Good beard ideas. 7 Awesome Short Beard Styles With A Long Mustache

Short beard accompanying a long mustache can bring out an utterly different personality of a man. Some guys are afraid to grow the long mustache with light stubble or any short beard and some guys take the risk to try an innovative combination. If the style fits on the personality, it brings an elegant manly vibe with distinct confidence and more self-esteem. Proper mustache.

What’s A Short Beard?

A beard that covers cheeks and chin area and has a length, not above two inches and grows not below the chin is referred to as short beard.

How to Get A Classy Short Beard and Long Mustache

Follow the below tips to get the perfect short beard with a long mustache:

1. Decide A Short Beard Style

The short beard can come in any shape and style.i.e. goatee, medium Stubble, soul patch, and chin strap e.t.c. decide the beard style according to your face shape and preference.

2. Grow and Wait

Let the beard grow for at least 2 weeks to achieve a most suitable length of short beard that is, no longer than the full beard and not shorter than stubble. This growth period may vary from men to men according to their facial hair growth speed and lifestyle.

3. Grow Mustache

While growing a short beard, pay extra attention to your mustache as it is a core part of your whole look. Let your mustache grow, Take proper care of it. Apply mustache wax or gel to shape it, once you achieve long mustache.

4. Shape Mustache

You can shape mustache into any style you like. There is no restriction in shaping the mustache. If you want an edgy look, apply beard balm on both ends of mustache and twist it into the upward pointed directions. This pointed look fits on thick short beard, goatee and soul patches e.t.c. You can shape the long mustache into horseshoe shape as well.

How to grow a full mustache

How to Trim Short Beard and Long Mustache

Wash and Dry: Start trimming when you achieve long mustache and at least 2 cm short beard length. Before trimming, wash and thoroughly dry your beard. Never trim your wet beard.

Trim Neckline: While trimming the short beard, avoid trimming above the neckline area. Trim the neckline hair above the few distances away from Adam’s apple. If you want to have only a soul patch, clean-shave the cheeks and neckline area, and leave few facial hairs below the lower lips in the triangular shape.

While trimming the neckline, maintain the symmetry. We proposed you to visit the professional barber for this purpose.

Trim Cheek lines: Trim the cheeks and cheek lines with the help of a clipper. Set the clipper size according to beard styles. Your barber will do a perfect job for you.

Trim Mustache: Trim your long mustache with the help of small mustache scissor while combing the mustache hair downward. Only trim the mustache hair that’s covering your upper lips. Lift the mustache’s ends and trim it in such a way that it turns into handlebar shape.

Watch The Following Video on How to Trim Short Beard at Home while Keeping the Mustache Long

Which moustache suits me

Cool Short Beard Styles With A Long Mustache

If you are searching for the best combination of the long mustache with a short beard, you are in right place. Here, you will delve into an amazing compilation of long mustache and short beard styles.

This combo has its own swag. Long handlebar mustache along with trimmed goatee looks so impeccable that you will forget about growing long, bushy beards. You need mustache balm or gel to turn the mustache into a pointed curve.

2. 3 Day Stubble With Pointed Mustache

Break the stereotype of growing long mustache with a long beard and go with this superbly delightful and unique combo that will be formed by combining 3-day stubble, soul patch and long handlebar mustache. Incorporation of blonde dye will add more charisma to the whole style.

3. Full Beard and Long Mustache

Give more impact and masculinity to your short beard by growing a prominent thick, long mustache. Maintain the cheek lines and neckline area neat for a polished and presentable look.

4. Patchy Short Beard & Long Mustache

Do you have a patchy beard? No worries! Focus on the grooming of your mustache, give it proper shape and when you will observe the power of your mustache, you will be amazed to know that how astonishingly it will be complimenting your patchy beard.

5. Ducktail Beard and Long Mustache

After seeing this short beard long mustache combo, it will become difficult for the ladies to hold their heart! It is beyond aptness. Apart from the fact that it is an Irish beard, the way it is groomed, trimmed and maintained; no one can deny its original beauty.

Thin mexican mustache

6. Horseshoe Mustache and Short Beard

It’s one of the coolest mustache and beard combinations. It is for sure, not for office guys but for those who are adventurous and in need of continuous research to try something bold. Horseshoe mustache is pairing with light stubble in a marvelous way.

7. Soul Patch and Long Mustache

Want to try something out the box? This innovative and unusual combination is particularly for you. It resembles horseshoe mustache, but have pointed and curvy ends. No need to grow stubble or full beard as soul patch is enough to play the entire game.

So, you see growing a facial hair can be so much fun when you implement creative ideas just like the abovementioned short beard and long mustache styles. These styles have broken the stereotype, i.e. short mustache can only be grown with short beard and thick, long mustache suits long beard only. But, now we hope you got the concept and will try at least one the above-given styles to rock your looks.
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