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Every Man tries to maintain a perfect beard for a stylish as well as masculine look. Beard thus plays an important role in your male personality. You must make sure that your beard is groomed in the best possible style and the trimming is top notch without any apparent mistakes. To ensure that your style of beard is perfect and popular, you can research for beard styles over the Internet and also you can observe different beard styles of various men in your day to day life. Goatee beard styles. Mustache or goatee.

One such all-time favorite beard style is a Goatee Beard. Originating from the shape of the facial chin hair of a goat, this style has evolved massively from a basic style Goatee to the modern styles like Anchor, Van Dyke, etc. If you too are a goatee beard fan, you can search for Goatee images over the Internet and select the style which you like the most.

Latest and Stylish Goatee Beard Styles for Men in Trend:

Following are Top 15 Goatee Style beards for you to assess which style is the best.

1. Authentic Goatee:

The Authentic style of a Men’s Goatee beard clearly resembles a goat’s facial hair style. Thus if you want the original goatee style, you must not have any mustache at all. You must remove all the hair on your neck and face apart from the area below your lips. Now you have to shape the hair below your lower lip in a semicircular form. As the authentic goatee does not have any sort of soul patch or landing strip, you must make sure you trim it properly.

2. Extended Style Goatee:

As its name suggests, an Extended Goatee Beard has all the characteristics of a normal goatee, only difference is that it is extended in all directions, i.e. horizontally along your jawline as well as vertically below your chin. This beard style has been used by several film stars. You can accompany it with a mustache.

3. Pretty Boy Goatee:

This is currently one of the most popular goatee beard styles and most guys think of this style whenever they think about goatees. Although mostly this style involves the mustache connecting the beard in a circle, the shape tends to be somewhat like a round cornered square. The appearance is somewhat like the original goatee, except that pretty boy style can be accompanied with a mustache and the trimming is also perfect here.

Mustache styles

4. Van Dyke Style Goatee:

The Van Dyke style of goatee is an emerging variation among the youth, especially in western countries. It is the perfect goatee if you are looking for something modern. The Van Dyke beard combines a mustache with a V-shaped soul patch connected in a straight line with the goatee spreading in both sides of your face. But make sure that you don’t connect the mustache with your Van Dyke beard.

Long moustache styles

5. Anchor Goatee:

This goatee is almost identical to the Van Dyke style goatee. The Anchor goatee is named so, as it resembles the anchor of a ship in the olden times which was useful in natural calamities in the sea. It is a painstaking task to perfect. You have to combine a light pencil mustache with a v-shape soul patch that is to be extended linearly to your goatee and must look like an anchor when combined with your goatee.

6. Landing Strip Goatee:

This style of beard goatee can also be called as a “Goat Patch”. It is not very popular among the mid aged men but youth is seen following this style to a considerable extent. In this style of goatee, you must remove your mustache completely and you beard must be of about 2-3 inch width and must extend starting from right below your lower lip up to the end of your chin.

7. Chin Puff Goatee With Handlebar:

In this goatee style, you have to first trim you mustache in the shape of a handlebar of a scooter or motorcycle. Then your goatee must be exactly like the landing strip goatee except that it must be thin at the start, bulging in the center and then thin at the bottom again. This beard style is also known as the “Napoleon III Imperials” style or simply a “mustache and chin strap” style. This style is suitable for you if you have a square shaped or diamond shaped face.

8. Norse Skipper Style Goatee:

The Norse skipper is one of the few long goatee styles alive nowadays. This style is basically an extension of the chin puff goatee. You have to maintain the shape of your goatee just like a chin puff, but the size must be bigger and the puff must start beneath your chin instead of bottom of your lower lip. You must accompany the goatee with a mustache.

9. Chin Goatee with Soul Patch and Detached Mustache:

Almost like a pretty boy style goatee, this goatee style is different just because of the shape of the goatee which is ‘V’ shape instead of a circular one. And also, it is mandatory that you keep your mustache detached from the goatee.

10. Rugged Around the Mouth Goatee with Mustache:

This Goatee style is exactly like a pretty boy goatee except that it is not trimmed and therefore looks a little chaotic around your mouth. But this look is much wanted to youngsters in the Asian as well as western countries. You can see this style adapted by several film stars as well.

Handlebar mustache trend

11. Light Pencil Goatee with a Light Trimmed Mustache:

It often happens that you want to grow a beard but you don’t want it to look overwhelming or more dominant in its looks. You want it to be light and subtle yet effective. So for this purpose, you can trim your mustache and goatee in a light pencil like consistency. The shape must be like a pretty boy goatee but the hair must be very small and fine.

12. Petite Goatee:

If you want a goatee but don’t want it to cover your entire chin area and neither do you want it to cover the area below your lips, then you can go for a petite goatee. You have to maintain a goatee of very small thickness and in a horizontal shape covering the lower part of your chin very minimally. Generally this style doesn’t go with any mustache.

13. Thick Goatee with Mutton Chops:

This is an offbeat style of goatee beard where you mix two styles of beard for a fusion beard which looks awesome. A goatee style, as you know, covers up your chin, while the mutton chops are circular patches of beard around both your cheeks. You can see the above image for a better idea.

14. Strong Trimmed Goatee with Mexican Detached Mustache:

Strong looking goatee is liked by every male. It gives you a more masculine look and also enhances your male personality. To obtain a strong trimmed goatee you have to let your beard grow around your chin for some time and then trim only the edges while keeping other hair rugged. Most people accompany it with a Mexican mustache for the best look. Mexican mustache is relatively fatter in shape than other mustaches.

15. Balbo Goatee:

A Balbo style goatee is more of like the Anchor style goatee, except that the sides have to be kept a bit thick and they extend longer in length than an anchor goatee. It goes well with a small mustache. It will suit you if you have a square shaped face.

Thus, you have seen that goatee is the most versatile style of beard a man can maintain. It requires substantial level of grooming to keep it on perfect shape and look. You can maintain various styles of goatees depending upon your preference and purpose. For instance if you want a decent and subtle look, you can go for a light pencil goatee with a light trimmed mustache, while if you want a strong masculine look, you can go for a strong trimmed goatee with a Mexican mustache.

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