooming and maintenance and you just have to style it properly for once and it won’t get messy for a week or so. You just have to make regular trims and make sure that no stray or long hair is out separate. The round beard on the chin can make your round face appear good and your chin will obviously become more prominent. So, yes can style your beard in this way to win hearts among your family and friends.

7. Square Beard

The square beard style can add strength to your overall face and you will look more masculine with it. Also, there are high chances that your round shape of face will look amazing with this beard style. In order to get this style you simply have to cut your beard in a square shape and connect it with your mustache.

Also, you don’t need to grow a lot of facial hair because this is more of a heavy stubble that it styled in a square shape. You can use trimmers to create different angular sections at four corners of the style, create straight edges in order to perfectly square down the style. This beard style needs to be groomed and maintained with trimmers and a little beard oil will also add a lot to your looks.

8. Short Stubble With Mustache

This style is also known as the W shaped beard which goes up down and then again up and down. This style looks amazing with fuller facial hair and can give you a very professional and toned look. With this style, you don’t have to worry about the round shape of your face because the beard steals all the attention and people will surely start crushing over you.

Different styles of beards and mustaches

Furthermore, this beard style is considered to be one of the best and the most common beard style used in the ancient times and for anyone who wants a deep and dark look can surely try the short beard with mustache. When it comes to the maintenance, well it is very easy to maintain this beard and you just have to comb it and trim it on regular intervals.

9. Stubble Neat Side Part

A stubble is one of the easiest beard styles and you can rock this look with a light mustache too. You see stubble don’t need trimming much and you just need to make sure that your stubble isn’t sharp. For that you should use beard oils, shampoos and conditioners.

However, you don’t need to struggle much with your stubble and it is considered as one of the best and the most popular french beard style of all time. You can shave off the sideburns or keep them as per your wish but if you want to look hot and classy all at the same time then we suggest you the light stubble beard style with a light mustache that is connected to your beard. We assure you that with this style you can impress everyone in your life and a few heart’s may be broken too.

10. Full and Tight

By full and tight we refer you to a beard style where the beard is cropped very close to the lips and the mustache is also connected with the beard very closely surrounding both your lips. The look of this beard will again give your round face a very classy and strong look.

So, if you wish to put on a more manly look then the tight and full beard style is for you. The best part about this beard is that you don’t have to go through a lot of struggle in order to maintain it in fact just a little trimming and oiling will do the trick for you.

11. Wide Beard With Soul Patch

You can easily get this look by growing a small soul patch along with a wide square beard that is connected to your mustache. This is the best example of a french beard and most of the french men use this beard style in order to look dashing and attractive.

With it you can easily pull of a handsome look and it doesn’t matter if you have a round or a square shaped face, this style will suit you no matter what. You can compliment this beard style by growing a bit long scalp hair too. As far as the maintenance is concerned, well this beard style is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to give a lot of time to his beard. In short, you only need to trim it if required.

12. The French Beard

If you are someone who doesn’t like the intensity which comes with some beard styles then this thin french beard is all you need. This is a very easy and very famous style that will give you an extremely amazing look in general and the best part about this beard is that many celebrities use this beard style specially when they have to attend an event or a red carpet.

This beard style is popular, easy to maintain and above everything you need to put a lot of effort. This style is pretty friendly and open so apart from all the other styles we suggest you to use this one because yes, it is the best and the most popular till date.

Above we have mentioned the 12 best french beard styles. We hope you liked them and if you did then we suggest you to try a few of these beard styles. Specially if you are someone who is blessed with a good beard growth then you should be thankful for it as there are many men in the world who are unable to grow good beards.

There are many men that don’t consider using beard products important and they feel like it is a waste of time. Well, this is totally a wrong concept and we all need to work on it. Our beards are also an important part of our personality so one should never compromise when it comes to taking care of this part.

What is a goatee with a mustache called

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