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That small patch of hair just under your chin can make you look good or bad, as seen by others, but this facial hair style known as the soul patch generates much interest and is easy to style and maintain. Mustache with soul patch name.

The soul patch dates back to the 1940’s and 1950’s and was under hibernation for a decade or so until it came back during the late 20 th century. This facial hair style was sported mainly by the African American musicians and hipsters, and that is why it is also known as the “jazz dab” beard style.

A soul patch is a small patch of hair just under the lower lip and above the chin bone. You can have this patch small or big, where the hairs are grown to the size of a thumb.

How to Grow and Shape a Soul Patch

The first step is to grow your facial hair to be stubble and bushy, after which, trim the entire face, leaving the area under the lower lip with a trimmer set to 3 to 5 mm. Use a precision trimmer to trim the tuft of hair under the lips to shape it up neatly. Take a mini shaver to shape up the edges of the soul patch so that it looks well trimmed. Shave your neckline and the cheeks clean to finish off.

How to grow a thicker soul patch

Grow the hair under the lip until it becomes dense and thick. This could take a couple of weeks or so in the initial stages of styling. Keep on shaving the neck and the cheeks and when you feel that the soul patch has grown enough to be thick, use a trimmer to trim the hair neatly. The size of the thickness depends upon your choice. You can leave it as thick as your thumb or a little more, but be careful to trim the edges so that it looks neat and clean. While styling, consider the texture and color of your facial hair and the tone of your skin so that you have a matching style.

Here are 15 stylish and trendy soul patch beard styles for you to decide which one to flaunt.

The Tame and Thick Soul Patch

Clean shaven face, thick and long mustache and the soul patch combine to style a unique and thick soul patch style. Comb and trim the hairs regularly to give that clean appearance.

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Conservative Soul Patch

The soul patch as well as the mustache are cut down so that the face looks to be clean and classic without any signs of a stubble. You can call this a soul patch mustache combo style.

The Thick Soul Patch

The chin looks classic when styled with a soul patch like this. This is a common soul patch style for round face. This style resembles the chin puff,where the hair under the lips is styled downwards to the line below the chin.

The Curl Up Soul Patch

The mustache is more highlighted in this soul patch style, where the beard can hardly be seen at the background. Curl up both the ends of your mustache with a curling wax and shave your beard to a very short length. Choose the right thickness of the soul patch to match your chin.

A Dash of Mustache to the Soul Patch

A classic type of facial beard style, the soul patch with a dash of mustache, gives an appearance of sophistication. Style the mustache is a dapper way and shape up the soul patch to create a perfect combo.

The Kevin Costner Soul Patch Style

This is the soul patch style worn by Kevin Costner, where the patch is small and seemingly just touching the lip. The beard is close shaven and a smart haircut compliments the combination.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Soul Patch

Stevie Ray Vaughan, the famous guitarist sported this soul patch style. He was frequently seen in this beard style on the stage. The patch is just a narrow strip and the long curly hair matches the combo very well.

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T he Pomp with Beard Soul Patch

The hair on the top is styled like a pompadour and the soul patch is triangular shaped, fuller and thicker. The full beard looks awesome with the soul patch.

Soul Patch with Stylish Sideburns

This can be one of the best soul patch styles, where the beard, soul patch and the sideburns matches the clean cut mustache. The beard and mustache are trimmed low and the major part of the beard is shaved.

Bold and Unique

You look like a super hero when sporting this soul patch style. Notice the uniqueness in styling the mustache, which is designed like an anchor. The rest of the face is shaved clean.

Classic and Non Traditional Soul Patch

This is an unconventional way of rocking the soul patch style. The patch is below the chin instead of the lip and the face is shaved clean.

A Thin Strip

There are many ways to rock the soul patch with various shapes and sizes of the patch being styled. This one is the thin strap where the soul patch is trimmed thin, which is the only hair left on the face.

The Thick and Thin Soul Patch

The soul patch is of chin-length that becomes wider as it reaches the chin. The beard is trimmed short, making the soul patch look edgy and modest. Daily grooming is required.

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The Modest Soul Patch with Beard

The soul patch is modestly styled and the beard is full. The patch is just below the lip and small in size. The hair is of medium length and styled in a messy way.

Clean Shaven Style

The face is cleanly shaven with the petite soul patch being visible, with no sideburns, mustache or beard. This gives a clean and cool appearance. There are many ways to style a soul patch but you will need the skills of a professional barber to perfect them.
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