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Mustaches have existed for quite a long period of time and in fact this classic and versatile facial hair-style is becoming more popular with kinds of men out there. Mustaches are even a good way to experiment different shaving-styles depending on what you actually want to achieve. On the other hand, mustaches are great way of enhancing your looks and even each face shape has mustache style that looks best on it hence its always important to first research and discover the style that will look best on you face shape. In conclusion, this articles features some of the tips that any man can use to quickly grow a healthy and clean mustache and it would be nice if you take some time to read through these amazing tips. Mustache growing techniques.

Grow-out the beard first: growing-out your beard is not actually a simple task and in fact the hair on top the lips tends to look a little thin at first but it grows with time. however, its recommended to grow-out all your facial-hair at first and later trim the rest of the beard off when your mustache is ready or you can even progressively trim facial-hairs while leaving-out the mustache section in order to make the transition less abrupt. All in all, you should trim and maintain the beards while nurturing your soon-to-be mustache so that you don’t look awkward when in public.

Try to invest in a high-quality beard trimmer: when it comes to grooming and styling facial-hairs, it’s always best to invest in good-quality beard trimmer in order to make the grooming job much easier. In fact, it’s very easy to shape or style your mustache accurately while using an electric-trimmer than with any regular razor because it tends to take-off all the hair completely. Likewise, you can actually acquire decent rechargeable beard-trimmer at a fair price at any local store or online and these trimmer even come with a variety of beard-guards with different sizes hence making it very easy to keep the mustache in shape.

Begin to trim what is unnecessary: you will have to trim what you don’t need to be part of your mustache. In fact, most mustaches just extend downwards to the sides of the mouth while leaving the hair at the top of the lip untouched. This implies that all it to shape or style a basic mustache is to shave off any facial-hair you don’t need and this includes shaving everything on your cheeks, along the jaw and around the mouth except the top lip. Additionally, to keep the mustache standing-out from the rest of facial-hair, regularly shave other areas of facial-hair growth but leave your mustache alone.

Give your facial-hair enough time to grow: although your facial-hair may tend to grow quickly, it may actually take you several weeks or a month to grow fully but this depends on the type of mustache you to tryout or the speed at which your beard grows out. This can actually take a while but patient and try not to rush. However, try not to listen to popular belief that trimming a beard on a regular basis makes them grow thicker and this is a total lie. on the other hand, you can also tryout some basis good-health techniques in order to boost facial-hair growth and these include; maintaining a high-protein diet, eating foods with saturated fat, vitamin A, E and C, exercising the body regularly and you can even use food supplements that facial-hair growth.

Begin by selecting a style that suits your face shape: you should be aware that not all mustache-styles should be used on all types of faces and hair-textures. This means that you should actually pay attention to the way your facial-hair grows and notice where it is mostly thick. For instance, there is no need of trying out a fu-Manchu mustache-style incase the hair does not remain thick all the way down to the sides on your mouth. So, in case you want see how a mustache might look on your face, try to edit a your picture in Photoshop by adding some fake mustache styles in order to spot out a style the looks best on you. Likewise, you can ask friends or family on how you would look if tried out a mustache. But in case you can’t do any of these 2-things, then take a look in your mirror and just imagine yourself with any mustache of your choice.

Try-out a shorter style of the mustache selected: it has been proven that shorter mustache-styles look great on men with very thick, coarse and dark hair. In fact, these mustaches will show-up better since the style and hair will be short. Below are some of the mustache styles that you tryout and you won’t actually fail to pick at least one style that looks good on you.

Movember style guide 2015

The pencil style: this mustache-style looks like it were drawn thinly at the top of the lip with a make-up pencil. if you wish to trim this style, simply follow the upper-lip line with your trimmer while carefully removing the hair that lies between the nose and lip until a thin line is created and this mustache should end at the corner of the upper-lip or a bit beyond. This style is famously sprouted by some common celebrities like R.Kelly, John Waters and many others.

The fu-Manchu style: this is a classic style that features a slim pencil-like mustache that begins at the upper-lip and continues down to the sides of the face until it reaches the bottom of your jaw or beyond. This mustache-style is grown slightly bushier and wider but it has the same basic mustache shape. It’s also referred to as the handle-bar or horseshoe mustache.

The boxcar style: this is fairly simple mustache-style that ends just slightly before you reach the corner of your lips. To trim this style, don’t touch the upper-lip mustache but instead trim a straight line perpendicular to the corner of your lip so that hair can end just before it. In fact, this should like a perfect rectangle but try not to go to short for best results.

Try-out a longer mustache-style: in case you want to try out a long, bushier mustache, then it usually works best with straight hair that is a bit coarse. Thin hair is capable of growing long but it won’t bush-up and it may just end-up hanging over the lips which is quite annoying. But if the right kind of hair for a long-mustache, then consider the following types of longer mustaches:

The Imperial or English style: with this type of mustache, you need to stop trimming your mustache just above the corner of your lips and then let it grow-out up to a certain point. After, get a mustache-wax and twirl the longer hairs at the lip-corner up into a curl. In fact, this style will make you look like you had just stepped-out of ancient Victorian-novel.

The Walrus style: this mustache-style is for meant outdoor-men, hunters and guys who know how to throw tomahawks. If you really want to grow the walrus mustache-style then do nothing but just shave the cheeks while leaving the mustache alone. In fact, you should not trim your mustache until it drives you and people around you nuts. However, this mustache-style is not meant for beginners because it actually takes a lot of time to achieve and makes someone to look awkward.

Painter's brush moustache

The selleck style: this mustache-style was named after a famous TV personality called “Tom Selleck” and it’s also referred to as the “Pornstar“. This style is essentially shaped like a walrus-mustache while pointing down at the lip corners although the Selleck full from the lip to nose but a bit trimmed to avoid hanging over the lips.

Try experimenting with the combo-styles: although it seems cool to place a name on a mustache style, the fact is that growing a mustache is all about being creative in the mirror while using your beard-trimmer. In fact, you can try-out the following mustache style combinations the next time you shave to see which style works best for you.

Goatee style: this is basically a fu-Manchu or handlebar mustache that connects on to the chin. With this style, you just have to shave your cheeks and under the neck and leave the mustache area alone.

Mutton chops style: these mutton chops can be connected directly on to the mustache giving you a vaudevillian or civil-war vibe. This style actually looks awesome on men and will give you a trendy look.

Straight-mustache style: you can also tryout the straight mustache with a deep-set 5 o’clock shadow and soul-patch because this will make you look great.

The mustache ends well-trimmed: your mustache actually requires grooming much often especially along the ends in order to maintain nice looks. In fact, certain mustache styles require more work than others and a combination of washing, waxing, combing, trimming and shaving will be part of this daily grooming process if you wish to maintain a fully grown mustache so that it can live to its expectations.

How to take care of mustache

Use the right grooming products to keep the face clean: it is recommended to wash your face with only natural forming cleansers every morning and before going to bed. This will help to keep your face clean and ready for waxing and brushing. it is also good to keep the face clean and well-groomed in order to keep skin healthy and to keep it free from body-oils and trapped-dirt which usually leads to breakouts.

Gently shape your mustache: shaping your mustache is a bit hard and that’s why some mustache-styles may involve a little training and a lot of waxing while others can simply be kept in shape by using a comb, trim, twist or a shave daily to keep that particular style looking great.

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