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Facial hair is in vogue right now. Not only does a beard or mustache look slick as hell, but the face fuzz can also work wonders for softening dominant jawlines and show off another side to your personality. Each November, Movember encourages men around the world to get their Tom Selleck on and grow a mustache. Raising funds for prostate and testicular cancer research, mental health, and suicide prevention, the campaign is important for increasing awareness about men’s health issues. Moustache tips.

Real Men Have Beards: Celebrate Your Facial Hair With These Pro Tips

If this is your first time sporting a mustache, then we’re here to help you through the month-long event with grooming and self-care tips from professionals who know their mo from their hell-no.

You never know, you may feel inclined to continue the ‘stache past November.

Choose A Style

Perhaps your biggest dilemma throughout Movember will be deciding on a style. “Bear in mind your desired shape and look as then you’ll have a benchmark to work towards or use as a grooming guide,” Simon Shaw, global artistic director at Wahl, tells Mandatory.

How to grow a horseshoe mustache

So, get some inspiration from the latest celebrity ‘staches (hi, Chris Hemsworth ) and see what you want to aim for.

Brave It Out

The first few days will be weird, especially if you’re growing a ‘stache for the first time. Resist the urge to itch and try not to be too self-conscious as it starts to take shape. It’ll all work out in the end. Just remember that you’re doing it for a good cause.

Treat It To Some TLC

This should go without saying, but keep your mustache nice and clean, as studies have found out just how dirty facial hair can be when neglected. A bit of TLC can go a long way. “Your facial hair requires different care from the hair on your head, so opt for a specialist conditioning cleanser,” says Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog Skincare. “Remember to cleanse, comb, and trim it regularly.”

Best mustache styles in india

Shaw seconds this and insists you groom facial hair three to four times a week for it to stay in perfect condition. Beard oils, shampoos, and conditioners used alongside trimmers and mustache wax will ensure you’re sporting something that is guaranteed to make any guy envious.

Just Say No: Facial Hair Styles That Turn Women Off

Keep It Natural

Aim for products featuring natural ingredients, such as Bulldog (which is also vegan-friendly), as these will feel and smell extra fresh. If you have dry or sensitive skin, look for ingredients such as aloe vera, camelina oil, green tea, and argan oil.

Express Yourself

Last but most certainly not least, ensure your mustache works for you and shows the world who you are. Shaw says, “A mustache or beard can be a way for men to express themselves as individuals.” So, “grow forth” and express yourself!

Movember images of moustaches

Will you participate in Movember? If so, what are your tips and tricks for growing out an impressive ‘stache? Let us know in the comments!
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