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If you notice your group of guy friends looking a little more rugged than usual, it’s because we’re halfway through Movember, a movement that’s swept up the entire world. For those that don’t know, guys who are participating in Movember start the month off with a clean, baby-fresh face and vow to keep their follicles growing through the month, raising awareness for mens’ health issues and raising money for charity.

It’s a noble cause that’s gained traction since it started a few years ago and every time we’re out getting our coffee and see a ‘stache, we can’t help but smile. Leave the beards and mustaches to the guys, though, because while it’s great to support a cause like Movember, we wouldn’t recommend skipping that waxing appointment. You can show your support, however, by keeping those snide comments about patchy facial hair to yourself and by proudly brandishing a ‘stache for yourself, only let’s keep it to these cheeky accessories.

For those of you who wear your heart on your sleeve and can’t resist a cheeky novelty sweater (and there are plenty of you out there) the perfect way to show your support to your male counterparts is to throw one on and look completely cool while doing it. Cara, Chanel and their model besties love a slouchy sweatshirt (especially with cutoffs and boots or leather leggings and booties ), so go all out and snag the Goodie Two Shoes Mustache You a Question Sweat Top ($56.95). Wear it with pride the rest of the month and feel free to toss it on long after your friends have shaved off their mustaches in December.

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For a more subtle nod to the month of Movember, opt for a sweet little touch of manliness in lieu of a full on sweatshirt. The Forever21 Mustache Midi Ring ($2.80) is a great way to sport a ‘stache without it screaming out loud. And if you love this little guy, it’s got plenty of friends at Forever21, including a matching necklace and a set of rings that’ll sit pretty with all your stackers, midi rings and more.

For something a little more temporary, grab a box of Mustache Bandages ($7). Following in the footsteps of glam bandages from Cynthia Rowley and the now-ubiquitous bacon bandage, these mustache promise to “disguise your pain” with a variety of mustache styles. Go for the iconic handlebar, a full, bushy Tom Selleck or a slick Foo Man Chu style and you’ll forget all about the cuts or scrapes hiding underneath.

Mustaches don’t keep guys warm, but the Tasha Mustache Infinity Scarf ($21) definitely will. The teal scarf is perfect to offset your deeper, richer fall jewel tones and it’s printed with an allover mustache pattern that’s a subtle and fun way to incorporate the month’s motif into your everyday wardrobe. It’s also available in a basic black (with white mustaches) as well as fuschia and coral for girls who want to amp up their fall style.

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We couldn’t leave out the guys. After all, the month of the mo’ us all about them, right? For some men, no matter how hard they try, it’s just impossible to grow a mustache for Movember, so if you’re feeling gifty or just want to show your appreciation for the mustache challenged, offer your best guy friend the Cufflinks, Inc. Cool Cut Mustache Cuff Links ($50). We haven’t seen a ton of guys wearing mustache-festooned tees, scarves or other accessories, but we’d wager a bet that this small nod to month of Movember would be hit with guys everywhere.

If you want to snag something for your friends who are enduring the Movember movement, but you don’t want to get them cufflinks (not every guy’s got cuffs to link, after all) grab the Tie Bar Ze Mustache Socks ($8). Zany socks are the accessory du jour for guys in the know, so let your guys wave their mustache flags with pride. Sure, the Tie Bar is known for their ties and tie bars (naturally), but with each passing season they’re expanding into more and more men’s essentials and these socks are just one way the brand’s set to take over the guys’ accessories game.

Oh, and that tie bar up at the top? You can snag that for any gentlemen you might know from the Tsai Clip, one of Kickstarter’s success stories.

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