Proper mustache trimming. Talking Beards with The Beardcaster: Ep.41-Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar

Ep.41-Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar Growing a handlebar moustache.

Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar is one busy guy. We spent a few hours talking about lots of beard related things and where he got his start in the "bearding" scene. We went back to his roots and learned about his fathers growth and his own experimentation with styles as her grew up till he settled with what he has. Getting involved with charity work through his Title Beard events and website to how he ended up becoming an integral part of the Can You Handlebar monster.

One of the main reasons I was talking to Furby was to have him unveil something that has been in the works with The Beardcaster. Last episode, Dr. Adam Causgrove shared that the American Mustache Institute would be sending me to the 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship in Austin, Texas to cover the event this year. My plan is to get as many interviews with as many diverse people who are making a difference in the "bearding" community and who are helping to promote facial hair growth. Can You Handlebar also wanted to ask The Beardcaster to help them out and promote, and share, their wonderful products and facial hair care philosophies

Are mustaches back in style

Be sure to hunt me down while The Worlds are going on, I will have tons of great Can You Handlebar products to give away! In addition to all types of products I will have custom coupon cards with a code on them to help you save some money on your on-line orders at. Brian also sweetened the deal by giving me a couple of Beard Care Kits, one to give away to my personal favorite in Austin and another for me to give away to one of my great listeners! Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast to hear what the promo code is and to find out how you can win the kit from Can You Handlebar!!!

The American Mustache Institute

Types of mustaches

2017 Remington Beard Boss World Beard & Moustache Championships
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