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Have you noticed an increase in the number of men with facial hair? Have you also wondered what has sparkled the moustache beard trend? I am sure you have also come across the hashtag NoShaveMovember or Decembeard. If you are looking for that awesome moustache style, then you in the right place. Read here to understand the various styles and one which best suit you. Moustache style names.

There was a time when a moustache told a lot about a man. The styling of the whiskers, the parting at the center of the upper lip, the upward curls - all these were not just pastimes that men indulged in; these were an expression of what a man believed in and stood for. You cannot go for all styles; you need to know the styles that change your appearance. This article will highlight the best moustache styles 2018.

Moustache styles for oval face

Distinctive and ultra-bold, this is one of the most hyperbolic styles. If you are game enough to try it, you will require a few months to grow your hair thick enough. And a lot of courage. It certainly does not suit many. Hence, ensure it works for you. You do not want to run the risk of looking like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball.

This barely-there style best suits round-shaped faces. You need softer facial hair to achieve this style. Start with a mini trimmer to get the line on the upper lip neat and perfect and use a classic razor to sharpen up the top. Use a pair of scissors to remove any odd hairs that stick up here and there.

Moustache styles for bald men

It is the streets favorite style. It boasts curved ends which spiral towards the cheekbones. A fresher and more youthful way to go about this is to opt for a more modern haircut. Styling the handle is simple. Just use a dab of wax to wind the ends of your moustache outward hence creating curved ends

These are wide cut styles and thick as well. Most men wear the Chevron long to help cover the top of the border. Actor Tom Selleck popularized this style. The chevron moustache relies mostly on coarse hair which can take months to grow out. It is relatively neat, and one of the simplest takes on moustache. This style requires one to consider his hair type before having it. It works best on men with straight hair and is maintained by trimming longer hair that grows over your mouth.

It is a funny cut style named after caterpillars. This beard resembles two caterpillars lying on the surface. Best suitable for men with long faces and a funny character to conceal the baldness

Thin mustache goatee


Don’t choose this style if you have few facial hairs. Imperial mustache demands more attention and care to come into action. One must be patient and fashion conscious to rock this type of beard. It will suit the round faces the most. You can display a bunch of thick facial hair with the help of imperial mustache style.

Moustache styles for thin hair


This became popular when film stars like Clark Gable and Errol Flynn embraced it. The pencil style is easy to achieve. This moustache grows in a month. You need to maintain it quite frequently, demanding a bit more attention to grooming the bottom part so it can resemble the straightness of a pencil. All in all, it is neater and offers a more vintage take on facial hair.

Moustache styles with beard

This is a thick moustache, but it is only about 2.5 cm, and the hair is left at the center. The toothbrush moustache is mostly associated with Adolf Hitler. However, other figures have been known to wear it, including Charlie Chaplin, Oliver Hardy, and even Michael Jordan.


How to pull off a mustache

This style is certainly not meant for the faint hearted and is irrefutably a statement. This style requires you to maintain your facial hair for over five months. The hair will begin to hang over the top lip during this time giving the desired “Warlus” trademark. Make sure to shave the remaining facial hair for a true recreation of this trend.


The cowboy style emerged before Woody made his mark in Toy Story. It is a messier, longer and tangled version of the Selleck moustache. This style should not be too neat but rather rugged and less groomed. You may naturally tidy this moustache with a pair of scissors to avoid being unkempt. However, avoid precise cuts of large portions of hair to maintain the roughness of this version.


It is one of the most eccentric styles and is actually inspired by a comic book. This cut style is derived from Dr. Fu Manchu’s signature look. It requires you to grow on your chinny chin, and you’ve got yourself a traditional style. For a modern take, direct your moustache in other directions for a different look.


This style was made popular by the famous Spanish surrealist painter. The ends usually stand upright and can be fashioned by twirling some moustache wax throughout your longer portions of hair for the strands to stick out.


Side mustache

This style is definitely the highly favored by profile actors. The scruffy moustache is not unique and is usually accompanied by stubble. It may be the easiest and most stylish way to approach a moustache. If you are a little skeptical about growing out your moustache, then this is a fail-safe option. It won’t take you long to grow out your facial hair to the desired length for this style. You however need to remember that it can be altered for those with thicker facial hair. Simply trim your hair strip and stubble evenly.

Other styles and names include;

The width of the mouth is where the moustache is worn, and it resembles a paintbrush hence the name. The corners for the moustache are somewhat rounded giving it a great finish to whoever is wearing the moustache.

It is a fairly new type. It is closely cropped directly above the lip and should be the same length as the lip. This means that people who decide to wear this moustache style should not let it go past the length of their lip

Moustaches are magical. They can change your entire appearance. Have a thin upper lip or an undershot chin? Just grow a moustache. There are different styles ranging from a thick line to a thin line. You have ample time to choose too because the first thing you need to do is to let the hair on the upper lip grow.
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