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Make a statement about what you believe in. Make a statement about yourself. Mustache grooming tips.

Your beard tells the world who you are and what you’re all about. Your heart might want to run wild in the streets, but you still have to deliver in the boardroom. After all, you can’t change the world unless the world takes you seriously.

A man like you uses only the right tools for the job. Here are six tips and tools you can use to take your beard from “unkempt but passionate” to “debonair and driven.”

Keep Your Beard Trim

There’s a place for big, wild, devil-may-care beards. That place is not in the world of business. In order to present the image of dependable confidence, your beard will have to look the part.

This means you’ll need to break out the beard trimmer. Ideally, your trimmer has a lot of length options, which increases accuracy. Check out our trimmer guide to choose the best one.

When trimming, always go slow. You can always trim more later. But if you accidentally trim more than you want, you’ll be in trouble.

As a general rule, keep a mostly-full-beard style, and for best results, learn to fade or taper from bottom to top. The exact length will vary based on your look and style. Dark, denser hair usually looks best shorter while lighter-colored, finer hair can be a bit longer.

You’ll want a nice, smooth line around your mouth. If the area around your mouth isn’t well groomed, well, people will notice when you’re talking. A mini foil shaver helps clean up these smaller, more detail-oriented areas.

Also, don’t forget a good mustache wax to keep the mustache in check. Even with a shorter mustache, if it’s at that awkward stage of growth, or if it’s a bit whispy, a bit of wax can keep it looking trim and in place all day.

New shaving style

The point here isn’t to turn your beard into a generic corporate beard, but to show your coworkers, bosses, and potential romantic mates that you pay attention to detail, and that you know the importance of a good first impression.

Fade and Taper Your Beard

Once your beard is a proper length and style, you may well want to fade, taper and otherwise sculpt it.

First, pick a spot about an inch to half an inch up from where you want your beard to be at its longest. This is probably the area around your jaw line and chin.

Next, start trimming above that selected spot. Use a lower setting to trim. Then, repeat this process. Pick a line an inch or half-inch above your previous line, lower the setting further, and trim. You’ll wind up with the shortest length near your ears.

Note that stylish does not mean outlandish. A man with sharp zig-zags, stripes or other funky patterns isn’t going to be taken very seriously. Unless he’s a magician (and even then, not really). Styling your beard in a subdued, classic style shows the world you value tasteful simplicity.

Apply Beard Balm

Approach your beard care with the same clear, straight-forward style you approach everything else. And don’t forget to tend to your facial skin, too. Your beard will need regular applications of beard balm.

Beard balm is a leave-in beard conditioner which helps aid with health and style. Balms condition, thicken and improve hold. They’re great for all lengths and styles of beard. Whether very short or very long, a balm will greatly improve the quality of your beard and even the skin underneath. Plus, it can offer a bit of hold and style for those longer beards that need some taming.

Balm is easy to use. Scrape a bit out of the tin with the back of a thumbnail, and put it into your palm. Rub your hands together vigorously until the balm warms and spreads. Then run your hands through your beard. Afterwards, use a beard brush to help ensure even distribution.

All kinds of mustaches

Use Quality Maintenance Gear

You’ve probably already invested in the best balm. Get the most out of these products with a proper beard brush. Daily brushing will make your beard softer and fuller.

Plastic and vinyl bristles will damage your hair. Instead, look for boar bristle. This time-tested, authentic beard brush material has served men well for centuries.

Not only does the brush help to spread the balm through the hair effectively, but it also styles by helping to lay all the hairs down flat and pointing in the same direction, giving you a much more trim, sleek looking beard. Plus it’ll add softness and shine.

One thing you may not know about using a brush, is that it’s great for staying clean and hygienic, too. The bristles can free trapped dead skin cells and hairs that have fallen out. Without the brush, these may rest against the skin, causing oil build up and breakouts.

Keep your face and beard healthy, shiny, and well-styled with our brush.

Coordinate with Your Facial Hair

You already know the importance of being a complete package. This extends to your appearance as well. Your beard is just one part of your face. Coordinating and complimenting styles is key.

Figure out what style of beard works best for your face shape, your hair style, and your fashion.

The biggest thing you can do here is give yourself permission to experiment.

How to grow a curly mustache

That’s not encouraged enough amongst men with beards, but the best way to figure out exactly what works for you is to try a bunch of different things. Try it short, try it long, try it faded, try just a mustache.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for doing nothing because you “aren’t sure”. It’ll grow back if you don’t like it!

Stay Healthy

The better you treat your body, the healthier your beard will be. There are a few supplements you can take to help your beard grow thicker and shinier, which work by bringing the level of vitamins available to your body up to a healthy standard, if you are lacking in any of them. Many vitamins work to boost your skin, nails, and hair growth and health. Try a multi-vitamin, fish oil and biotin. Biotin in particular is said to help hair and nail growth. You can also add Zinc, Vitamin B and Magnesium.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Proper beard care is an instant way to show the world what you’re all about. A neatly trimmed, clean beard says you’re detail-orientated, stylish and classically-minded. Underneath this beard is a man who cares about health, appearance and knowledge.

You’re interested in doing things your own way, and going down your own path, but you know how to operate within the realm of society – you get things done. You’re interested in making a statement. With a well-groomed beard, you can make a powerful, confident statement without even uttering a word.

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