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Asian men are known for having the most uneasy relationship with beards. Which is why, it is so hard to spot an Asian man with full grown beard. Perhaps, there are plenty of men out there sporting from goatees to full beards. The reason why, Asian men are questioned on their ability to grow a beard is survival. Beard is usually a face warmer, men living the colder region have adapted and evolved in a way that promotes hair growth. However, in Asia, climate is favorable. So, yes despite all the reasons, Asian men can grow facial hair, it can be full grown or sparse. If you’re thinking of growing beard or looking for a new beard style inspirations, here are attractive beard styles for Asian men. Asian moustache style.

Even though the Asian men can’t grow full grown beard, here are some tips which can be followed for fast growing full beard styles.

Biotin advances hair development. You should take this supplement as enhancement in your daily routine for fast facial hair growth.

Your facial hair doesn’t develop appropriately when there is a lot of ingrown hair all over. Ingrown hair should be discarded from time to time.

Try not to trim your facial hair regularly. For faster facial hair growth, avoid too much trimming.

An important tip for Asian men to grow beard faster is to incorporate protein in their diet. The protein present in meat, fish, eggs, and dairy is sufficient to help faster hair growth, also you don’t have to take separate protein supplements.

Barbershop mustache styles

Eucalyptus advances beard growth. It can support your skin and the follicles of your facial hair. Also, with hair growth, it also tends to make the beard softer.

Light stubble is one of the most popular attractive beard styles for Asian men. A stubble facial hair is cut and not wild. It gives an unpretentious and manly look to the face. A light stubble facial hair needs to trim similarly on the two sides of the cheeks.

Tip – Undercut hair style looks impeccable with a light stubble facial hair.

Another attractive beard styles for Asian men is a goatee. You can keep a goatee with or without a mustache, whatever suits your face. Goatee will add length to the face and give a dream of delicate facial structure. This facial hair style has been inclining since over 10 years now and it’s leaving design any soon.

The most widely recognized attractive beard styles for Asian men are circle whiskers. Round goatee with a mustache is the thing that circle facial hair is called. A salon master can get this facial hair style for you.

Chevron mustache how to grow

Tip – When you’re exhausted of long stubble, rather than cutting at the same time, trim the facial hair to a circle facial hair.

Characterized button and upper lips are what a musketeer is. It is anything but difficult to keep up and gives a characterized facial structure.

Tip – A light, sharp attractive beard styles for Asian men with mustache are what that suit the Asian men.

This is presumably the most attractive beard styles for Asian men. A wide range of varieties can be attempted with this beard style by fluctuating the width of the facial hair, making it apt for Asian men.

Chin strap can be attractive beard styles for Asian men to give a chaotic look. The chin strap beard can change the impression of the extent of the face. If your hair growth in not so even chin strap is perfect for you.

Make your mustache grow

Sideburns add some genuine punch to a sharp facial structure. Face shapes like oval, triangle, square shape and oval should go for this beard style for more accentuation on their facial structure.

For Asian men who need to exhibit a professional look at corporate, mutton chops are the attractive beard styles for Asian men.

Here are few attractive beard styles for Asian men that are hassle free and easy to maintain. For Asian men having less facial hair on the sides, allow your hair to grow on your chin for some extra sexy beard points.
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