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At The Barbers we want to be able to fulfill all of the grooming needs of our customers. So a few years back we went looking for a company that we felt could help our customers who are looking for products to help keep their beards, mustaches, any type of facial hair looking and feeling great! After all we are in the Pacific Northwest, land of the beards! The Barbers has hundreds of customers every month coming in who have fantastic beards, mustaches, and facial hair styles of all kinds. With this in mind we were determined to find the perfect products for them. All kinds of mustaches.

Enter Billy Jealousy! Billy Jealousy is an award winning men’s grooming company based in Texas that has a long history of creating quality grooming products with proven results. Prestigious magazines like Men’s Health, Esquire, GQ, and Men’s Fitness have touted the Billy Jealousy line of Beard and Mustache products as the “go to” choice for men who want their facial hair to be at its absolute best.

Billy Jealousy uses only the finest raw materials to create their award winning formulas. Their goal is to create products that are the finest men’s grooming products you can find anywhere in the U.S and that is why The Barbers has made them one of our product line partners.

Short beard without mustache

Come in and check out the Billy Jealousy line of Gnarly Sheen Beard Oils, Beard Shampoos and Conditioners as well as their popular Beard Kits, which come with all the above and your very own beard brush! Great products at fantastic prices. Come in and see why hundreds of our customers have made Billy Jealousy products their one and only choice for taking care of their facial hair styles!

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