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How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache – Although the beard made a man more attractive – a survey of 8,000 women proved that – the mustache alone often chases away the opposite women. How to grow a curly mustache.

Does that mean you should avoid it at all costs? No sir. Although many styles of mustaches give you a caricature – like Tom Selleck or Clark Gable, which were cool in the past and today are outdated – there is a specific look that is on the rise.

This is the modern Handlebar, which has this name because it resembles the handlebars of a bicycle:

Characterized by the long, curved ends, the Handlebar is one of the earliest mustaches in history, but it has had a revival in recent times, preferably worn in conjunction with the beard.

Here is the step-by-step to adopt this style:

1 # LET THE MUST GROW: The first step (and also the most obvious) is to let the mustache grow. No need to trim over your lips. Our goal is to create volume until it reaches a size sufficient to comb it laterally. When you get there, you can let it grow even more or do regular maintenance.

Shaping your mustache

2 # JUST APARE THE BEARD: The classic version of the Handlebar brings the mustache alone. The modern one, no. Just trim the beard, do not scrape it completely. Your beard may be low or high. There you go.

3 # COMBINE THE MUSTACHE: Using a wooden comb because it helps to eliminate the creepy, daily comb your mustache to the sides. This will help you grow in the desired direction.

4 # WAX WAX: The use of mustache wax is essential to shape the Handlebar. Do not skip this step.

5 # WRAP AND MOLD: Now that you’ve passed the wax and the mustache is malleable, you should wrap it and mold it to the sides. But you do not have to exaggerate it and leave it all rolled up because that brings up that caricose look about which we have already spoken.

6 # USE WITH PRIDE: Okay, now just use your Handlebar with pride, taking inspiration from the photos in this post to adopt a more arty or rustic style. You can be sure he’s going to make a success out there.

How to keep moustache

The mustache of the handlebar was in vogue throughout the late 1800s and into the early 20th century. Characterized by the ends of the mustache that shrinks up, the mustache of the handlebar is a fantastic way to be a bit cool.

Stop shaving your upper lip for at least six weeks. This is the hardest part since the skin will itch, slightly irritated and you will suddenly have to drink fluids from a glass in a different way. Continue to shave the rest of your face as desired.

Buy Pinaud Clubman Mustache Wax. The 2003 winner of the World Handlebar Mustache Contest, Gary Hagen, absolutely swears by that.

Fight your mustache once a day. Create a “piece” on the mustache by combing the hair of the mustache out from the nose to the left and to the right, respectively.

The Clubman mustache wax comes in several different shades of color as well as with a mustache comb for its ever-growing handlebar mustache convenience.

Mustache names and pictures

Cut the center of the mustache with scissors while allowing the ends of the mustache to continue to grow for a long time. The desired effect is that the ends of the mustache become long as hair, while the rest of the mustache maintains a trimmed appearance trimmed.

Apply the mustache wax to each side of the mustache and roll it between your fingers back and forth so that you create long, slippery hair.

Wrap the hairs of your mustache at the end, using a pen, toothpaste cap or another small round object. Turn the hair as hard as possible repetitively. Once you remove the pen or the lid of the toothpaste, the ends of the mustache corner on the perfect handlebars.

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