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Considered a good solid style that allows some freedom but little flamboyance, the full beard circle style is exactly as the name suggests, designed primarily to border around the mouth area when the mustache and beard are connected. Also known as the 'door knocker', a moustache worn with a goatee that is not connected. While it can add length to a round face, it can also add weight if not properly cared for. Avoid heavier growth with regular trimmings. Brad pitt moustache styles.

Combining a simple mustache and goatee with a little round shaping to create the effect, the circle beard can be styled thin or thick, just provided the same basic shape is retained.

With celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Kanye West sporting the style, the Circle Beard gives the cool style to any mans face.

The goatee of a Circle Beard is a little fuller and should have just a hint of a round shape. This means this beard style doesn’t work so well for those with round faces – avoid it or risk looking like a seal balancing a ball on its chin.

How to grow a Circle Beard

Growing a circle bread is similar to the goatee and mustache that has been trimmed down and rounded. The circle beard length should be kept quite short at around 5mm, so grow out your beard and start shaving the sideburns and cheek area to get that circular vibe going.

Western moustache styles

Styling & Maintenance of a Circle Beard

For the beard and mousetache use a beard trimmer to trim to your chosen

Shave your cheeks, chin and circle beard neckline area using a razor or shaver.

Keep your beards round shape and keep the hair short for the perfect

circle beard neckline -You do not want a raft of hair growing down your neck with the circle style so trim the neckline where the chin finishes and the neck begins.

South indian mustache styles

Shape all corners to get a smooth rounded circle shape that attaches the mustache to the goatee.

Shave and trim your circle beard regularly to keep it looking sharp. Use a trimmer to keep the length at around 5-6mm long.

Keep the mustache hairs trimmed to above your lip.

Make sure when shaping to get both sides of the beard looking the same. Keep looking in the mirror to make sure no side changes shape from its opposite number. The circle style requires regular maintenance.

How to thin a moustache

circle beard vs goatee

The Circle style is one of many different beard styles to choose from.

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